Need A Bit of Help...
If a pattern calls for 25 ct. evenweave over 1 and when I do the calculator for fabric it shows for over 2. Should I just figure half for over 1? That seems logical, but logic is not always the case in the real world! Am I figuring this properly? Thanks for the assist! Janet
Posted by: jmirz on 12/05/17
Holy cow! I thought they were going fix it so you could adjust stitching over 1 or 2 AND adjust the width you wanted for extra! Since it only allows for "over 2" AND only allows for 2 inches for each side border, I wouldn't trust it...too much "adjusting" for my taste! BUT if ya' gotta'...I would half my stitch count when I entered it and add 2 inches to final length and width...but I use a 3 inch "border". Better yet, I think Kristi was recommending another website for fabric calculations....yeah, my old brain can't help with the other website.... :)
by: VCESS on 12/05/17
I would suggest to use the fabric calculator at the
“” website. I use this calculator all the time when figuring out:
A) TOTAL size of fabric I need after I enter my
Specific requirements into the calculator ie,
Count size of pattern (315 x 250); FABRIC count
(25-count? 28-count?)
B) ‘Stitch’ Box: Love this on the calculator because it
Allows me to choose ‘over one’ ( in your case, put in
‘Over 1 for aida’ choice, even though you are using
25-count fabric!) or ‘over 2’
C) Allows you to ADD anywhere from 1-6” inches in
‘Extra fabric’ area to calculate for your total fabric
size needs.

D) once you have entered your information in the
upper part of the calculator, press the
‘calculate’ button on lower left side of
Calculator, the lower half of
calculator will display two things:
1) completed size of your stitched area
2) TOTAL size of fabric you will need to purchase
for the project.

I also use this calculator for determining the size I want my project to end up being by adding different fabric count sizes to make the project bigger or smaller.

by: Bermuda on 12/05/17

For some reason, our fabric calculator doesn't do the "over 1" calculations for 25ct fabric and I am not exactly sure why?! I can bring this back up again to Troy but it may take a bit to get it changed?! In the meantime, I recommend using the Yarn Tree's fabric calculator. It's very easy to use and gives all kinds of dimensions. Here is the link to that if you need it:

Hope this helps!!

~Kristi @ ECS
by: Kristi @ ECS on 12/05/17
Thanks everyone - as usual you guys (generic) are always there when needed!
by: jmirz on 12/05/17