Taking a break....
Taking a short break for my eyes from working on
“Loves Me Not”. It’s the confetti that is time consuming but think the large area of the hair with one color being stitched will help the stitching progress leap forward.

Posted by: Bermuda on 12/05/17
I am under the gun in the midst of stitching a little hedgehog for our oldest DD, but also under a bigger gun with DH at the gunsite, as he wants the whole house clean by tomorrow afternoon. I have a physical therapy re-evaluation at 4 p.m.
Not sure how to juggle, but I do know "Nicht schissen", German for "Don't shoot!" I might just squeeze out from under both guns...
by: Su Pitt on 12/06/17
Does your DH know how to clean? I would suggest that if he wants the whole house clean by tomorrow, he gets started on it! In our house, if it bothers you, you deal with it!
by: marym on 12/06/17
That is precisely what I was thinking, Marym!
by: noah on 12/06/17
A little team effort goes a long way and benefits both parties.
by: deirdre on 12/06/17
Suggest a cleaning service--yellow pages?--if HE needs one...You ain't it! :)
by: VCESS on 12/06/17
OK so all this talk about a yellow pages has really stirred up a Christmas story for me to share. Christmas ornaments are very special to me. I make them every year for friends and family, but have only ever had a few made for me. So the very first Christmas my husband and I spent together, yes this is a yellow pages story, relax, I made ornaments for our tree because we didn't have a lot of money just a bunch of stuff lying around. Well, my husband, then boyfriend is NOT an artist or a crafter by any means, but we were still in the honeymoon phase of our lives, soon to be engaged, and well, he decided to join me on the floor in the middle of the living room where I had a pile of stuff and a hot glue gun. He collected some felt, a block of wood, and a marker and stole off into the kitchen. I was too busy to ask. Awhile later, he returned, used the glue gun and snagged some ribbon. Still didn't ask. He is not a man of great creativity, cannot make a gourmet meal from canned goods or even heat the spaghetti oh's without burning them in splatters all over the microwave. Anyways, he returned, beaming with pride at this amazing ornament he had made for me, and well, it is still my favorite on the tree, 17 years later....drum roll please, my ingenious spouse, covered the wood in yellow felt, and with a marker, copied the cover of the Nynex Yellow Pages onto it, so there you have it! One of my favorite ornaments is a yellow pages...probably the only phonebook still in existence...LOL!
by: noah on 12/06/17
The most favorite ornaments are the homemade kind created by love ones.....

What with Xmas coming in another 20 days, a Holiday tradition will occur again with my family on Xmas day
Which is “who’s got the monkey?”
It is the UGLIEST cloth monkey one can imagine and whoever in the family who has had it since they received it LAST Xmas Day 2016, is required to pass it off to another family member this Xmas. The funny thing is that even though we remind each other about the monkey, in the excitement of Xmas day and openning gifts, everybody forgets about the monkey until they open one of their presents and it’s there! This ‘tradition’ has been going on for over 30 years now.....🐵

by: Bermuda on 12/07/17
That sounds like fun! I have a collection of ugly things people have given me because it reminded them of me. I never considered passing them on to someone else or returning the favor by re-gifting them some ugly thingamabob:)
by: noah on 12/07/17
Well, there are two rules the family member who ‘gets the monkey’ must follow: can NOT throw it out and is NOT required to let other members of the family know that they received it, so it leaves the other members of the family guessing as to who has the monkey until the next Xmas. The monkey is made of cloth so it is easy to manipulate into different gift shapes. DH and I once put it into a long circular tube that is used for storing an art print when we received the monkey the prior Xmas. It’s all in good fun and the grandchildren are old enough to begin getting ‘the monkey’. 🐒
by: Bermuda on 12/07/17
Much like Bermuda's "monkey", we do one with the ugliest ornament - a moose that is fuzzy with glitter and other junk on it. The Christmas before my Dad passed he got the moose and decided that the next Christmas it would go to his grandson. So, that Christmas I wrapped it up and said it was from Grandpa, told my nephew that Grandpa specifically told me he wanted Brian to have this gift (not a lie!). Brian got quite teary-eyed - then opened the box and burst out laughing! One of the best tricks any of us pulled on anyone - at least since my brother passed away. He was great for teasing gifts. One year gave his wife 12 diamonds for Christmas - 2 through Ace of diamonds! For Father's day one year, he gave Dad batteries and said "gift not included". Of course for both occasions there really were nice gifts. Memories that make us smile and chuckle are great!
by: jmirz on 12/07/17