Let's visit Canada
Done two of these one done to pattern and the second I changed some colors Puffin black Two os in loonie light gold Hockey sticks light brown Puck black Aurora Borealis variegated green Maplesyrup brown Pinetrees Pinetrees green Inukshuk grey Niagara falls blue and added 1867 one side of the leaf stem and2017 the 2017 the other. Entered that one in local FallFair and won first place Yippee
Posted by: derekspencer053 on 12/06/17
That's the joy in cross stitch you can change whatever you like and make it YOURS - unique!
by: deirdre on 12/06/17
Hi Derek, what part of Canada are you from? I'm in Winterpeg, Windypeg, Winnipeg and it's definitely the first two for the past few days. I have this ]on my to do list (it's a very long list like everyone else's!). I like the changes you made and if it's ok will do the same.
by: judy.boatman on 12/06/17
HI judy I,m located in Orangeville Ont luv to hear from you when you have finished and get your reaction
by: derekspencer053 on 12/06/17
Hello from a Thunder Bay-ite! Are you able to post a picture of your project? Would love to see it!
by: murillome on 12/06/17
Hope this works
by: derekspencer053 on 12/07/17
Looks great!
by: marym on 12/07/17
That is beautiful. The colours are great and you should be proud of yourself to win a prize.
by: deirdre on 12/07/17
Hi Derek, that looks great!! Not sure when I will get around to it - I've got some major UFOs to finish this year. When I do get it done I will definitely post a picture.
by: judy.boatman on 12/07/17
Thanks for posting the picture- it looks great! I like it much better with the touch of different colours!
by: murillome on 12/08/17
I LOVE the look of these...especially your personalized one! :) I just don't have the patience for all the lettering...makes me want to add my own "dirty words"... Lol
by: VCESS on 12/08/17