Changing tactics......
The ORIGINAL PLAN was to work on the 3 large WIPS and switch off to another one every third day. Considering the 2 past days on ‘Loves Me Not’ that have been slow related to the ‘confetti’, I’m changing tactics that each WIP will be worked on for seven days, Monday thru Sunday, then switch to the others for a week each, then re-evaluate my progress.
Posted by: Bermuda on 12/06/17
Slow and steady steps we take.
by: deirdre on 12/06/17
Those confetti stitches do make a project seem as if you are getting no where fast. But, you know it will get done - eventually - I just wish I knew what date eventually is? 🙄 One of my WIP's is basically all confetti stitches - if I get more than 2 in a row I am thrilled! But it is coming along.
by: jmirz on 12/06/17
I'm in open rebellion against any regimented war plans...I'm retired, for the cat's sake!
by: VCESS on 12/06/17
What really bakes my cookies is as soon as I change to another floss color and its symbol, I find 3 more symbols of the previous floss symbol.
The first few times this happened I figured it was lack of concentration on my part, but this has happened again tonight......why am I beginning to hear the background theme music of ‘The Outer Limits’ and the narrator’s voice saying, “Do not adjust your television set, we control the horizontal, we control the vertical......”
by: Bermuda on 12/07/17
Bermuda! You missed the last part of that quote, "we control the vertical and the horizontal and all confetti".
You and I know that most designers have other folks who stitch up their designs. Some say this clearly, some don't.
The dilemma is that it is far easier to add confetti as dots on a drawing than it is to stitch them on a fabric! From now on, we need to ask some designers why they add them. I know the effect they have, but I want to know what is going on in their life that forces out those tiny dots...
by: Su Pitt on 12/07/17
Those are the type of designers that ooze confetti out of their pores, they don’t sweat, they just ooooozzzze.
by: Bermuda on 12/07/17
I treat the single-type confetti sort of like stitching with white floss...I do all white at the end...I stitch the large-ish amounts in an area, then the double/triple-confetti, then the singles. The single white squares shine after I've marked off the finished stitches with the color marker. Never occurred to me that everyone didn't stitch this way! LOL
by: VCESS on 12/07/17
Yep, if the pattern has a lot of confetti, I do the confetti onesies and twosies in areas and continue to stitch these leaving the large areas of one color towards the end of an area needing stitching. I get a kick out of filling in the large areas to see the pattern taking shape. If there is a large section on one color that has only a few confetti in that area, I’ll highlight the confetti with pink highlighter (so I don’t miss them) and stitch the large area first. The ‘pink’ confetti gets stitched and highlighted with yellow highlighter which makes those squares turn orange.
Orange = confetti square has been stitched.
I’m like Grant planning the battle of Vicksburg....
by: Bermuda on 12/07/17