Is it just me? Or did ECS just spoil me
After we got the car fixed my husband dropped me off at Hobby Lobby which normally I am thrilled about as I can spend hours in there. This time I spent 10 minutes and left disappointed. They had hardly anything for crosstitch and what they did gave was to expensive and just awful. I went to the yarn department and almost had a heart attack at the prices. They wanted almost 7 dollars a skein for baby yarn! The store looked more like an upscale Walmart then the hobby lobby I am used to. Is it just me or are all the hobby stores going in the direction of less hobby stuff and more expensive junk? I love ECS for the selection and prices. I guess I am spoiled.
Posted by: Nettie on 01/07/18
Haven't been to Hobby Lobby for a couple of years. Last time I was there (St. Ann, MO) they almost three aisles full of cross stitch supplies. They even had iron on patterns. I was shocked. I was very good and only bought the two skeins of floss that I needed at that moment.
by: NANCYE G on 01/07/18
Our local Joann's Fabrics carries only one aisle of cross stitch basic supplies. They have tons of scrapbooking itdms!
The Michael's store haa reduced their cross stitch items to almost zero! The best store in town closed about 25 years ago. I miss thembso much. If I drive about 30-35 miles, I can go to a shop in a touristy area, where they may or may not have what I need. Asking by phone ahead of going there doesn't work, because nobody has stitching experience. They don't even know what floss is.
Were it not for the internet shops, I would give up the hobby that I love!
by: Su Pitt on 01/07/18
There is an all cross Stitching store in N W Columbus. They have lots of patterns and supplies, but very pricey.
by: surt8511 on 01/07/18
I love ESC! I only go to Hobby Lobby for emergency floss or fabric and it is always hit or miss of what is in stock. Walmart rarely stocks their floss so I don't even bother looking there anymore. I love knowing I can find what I want and need right here.
by: tspitz on 01/07/18
Wallmart, I don’t even bother anymore for stitching supplies. There is an A.C. Moore and a Michael’s in Myrtle. Michael has 2 aisles of cross stitching supplies that only carry a generic brand of Q-Snaps that I won’t buy because they don’t hold like the real Q-Snaps brand, are over-priced on just about everything compared to prices at A.C. Moore that has only one aisle of cross stitch supplies, does NOT carry any fabric sizes in a 28 count larg enough for my larger patterns, carry’s no Q-Snaps or generic ones, BUT according to a counted cross Stitcher I met in the cross stitch aisle, my local A.C.MooreI FRAMING Dept. was excellent in framing her finished patterns, including the one she had redone from Michael’s framing dept.
Yes, I’m spoiled by the crossstitch websites I do business with, ECS is one of those, even though I don’t purchase a whole lot from them I love their quality, customer service and caring. I save time, money, gasoline and waiting in lines by using my favorite cross stitch websites.
As for my nearest Hobby Lobby, hardly ever goin in there for cross stitch supplies. They are as/or more expensive than Michael’s with about 1 1/2 aisles of cross stitch supplies.
by: Bermuda on 01/07/18
I am in Canada and the craft stores are getting harder and harder to find. my local Michaels has about an aisle for cross stitch and not much in the way of patterns. Walmart where I am now has zero in the way of cross stitch supplies (not even needles). I moved to Vancouver from a small town that had a dedicated sewing/needle work store. And there was one in the bigger city about an hour away. I thought the big city would have at least a few options, but nope... I haven't found anything but Michael's so far. I am finding more and more online shopping is the way to go. ECS is one of the best I have found :)
by: Sarandipity on 01/08/18
I agree with you, none of the craft stores have much in the way of cross stitch, I went to Pat Catan's and Michael's on Saturday and didn't get anything cross stitch.
by: chrismarshall2131 on 01/08/18
Hi to the stitcher that just moved to Vancouver. The Stitcher's Muse in Nanaimo will ship orders. Very friendly staff. Our last cross stitch shop in Winnipeg closed at the end of December so no local shop. I've ordered from the Stitchers Muse for a couple of year now because they are able to get stuff that I wasn't able to get locally. Hope this helps.
by: judy.boatman on 01/08/18
Didn't realize what all was available out there until found online stores. Found ECS while looking for a shop close to me. Dayton is only a short ride away, but was disappointed (at first) that it wasn't a walk-in retail shop.
by: lhogan57 on 01/08/18
I like buying local if I can... But like you, ECS has spoiled me. I have no local stores left. I was in Walmart today to pick up file folders and checked the cross stitch space. I found minimal floss, and no needles I needed. Michaels has very little left and looks as though the days are numbered. Same goes for Joanns. My Hobby Lobby is probably the only store in the area that still carries an ample supply of DMC floss. ECS is my go to, too. Currently, I buy my patterns from ECS but I am sure I will be buying floss and fabric as my stash decreases.
by: xstitcher522 on 01/12/18