Alma Lynne advent calendar
I am looking for an old Alma Lynne cross stitch pattern for an advent calendar . It has a bunny family decorating a Christmas tree above the calendar. The calendar below has 25 small cross stitched squares that attach with Tack it Over and Over. I’ve lost 2 of the squares and would love to find the pattern so that I could replace them.
Posted by: dmeyer18275 on 01/09/18
This is SO cute! Could you re-stitch a couple of the others with little tweaks of color? Could you sort of use an "adapted" ornament? Maybe something from one of her other Christmas ornaments...looks like they are in the thousands! :)
by: VCESS on 01/09/18
I agree this is CUTE! I hope you find what you need.
by: lhogan57 on 01/09/18
Was this in Cross Stitch and Country Crafts? About early 80's?
by: VCESS on 01/09/18
The photo is pretty clear, maybe you could enlarge it a bit and use it as your pattern?
by: Jaj on 01/09/18
I’m not sure if it was in Cross Stitch and Country Crafts. I actually bougt the pattern at a local shop. The late 80’s is the right time frame though.
by: dmeyer18275 on 01/10/18
I know you say Alma Lynne. Are you sure? Those bunnies really look at lot like the bunnies that Lorraine Birmingham designs
by: Aleida on 01/10/18
It's here...$8.99

Sharp eye, Aleida! :)
by: VCESS on 01/10/18
by: Jaj on 01/10/18
Thank you Aleida!
I’ve been searching forever.
Now my calendar will be complete again.
by: dmeyer18275 on 01/10/18
😊 you’re very welcome.
by: Aleida on 01/10/18