Home at last??
I've just been told that DH will be taken to his oncology appointment on Monday (15th) by the hospital and then will go back to the hospital for the night and be released to home on Tuesday. Crossing my fingers (and everything else) it works this time as he was absolutely gutted last Friday when they would not let him stay at home for the weekend. Thanks to everyone for their good wishes and prayers. It certainly kept me sane over the last few weeks.
Posted by: deirdre on 01/09/18
Fingers crossed all goes well this time!
by: Jaj on 01/09/18
Deirdre, I will keep both of you in my prayers.....
by: jerseycrafter on 01/09/18
Praying for you and DH. We are here for you.
by: surt8511 on 01/09/18
We’re rooting for the two of you. Hang in there!🧗‍♂️
by: Bermuda on 01/09/18
I am adding his doctors and the oncology staff to my prayers for both of you! If something upsets you or doesn't seem right, stand up and shout (if needed). I learned this when my son had cancer. Somebody has to be an advocate. Most of the time, a patient cannot do this important job. Fear rides on the shoulders of otherwise strong folks when they face the slow and wandering road that is the American medical establishment. Ask questions, lots of questions. Try your hardest to understand the docs' concerns...and let them know DH's concerns and yours as well.
by: Su Pitt on 01/10/18
Deirdre - so glad to hear this news. It has been so scary for you and now you are seeing some positives. I will hold you both in my prayers each night. Remember when we were younger how we could say our prayers when we went to bed and be done in just a few minutes. Now I start about an hour or so before I lay down and sometimes I fall asleep before I am done. Please keep us up to date on his progress. I am praying his trip home this time will be a great one for both of you. love to you both.
by: clpatt123 on 01/11/18
I certainly hope things will go according to plan, but DH hopefully realize things are happening the way the are for his health, not to torture him! I know most men are lousy patients - they insist anyone else go to doctor/hospital immediately, but they can "tough" it out. Don't understand it, just nature of the beast I guess. Just remember when you are "crossing your fingers (and everything else)" don't walk around with your legs crossed - people might think you have to pee! (Just a bit of goofy humor to make you smile!) Prayers and good wishes are still be sent your way!
by: jmirz on 01/11/18
I know you must feel like you've been on a roller coaster! Hang in there. Our thoughts are with you!
by: saintsgal on 01/11/18
Not to sound flippant or anything, but I find sometimes you have to call these men out on their aversion to all things medical. I have said this to Hubby when he doesn't like what medical personnel want him to do..."You are absolutely right. They are doing this to make your life completely miserable. In fact, I believe they had a meeting and decided that from here on in, your life is to be he## ." (or something to that effect). He usually comes around.
by: marym on 01/11/18
Hi Deidre,
How are you and your DH doing?
by: Bermuda on 01/11/18