Glass Garlic jars.....
DH dropped a large glass jar of minced garlic in the kitchen and minced garlic and glass went’s like the garlic was immensely pleased with itself having the freedom and opportunity to release it’s aroma into the area leaving fumes that would gag a raw onion.
DH got the straw broom and dustpan and began cleaning up the glass AND the Garlic, throwing it into the garbage bag. Now we have a garlic-smelling kitchen floor, a garlic-smelling dustpan, a garlic-reeking garbage bag AND a garlic-hiding straw broom (it must be Italian) absorbing the garlic juice into its strands and hiding bits of minced garlic in its forest of straw.
I got the garbage bag tied up and out to the garage and DH grabbed an old cotton-stranded mop, dampened it and began to mop up the kitchen floor before I could yell ‘WAIT!”
The mop’s cotton strands held bits of minced garlic and sucked up the garlic juice residual like a thirsty horse sucking up water out of the trough with a straw.
Our Italian broom (and mop)and dustpan have been decontaminted with a good wash from the outdoor hose and detergent. The kitchen floor has been cleaned with Mr. Clean (that has its own ‘special scent’.)
DH put the garbage bag out for the garbagemen later this morning. ARRIVEDERCI!!! I reassured DH it was an accident and could’ve been worse....he could’ve dropped the glass jar of horseradish. :)

Posted by: Bermuda on 01/11/18
So funny, least the vampires will stay away from the garbage guys!
by: Su Pitt on 01/11/18
Bermuda, LOL! You have a wonderful way with words!
by: xstitcher522 on 01/11/18
You’re right, it could have been worse. My father made his own horseradish, the first time he did it in the kitchen, with a blender. It was painful. From that day on he was banished from the kitchen, and all horseradish was made outside, on the patio.
by: Jaj on 01/12/18
You could always boil some pasta and have the aroma of the garlic be the "sauce"!
by: jmirz on 01/12/18
Bermuda, What a trip!! I run the same risk because we also buy the large jars. My husband is Italian on both sides of his family so I wouldn't stand a chance of NOT using Garlic.....even if I wanted to!!!!! (I love the stuff!) Glad to see you are not bored this winter. He isn't "infringing" on your cross stitch time is he????!!!
by: jerseycrafter on 01/12/18
:) No infringement on my stitching time fortunately... these accidents are more like getting off the freeway and onto a bypass for ten minutes then getting back on the freeway again.
Speaking of diverting.... I made the decision to continue working on ‘Sacred Hour’ and putting the other 2 WIPS off for a bit more. So I broke my own rule of changing out to the others every week. AHHHH!! The FREEDOM, The POWER of changing my mind!!!
by: Bermuda on 01/12/18
My husband is a swoosher. When he is looking for something he swooshes things around instead of moving them. Needless to say one day this resulted in one of those same garlic jars being knocked over in the refrigerator. It was quite noticeable the next time I opened the refrigerator. That took a long time and a lot of baking soda to get aired out. I'd like to say it cured him of his swooshing but alas although much improved there is still an occasional setback. So I know how very very aromatic that must have been.
by: Le-Anne on 01/12/18
Bermuda, thought of you this week. I get my grandsons twice a week and love it. Sam, 2 and Abe is 1. These days are quite busy and I refuse to have a "to do" list on these days. We play and listen to kids music all day. At lunch time, Abe was in the high chair. Sam was headed to his I thought. Sam got into my pantry and pulled out my lemon extract... opened it and spilled all over the kitchen floor. God love him, his response was "oops," which got my attention. I spun around from the counter and found him holding the little brown bottle still spilling. I grabbed the bottle and set it straight. Then Sam said "sorry bout that." I was amazed he could open it and delighted it was not garlic.... as the boys ate lunch, I wiped up the clean smell of lemon and Sam reached down, patted my head, and told me "it's OK Grammy." It was the sweetest mess I cleaned up all day. LOL
by: xstitcher522 on 01/13/18
What a wonderful experience with your grandsons!
You have a lemon-fresh smelling kitchen thanks to Sam!
Was Abe watching and taking all this in?
I love the “oops” statement😄
by: Bermuda on 01/14/18
XStitcher522, You made my day and made me cry! Thanks!
by: maubennett on 01/14/18