Bermuda....this is for you....and others!!
I saw your comments about patient's rights in a hospital. This brought back memories to me from long ago. For most of our lives my husband and I have owned a boat. At one point in time we "docked" a boat on a river not far away which leads to the mouth of the Delaware Bay. There was a very nice couple we used to see and talk to all the time who came down to weekend on their boat from Philadelphia. (They live just this side of the bridge on the NJ Side.) I knew that this lady had a Masters in Nursing. Her husband had some health issues and we always knew he was in "real good hands". One weekend we wound up eating a meal together. She began to tell us this story. She said she had been "down our way" visiting her family and her grandson did something to his ankle.....sprained/broke it. She took him to a local hospital which was not known for being efficient in the ER. She sat with him for almost three hours. She watched what was going on in the ER which was moving at a snails pace unless you came in an ambulance with a heart condition. She said finally (8:00 PM) she walked over to the window in the ER and asked for a supervisor. When the nurse appeared, this lady took out her identification card which showed that she was a "patient's rights advocate" from Trenton. She very calmly said...."If you don't see my grandson in the next ten minutes, I am going to shut this place down. Understand?" Boy did they swing into action then. She had many stories that were just unbelievable! Thank God a new Regional Hospital was built not long after that and the whole scenario changed. I thought it was amazing that you would mention patient's the way, when my husband was in the hospital....I did see them and read them, both locally and at Penn Presbyterian in Philadelphia.

Posted by: jerseycrafter on 01/12/18
Patients have rights....but they also have responsibilities. (Just saying!)
by: marym on 01/12/18
Jerseycrafter - I know what you mean with this. A very good friend of mine when I was working was an "ombudsman" and I went with her many times on her rounds as a social worker. It is amazing how heads snapped up and people were all of a sudden very attentive when they knew there was an ombudsman in the house. I saw so much negligence and mistreatment of patients/residents that is scary. With what is going on with my husband right now with the prescribed meds overdose brought on by physicians I just wish I had her badge and could shove it in their faces.
by: clpatt123 on 01/13/18
Cheryl, I understand completely. I realize that these days people us the ER for everything on earth. But back in those days where else would you take your grandson for what turned out to be a broken ankle!
by: jerseycrafter on 01/14/18