Dimensions Cross Stitch Kit
I am looking for the Dimensions Cross Stitch Kit called Victorian Dollhouse # 166284107. I believe it is c. 1990. The designer is Karen Avery. Does any one have that kit and /or pattern ? I do not mind a used chart. I have looked on all sites and can never find it. It is a blue Victorian house with lots of pink decorations inside...it is very whimsical... I would like info on any dollhouse cross stitch charts/ kits and/or finished cross stitch of a dollhouse. Would like to correspond with anyone who is collecting dollhouse cross stitch patterns. Please email me or give info on this chat line. Thank you.
Posted by: jncvs2237 on 02/06/14
Hi there.

Just go on google.com and write Victorian dollhouse on it. I just looked it up for you.
by: miss crossstitc on 02/07/14
Looking for cross stitch doll house kits/ patterns and/or finished pieces. Please send information to my email address - jncvs@aol.com
Especially looking for the kit or pattern - used or new (in good condition) of Karen Avery's blue Victorian Doll House cross stitch dollhouse...by Dimensions.
by: jncvs on 02/14/14
I did go on google and did not find this particular dollhouse...could you give me more info on how to find it please
by: jncvs on 02/14/14
123Stitch is listing one pattern with the same title.. Try them.
by: jlhewes on 02/17/14
This chart is always on e bay for sale or kit. I collect doll house charts and have several finished pieces hanging all over my house. Some I did , some I bought finished and some I collected as crewel work pieces as well. There are many to choose from and The Stitchery just put out a new one as did Joan Elliott and Maria Diaz designs.
by: reg5tunn on 07/05/15
Old post! Checked Ebay tonight but didn't see that doll house pattern.
by: jlhewes on 07/06/15
Sorry I happen to have the finished one hung and framed but no chart. It does come up often. I saw it yesterday online on one of the sights. If you still want that one. I am a doll house enthusiast so I collect charts and kits to do now and in the future. There are so many out there. Google cross stitch dollshouse or cross stitch doll house. Even embroidered doll house, crewel house as sometimes people list cross stitch house instead of listing it under doll house.
by: reg5tunn on 07/06/15