Where do I start
I have only stitched stamped patterns. Where do I start with this?
Posted by: donnamarie.me on 02/13/14
Hi there. There are two generally accepted ways of starting, both of them work equally well, it's more a matter of personal choice, and maybe the size of the project. The first one is to start in the center. Most charts have the center marked with arrows at the top and side of the page. You follow the arrows to where they meet and that is the center. You can circle it with a pencil or use a highlighter if you'd rather. Then I fold my fabric in half , first lengthwise, then crossways. That gives me a crease where the two lines meet. I usually baste across an inch either way with regular sewing thread. You start your first stitch where the two lines meet according to your pattern. The second way is to start in the upper left hand corner. This works well on bigger projects or where the centre may not be marked. Assuming that you have added 3" to each side of your stated project size....you can measure 3" in from the left side and the left top and mark where they meet. Then your first stitch would be the first stitch in the very top left corner of your pattern. I hope this is clear. There are lots of knowledgeable ladies here that can help explain things, so don't be afraid to ask lots of questions. Happy stitching !
by: MissKitty on 02/13/14