christmas owls size
If I used 14 count cloth, what size would this picture be?
Posted by: frannyfarkle on 02/14/14
Presuming you have the pattern in hand, get the stitch count height and stitch count width. If using AIDA cloth, divide by 14. If using even weave (pretty big, unlikely you plan that) divide by 7. You can also try "over-1" on even weave, but it's very tricky and the pattern must be all whole crosses.
by: jlhewes on 02/14/14
14 count aida works out to the same size as 28 (because 28 is over two threads)

The extended description says the design is only 86 x 46 ... which only works out to 6" x 3.2"

I don't know why they suggest such a large piece of Jobelain; it may be the only bone colored piece of cloth available
by: serinde on 02/14/14
The rule of thumb is 3" extra on each side of design. This gives you plenty for mounting & framing.
by: jlhewes on 02/14/14
The model was stitched on 28ct. Bone Jobelan, which is sold only in one size on this website. You would stitch it over 2 threads. You could also stitch it on 14ct. Aida cloth in any color you want over 1 thread. If you choose to use Aida cloth you would need a piece 12 inches x 10 inches. Hope this helps. The finished size of this is 6.14 inches x 3.25 inches.
by: syagel on 02/14/14