Floss Colors III (for gladiola pictures)
Floss Colors II has 78 replies now so I'm starting again. Gladiola picture #1 came home from the framer today. It's 48" high and 14" wide with red matting to match the flowers and a narrow silver frame. It's gorgeous and I do plan to enter it at the fair on July 30th.

I took a break after that first one and made a Precious Moments baby picture for my great-grandson, expected in August. I'll have to wait for the name and date but that won't take long.

I plan to start Gladiola picture #2 tonight. I didn't keep track of how long the first one took so I'll have to make a notation on the calendar this time. For those of you who haven't followed this from the beginning, I plan to make four of these pictures - one for each of my kids. My Dad grew gladiolas and my kids have been asking me for years to find a pattern and make a picture for each of them. The patterns aren't easy to find but I came across this one so I'll be stitching glads for some time.

Happy stitching to all of you!
Posted by: Senior Stitcher on 07/18/14
Glad you got the first one done. That has got to be the largest project you have done and are still working on. I have done larges projects, but none that were 4 foot long. Keep up the good work.
by: syagel on 07/19/14
Thanks syagel. I started the second gladiola picture last Friday and I'm now on page 2 of 5. Page 1 was just the tip of the stem, however, so now that I'm getting into the 9 flowers, things will go slower. I find that I haven't lost interest in the pattern yet so it's still fun to sit and stitch for hours in the evening. Maybe I'll be ready to be finished with this project when I get to #4?
by: Senior Stitcher on 07/21/14
Were you able to post picture in our website? We would love to see it!!!
by: jclifford on 07/21/14
Yes, the gladiola picture and two others have been posted. The glad wasn't framed yet as I had just finished it but I'll take some pictures of it now that it's framed and hopefully get them posted before long. I'm still using a 35mm camera so it takes awhile to finish a film and get it developed.
by: Senior Stitcher on 07/21/14
OMG Senior Stitcher! I didn't realize how big this project is!!! It's gorgeous!! You are a very patient woman! I love it!!! and I know your children will too. What a great mom you are!
by: jclifford on 07/22/14
WOW!! How beautiful! And to think you are doing 4 of them. You go girl!! I have just started a large project that is approx. 35" wide by 10" high, largest picture I have ever attempted. I know it will take me a long time to do it. I will definitely be thinking of you and all your hard work while I am stitching away. You inspire me. Nice job Senior Stitcher, keep up the good work!
by: maryaa1183 on 07/22/14
UPDATE: It's entry day at the Becker County Fair today so I've been there to enter my pictures. I entered "Loon Serenade" and "A Virtuous Woman" but not the Gladiola picture. I'm disappointed too as I wanted everyone to see it. However, my husband thought someone would take it and several others agreed with him. There's no security in the building and one year, I was standing in front of a picture I had entered when a lady came up and took it right off the wall! She only wanted to see it closer but she could have just walked off with it. I'm not going to take that chance with the glad. I did take it in for the ladies at the entry table to see and they loved it. I won't have a ribbon to show for that one though. Darn! Will let you know how I do on the others.
by: Senior Stitcher on 07/30/14
Smart move, Senior Stitcher, better to forego the ribbon than having this special item damaged or stolen. Good luck on the two other projects. They are beautiful and I am confident that you'll receive ribbons. How far along are you on he second glad picture? Keep us posted.
by: Texas Stitcher on 07/30/14
Good luck Senior Stitcher with your two projects at the fair. Don't blame you I wouldn't leave the gladiola one myself. I never enter anything at our fair just because there is no security and the barn is quite dark. I would be so upset if someone stole one of my projects. Hope you get some ribbons.
by: syagel on 07/30/14
Thanks for agreeing that I shouldn't have left the gladiola picture at the fair. I really wanted to have the judges see it but I would have been devastated if it had been stolen. And - I would have wound up stitching 5 of them instead of 4! Uff da!

Gladiola picture #2 is getting close to the halfway mark - I'm up to my ears in red flowers! I'm still enjoying it as I'm so into following a pattern and watching the picture develop in front of me. I sometimes wonder why on earth a certain color was chosen but when the stitching is done, it all fits together perfectly. Amazing!

Happy stitching!
by: Senior Stitcher on 07/31/14