Floss Colors III (for gladiola pictures)

Floss Colors II has 78 replies now so I'm starting again. Gladiola picture #1 came home from the framer today. It's 48" high and 14" wide with red matting to match the flowers and a narrow silver frame. It's gorgeous and I do plan to enter it at the fair on July 30th. I took a break after that first one and made a Precious Moments baby picture for my great-grandson, expected in August. I'll have to wait for the name and date but that won't take long. I plan to start Gladiola picture #2 tonight. I didn't keep track of how long the first one took so I'll have to make a notation on the calendar this time. For those of you who haven't followed this from the beginning, I plan to make four of these pictures - one for each of my kids. My Dad grew gladiolas and my kids have been asking me for years to find a pattern and make a picture for each of them. The patterns aren't easy to find but I came across this one so I'll be stitching glads for some time. Happy stitching to all of you!


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Glad you got the first one done. That has got to be the largest project you have done and are still working on. I have done larges projects, but none that were 4 foot long. Keep up the good work.
Thanks syagel. I started the second gladiola picture last Friday and I'm now on page 2 of 5. Page 1 was just the tip of the stem, however, so now that I'm getting into the 9 flowers, things will go slower. I find that I haven't lost interest in the pattern yet so it's still fun to sit and stitch for hours in the evening. Maybe I'll be ready to be finished with this project when I get to #4?
Were you able to post picture in our website? We would love to see it!!!
Yes, the gladiola picture and two others have been posted. The glad wasn't framed yet as I had just finished it but I'll take some pictures of it now that it's framed and hopefully get them posted before long. I'm still using a 35mm camera so it takes awhile to finish a film and get it developed.
OMG Senior Stitcher! I didn't realize how big this project is!!! It's gorgeous!! You are a very patient woman! I love it!!! and I know your children will too. What a great mom you are!
WOW!! How beautiful! And to think you are doing 4 of them. You go girl!! I have just started a large project that is approx. 35" wide by 10" high, largest picture I have ever attempted. I know it will take me a long time to do it. I will definitely be thinking of you and all your hard work while I am stitching away. You inspire me. Nice job Senior Stitcher, keep up the good work!
UPDATE: It's entry day at the Becker County Fair today so I've been there to enter my pictures. I entered "Loon Serenade" and "A Virtuous Woman" but not the Gladiola picture. I'm disappointed too as I wanted everyone to see it. However, my husband thought someone would take it and several others agreed with him. There's no security in the building and one year, I was standing in front of a picture I had entered when a lady came up and took it right off the wall! She only wanted to see it closer but she could have just walked off with it. I'm not going to take that chance with the glad. I did take it in for the ladies at the entry table to see and they loved it. I won't have a ribbon to show for that one though. Darn! Will let you know how I do on the others.
Smart move, Senior Stitcher, better to forego the ribbon than having this special item damaged or stolen. Good luck on the two other projects. They are beautiful and I am confident that you'll receive ribbons. How far along are you on he second glad picture? Keep us posted.
Good luck Senior Stitcher with your two projects at the fair. Don't blame you I wouldn't leave the gladiola one myself. I never enter anything at our fair just because there is no security and the barn is quite dark. I would be so upset if someone stole one of my projects. Hope you get some ribbons.
Thanks for agreeing that I shouldn't have left the gladiola picture at the fair. I really wanted to have the judges see it but I would have been devastated if it had been stolen. And - I would have wound up stitching 5 of them instead of 4! Uff da! Gladiola picture #2 is getting close to the halfway mark - I'm up to my ears in red flowers! I'm still enjoying it as I'm so into following a pattern and watching the picture develop in front of me. I sometimes wonder why on earth a certain color was chosen but when the stitching is done, it all fits together perfectly. Amazing! Happy stitching!
Wow! I have entered two different fairs in our county because it is so large geographically that we have two agricultural districts. It never occurred to me that someone might steal an entry! How awful! We also have no security and the fair buildings are clean and well lit, but still I will worry. I must have been very lucky. I won the needlearts sweepstakes one year. That is a big deal in our county because of all the kids learning clothes construction and embroidery through 4H. I would have been devastated if an entry got stolen!
I wish you luck in showing your project at the fair. I would like to do that too but don't know how to go about registering to show my project. Can you direct me to how I go about this? Much much luck and prayer.
Senior Stitcher, I also often wonder why designers chose a certain color but when it's finished it usually makes sense. Enjoy the reds, the greens and browns will begin soon enough. You are really making progress. I'm willing to bet that you'll finish all four by Christmas. I'm still plugging away on my Hummel, the sail and boat are boring. I shouldn't have much longer and am looking forward to working on the water. The blue hues are more to my liking. Did you receive ribbons for the loons and virtuous woman?
Yes, I got a blue ribbon on "Loon Serenade" and another one on "A Virtuous Woman"! Two for two isn't bad! Sunday morning, I get to collect my pictures and my winnings. I think a blue ribbon is worth $2. or $3. Obviously, I'm not doing this for the money. Ha! Next year, I won't have anything to enter if I spend the entire year stitching the four glads. Maybe they'll add some security and I'll be able to enter one of them??? Would love to do that. Have a good day.
Texas Stitcher Just noticed you are doing Hummel and I have "Bookworm &"Knit One Purl 1" If interested let me know., address elainecripe@yahoo.com
jclifford: I have only entered my stitching at this fair for three or four years and nowhere else so I don't know if the procedure would be the same elsewhere. Here, the local paper prints the information so you can look up your category there. In my case, the Division was E-Needlework. Under that are the Classes, which go by age. Class 1, for instance, is for 10 and under and Class 6 (mine) is for 65 and over. There is also a Class 7 for Nursing Home or group home residen From there, you look for your category, which would be Embroidery. Under that are listed the Lot numbers - and you can only enter up to 2 entries per lot. Counted cross-stitch goes from Lot 5 (up to 6" diameter) to Lot 7 -(11" or larger). All exhibits here had to be entered between 8 am and 5 pm on Wednesday. You take your items to the building where they are to be exhibited and fill out a form In the E-Needlework Division with whatever information is requested (name and phone number, in my case). Each picture gets its own tag with your name hidden by a flap so the judges don't know who entered it. There are people at the desk to helpl you fill out the forms so you don't really have to know all the information ahead of time. I just usually figure it out so the entering goes a bit faster. I don't know much about the judging rules except that here, we aren't competing with anyone else. Each picture is judged on its own merit. I like that because everyone can get a ribbon. I think that about covers the procedure. The pictures are left there until the end of the fair. Here, they have to be picked up by 10:00 am Sunday. I would encourage you to enter. People told me I should for a long time and I just didn't until a few years ago. It's so easy to enter though and so much fun to win anything. I've entered every year since that first time and really look forward to it. Give it a try - and good luck to you!
elainecripe, thank you so very much for your kind offer but I have both patterns along with many others. The Umbrella Children are really cute. If you are interested, I'll gladly give them to you. I plan on doing the Bookworm and Knit One/Purl One after I complete a Thanksgiving picture. My daughter likes Hummels for some reason.
Texas Stitcher: Do you enter it framed or unframed?
jclifford: I've always entered my pictures framed - with glass. I guess if they wanted them any other way, it would say so in the paper. You may want to check that before entering, just in case. Also, the dimensions of the picture do not include the frame, just the actual stitching.
jclifford, it's Senior Stitcher who entered and I see that she already responded. I never thought to enter because I do simple stuff. I have done a quite a few nice pieces but have given them away. You do great work and should enter. Senior Stitcher, congratulations on your winnings!
The reason why I chose these patterns for Hummels is the fact I'm a reader perhaps you are and a stitcher (undoubt you are).
Yes, Elaine, I thought as much and am incredibly touched by your generosity. However, as I have stated several times already I have the patterns and many others. Perhaps someone else would like to have them? I received them from a coworker 25 years ago and am only stitching a few for my granddaughter's room.
Congratulations jclifford - for being brave enough to enter the competition. I was probably stitching for 30-40 years before I finally tried entering anything! Are there directions on the link regarding how the pictures are to be entered (in or out of the frame)? I've always thought the best presentation would be in the frame until we read the post about judging. I wouldn't think they'd take it out of the frame if it was already framed. Mine would be pretty scary if they looked at the back too. Wishing you all kinds of good luck - and I'm putting October 14th on my calendar so I'll be waiting to hear from you. Post us about your experience in the meantime, please.
jclifford: Your post was added to the bottom of mine. I copied the heading for mine again and posted it but I couldn't redo yours. I couldn't find a way to delete my name and put yours in on your post so you'll have to redo it to start a new chat. Wishing you the best again at the fair!
The rules stated that it should be finished as if you were to display it in a home. The entry was under "HOME FUNRISHINGS" so they want it completely finished. It kinda makes me nervous as they said all stitches must go one way, no knots or bumps, no stains, no dirt or pet dander on fabric. Must be framed, wired and ready for hanging. I gave my co worker the beautiful butterfly (as photo'd on our website) and she has graciously allowed me to use it to enter into the exhibit. For her sake, I hope it gets recognized. I will be working diligently on my mermaid of atlantis to enter it into the 2 threads over exhibit. Thanks ladies for your well wishes and I will keep you posted. Texas Stitcher: Go to the pictures and see if the Oriental vase of flowers could be entered. Not sure of that one.
This was started on Floss Color III's chat, so I decided to start a new chat. Ok, I emailed our State Fair to ask about the Needle craft competition. They emailed me back and sent me the link to enter. I'm so nervous!!! I think I will enter 3 of them. 2 for Aida and one for Linen. Do they take the design out of the frame to look on back? The back of mine is quite scary on a couple of the ones I've done!!! Wish me luck girls! This is my first time. The judging will be Oct. 14th. Good luck to all of you who are entering this year. Must post pics of your entries afterwards.
jclifford, I have looked at your pieces several times and am confident that you will place if you enter them. They are all beautiful and complex patterns and have been skillfully stitched. It's great that they have to be framed, I try my best to do clean work on the back but it doesn't always work out that way. Yes, by all means enter the "Vase". Which will be your third piece? We hope to hear your good news NLT 15 October and the very best of luck to you - no that you need it. Will the mermaid be finished by then? My daughter has only finished one tail so far. Do you like stitching on linen? I'm trying to finish the Hummel so I can do the Thanksgiving one but I just can't get around to it. I dropped the car off at 9 am and went to Panera and a couple of shops until it was time for the dental appointment. I had three crowns seated today and I must say they fit like a glove. Glad that one is behind me. When I got home at 4:30 I had to cook - we had Tacos today and our daughter and family came over. I got the dishwasher and washer running and wanted to stitch but most likely I'll fall asleep.
Texas Stitcher: Thank you for your kind words. I am going to try to finish it by October. I'm going to drop everything else to do it. Please Lord, give me strength and TIME!!! LOL. I just re-read the instructions for the judging and I can only enter one item per lot number. So I will enter the butterfly for the Aida and the mermaid for the Linen. I absolutely love stitching on linen. I was so afraid and intimidated by it that when I bought some linen to practice on, it just sat there and I just kept looking at it instead of trying it. Once I found my center and marked it, I started stitching and realized that it came just as naturally as stitching on Aida. I love it. Try it. Glad your dental appointment turned out well.
Jclifford I have done the same thing. I purchased a couple of pieces of linen after hearing all of you talking about it, but haven't tried it yet. Need to get out a small pattern and give it a try soon.
Syagel, let me know if you just love it OR NOT! :0
Good choice, jclifford. The Butterfly is gorgeous and the Mermaid will be just as beautiful. Yes, I can tell you now that syagel, like the rest of us, will love linen. There is a small adjustment phase but after that it's smooth sailing. I started out on a freebie. I can't remember how or where but it was a small swatch of fabric and had a flower motif on it. It was designed for a small box. At first I got really frustrated and then it all fell into place. Good luck to both of you. Let us know how you it went both of you!
I so love linen and think it is beautiful, whether in its natural state or hand dyed, but now that my sight is worse (my eye doc swears it's still 20/20 with glasses, but prescribed [ and provided] reading glasses for my cross stitch work). I find myself so very frustrated with linen now! It makes me cry because I have so carefully picked some for each project. I just like the way it looks. Name a magnifier of any kind and I have tried it with no success. I even switched to 28 count linen from years of 32 and 36 count. No help. I think that my problem is the irregularity of linen and my awful drive for perfection, so if one little stitch on linen looks bigger/smaller than another right next to it, which happens with linen, I hate it and want to frog it (and not fond of living frogs or being "Su the Ripper" as my dad called me when I sewed). What to do! I began a beautiful Told in a Garden design for a birth record for close friends whose babe is due December sixth, but I start and rip and start and rip. I spent a lot just on the fabric alone. Now what? I am so scared that I won't get it done that I am losing sleep, which I can't afford, since I have physical therapy twice each week and lots of other commitments that cannot be cut for stitching. I am so sad. Please, gals, help me! Oh, and this chat is way too long,so I re-read all the time! Blessings!
Oh, SuPitt, I feel so badly for you. You sound all stressed out and I can understand your frustration. I am also having problems with anything smaller than 28 ct. I don't think it's possible to have stitches completely uniform on linen due to the nature of the fabric. My eye exam is on Monday and I hope that she'll tell me that I require a new prescription for reading glasses. I get so upset with my work sometimes that I want to take the scissors and cut it up. I have been known to do that. I walk away from it and go back to it the next day. Remember after washing and pressing things look better. Stitching during day light hours makes things easier for me. I always feel under pressure because there is something that I should be doing. My husband looks all pitiful when I go to another room to stitch. He acts like I'm his personal entertainer. That also has an effect on my work. I remind myself that I deserve time to myself. I cannot stitch with distractions. Could it be cataracts? I've been told that people have a whole new lease on life after cataract surgery. Don't be so hard on yourself. They say that only God is perfect and we should not strive to be like him. Take a step back, relax and stitch. Listening to music helps. Good luck and keep us posted. I know what you mean about linen. It is a beautiful fabric. I have two UFOs - 32 ct, that I had to put away until after my eye exam. Even my daughter, aged 42, is complaining about 32 ct. I can't believe that you stitched on 36 ct!