Cross Stitch pattern
I am looking for a cross stitch pattern entitled Lawyers Pledge and Scale of Justice ~ any help would be appreciated.
Posted by: sixriches on 07/28/14
Hi there

Go to you will get the pattern that you had in mind. Good luck
by: miss crossstitc on 07/29/14
I have looked on that site too!
Does anyone know how to have a pattern made?
by: sixriches on 07/29/14
If you have a photo of either of these items (or both), you can send it in to this site and they will put your photo onto a pattern for you to stitch. It's at Herrschners

Or you can purchase the software and do it yourself. I don't know how well this works, but I did send in a photo to be put on as a pattern and worked out very well for me. They even listed the colors for me. I gave it away as a gift.

If you do, do this, make sure you read the instructions before ordering very, very carefully. You DO NOT send your photo to them first. They will send you a mailer to mail in your photo.

Good luck.
by: jclifford on 07/29/14