aida cloth compatable
I am interested in purchasing this cross stitch pattern. I like working with aida cloth and the pattern says it was stitched on even weave. I am wondering if the pattern is set up so it will work with aida cloth also.
Posted by: brendapete04 on 07/28/14
You could certainly stitch this on Aida. It is completely filled in , so it doesn't matter what colour you choose...just the finished size would differ according to what count you stitch it on. For instance on 14 ct, it would be about 33" x 28" . It's a pretty big picture...and you may need more thread than what is called for to get the correct coverage. Even-weaves like Jobelan and Lugana are just as easy to stitch on as Aida, but they are much softer.
by: MissKitty on 07/28/14
I'm am glad someone has a question about this pattern . I bought it and have not done anything with it yet . It is very confusing because it is several several pages . I don't even know where to start it . It is beautiful and I would love to do it . Please I need advice
by: baker.dana4162 on 07/28/14
Mrs Baker Dana put your pattern on the table. I am for sure it has pages numbers see if it fit what you have as a picture. That you had bought the pattern for and like it. I call it the front page. and try to find the middle page and start from there I am sure the page has an arrow up and down. guide yourself with a ruler and find the start stitch for U to work on it. Good luck.
by: miss crossstitc on 07/29/14
What the name of the fabric that the pattern had asked for? If it 28= 14 if it is 32 = 16 Aida cloth
by: miss crossstitc on 07/29/14
Miss Kitty is absolutely right about using 14ct. Aida cloth. Here are a few other things you might want to know about this pattern. The model was stitched on 25ct. evenweave over 1 thread which makes it much smaller than doing it on 14ct. Aida fabric. The pattern is 43 pages long using 89 DMC floss colors. It is definitely not for a beginner or inexperienced stitcher.

When I do a pattern especially one this complicated I always make at least one or two copies to mark up while I stitch. There should be instructions to tell you where to start your stitching. Some start in the middle and some start in the upper corner. The instructions should tell you where.
by: syagel on 07/29/14
When I do a project that has a pattern on several pages, I start at the upper corner (leaving 3" for framing) and do one page at a time. This way I don't get confused or frustrated. Syagel is right, I would make copies and mark off what I've done with a highliter or pen (I use highliter so I can see what the symbol is if I had to rip out part of it. (Regardless, you have the original print).

Good Luck.
by: jclifford on 07/29/14
When I use a small pattern with 14 count material, I always start from the middle. If stitching a large pattern with several pages, especially on 25 count over 1 thread, I start in the upper left corner. It really depends on what you feel comfortable doing. Happy stitching and Good Luck.
by: djhmom55 on 07/29/14