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did U read my message miss saddicks?


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I had learned cross stitch from nuns and I had never used a hoop or a frame.
Hi there. I have a friend who lives in California by your last name. Where do U live?
Stitching with the aid of a frame or hoop is infinitely better than stitching without. I wasn't taught by nuns but learned needlework in school and we had to use hoops. I didn't stitch for many years and then somehow got used to the bad habit of stitching without hoop/frame. My work looks good but I can always tell the difference. I've met two or three ladies that stitch as I do but I would not recommend it.
Miss Crossstitch you don't need to start a new thread for a question already asked. Just answer the question where it is asked.
SYagel, she won't stop because she wants to reply this way. She is our dear Miss C & won't change. Was once in a prayer group with a dear thing who kept saying "Women in our day weren't allowed to drive because the men said we were too weak.". So grab the reins, sit down, & hang on tight. ( Good to supply the right info, if she's galloping down the wrong path, however.)
Sorry jlhewes I am getting so tired of her remarks I am seriously thinking about getting off this chat room. I just can't understand how she can act like she knows so much. I am in my 60's and I know I don't know everything. One of these days I am just going to stop posting here. I don't like it that so many of us have to go in and correct her, because her information is so wrong sometimes. Good luck to you, Texas Stitcher, Senior Stitcher, and jclifford trying to keep her straight. It has been nice chatting with you, and I will miss you.
Syagel, you can't leave us! Instead of becoming upset, look upon it as a source of amusement. I always read her posts first because they are hilarious. The other day she busted out with something about retirement - it was totally unrelated. I had a really good laugh. Another option is to just ignore it. I have my senior moments too, usually when I have to multi-task. When I receive an answer and look up the comment I made I often say "what in the heck was I thinking". It's like my brain and fingers are no longer in sync. You are so knowledgeable,, patient and dependable - we need you here. Who else will do all the research and answer the same questions a hundred times over?
Miss C, I've told you before that she will not get this post in her email. It only happens in "REPLIES". You should believe me because the people who taught me to stitch were much smarter than nuns.
Sorry Texas Stitcher, I have had my fill of Miss Crossstitch. There is no way she is funny or amusing. She has become a "pain in the you know what". I enjoy funny things, but she has become just plain disgusting. You guys are on your own with her. I will miss you all, but as long as she keeps giving so many incorrect answers to people we are trying to help, I am out of here. Sorry.
jlhewes, I am so with you!
syagel, let's just ignore her. Perhaps ECS can block her or something. We don't know what's going on with her. Perhaps a medical condition, medications, poor language skills, and tons more. Overall people get along, sometimes we have a busy day and our comments are short or should I say more precise than others :) so why let her ruin it for us? Take a hiatus and come back in a week or so. Okay? I spend too much time on this thing myself. I didn't get any stitching done or much needed shredding, filing, etc. So I took off a couple of weeks to get back on track. Senior Stitcher takes her breaks when she is working on her projects. Finish John Wayne and come back. We are counting on you.
Texas Stitcher I will think about it. The main reason I get so mad is when we have new stitchers on here with questions Miss Crossstitch gives them information that they don't know is wrong until you, jlhewes, jclifford, Senior Stitcher, others or I get on here and try to give them the right answer. I try to be patient but my patience has run out for her. None of us seem to be able to get through to her. I will check back in a few days after I calm down. May- be I should take up serious drinking. Bloody Mary's anyone? LOL Have a good week all.
Syagel, I totally agree. It would be so frustrating and costly if someone purchased fabric based on her measurements/conversions. I know those nuns must be turning over in their graves. A Bloody Mary would help, I wish that I had someone to share a glass of wine with. My husband can no longer drink and my daughter took a three year break due to pregnancy and nursing and now she has her little family and very, very little time. I might just take up drinking by myself. My buddies are all seniors too and don't like driving at night or go to bed early - you know the deal. People as a whole don't socialize much at home these days. It's been a year since I had someone over for dinner. Then all the dietary considerations. It's a nightmare just between the six of us, daughter/spouse/in-laws. My husband is difficult lately with his meal choices. One of his buddies' wife is Muslim, so no pork. One couple eats very early and he is diabetic and on and on. I did not know that old age could be so difficult. I eat whatever people but in front of me. I eat breakfast for dinner, cold cuts for breakfast, I just don't much care. I am so grateful that we have food. Okay, that's enough of that. Perhaps a drink too many is our friend's problem? I have to do some stitching, I put myself on a schedule. Enjoy your week off. We all expect a post from you next Sunday!
Syagel, you can't go! You have too much knowledge to share with us. Please reconsider. Although I do understand your frustration. Some people just don't get it or they refuse to listen what others may have to say. Hope to see you back soon.
My husband objects to me being the Director of our Home Owners Association Board, but it's proven to be good practice in dealing with all the "Loose Nuts & Bolts.". What gives me more trouble is being patient with the total lack of grammar & spelling ability nowadays on blogs, message boards, user response sites, etc. Oops, meant to say " of many of the people " -- certainly not all!
jlhewes, perhaps your husband fears for your safety and welfare. We all know how disliked HOAs are. I have, on ocassion, become totally frustrated by their rules and enforcement policies as well as their lack of knowledge but no longer waste time on things that I cannot change. Somebody high up on the food chain makes up the rules and the board members try to enforce them. I keep my property up and have stopped caring what others do. I no longer attend meetings because it was a waste of time. Most owners are utterly unreasonably and silly. I totally agree that there are plenty of nuts out there. I have grown so tired of home owners complaining about the dues that I could scream. They knew what was coming when they signed on the dotted line. Although HOAs are not empowered to effect change in many instances, I gladly pay my dues to at least have some support. Driving past neighborhoods where the home owners are obviously without one, I get the chills. The colors that the houses are painted, the ill repair of fences, landscaping or lack thereof makes me grateful to have some enforcement. As far as the sloppiness of spelling, etc., again I agree. Although, I have to admit that since I am no longer in the working world things have gone downhill in that department. I often have to guess at things. For many English is not the first language and someone can be very intelligent and study a language for many years and still not quite get it. I was fortunate that I had the opportunity to have been school taught. Many are self taught. Kids aren't required to learn other than how to use a computer and smart phone. It's amusing to watch how the entire operation collapses when the computers are down. In the case of "our friend" who knows what's going on. As I have stated in an earlier post it could be age, health, medication side effects, hard to say. I, for one, am not wasting any more time worrying about her misinformed comments. It's up to ECS to block her if they feel that she is alienating potential customers.
Well, this chat is getting out of hand. My fault. Understand about HOAs. The joke in Calif is the state has given all our powers to the homeowners, yet expects us to maintain the look of the property & the behavior of the residents with no legal method except fines, which nobody pays. The owners don't complain about assessments here because they understand we're a private "Planned Unit Development" & cover costs normally paid by the city -- lighting, street upkeep, insurance, repairs. We have no pool or recreation center to upkeep, so they know they're getting a bargain. Parking & bad neighbors are the hot button issues. Top 3 after parking: Dogs, Children, Landscaping! Meeting I missed last week had a woman complaining our Fire Lanes were orange & not red. And a man brought in a bag of dog poop from his neighbors' pooches. PS: Know all the reasons for bad spelling & grammar. (You forgot texting) Once knew a woman sho alphabetized the spices in her kitchen as well as other people's. It just bugged her a lot to have them out of order. My mother couldn't stand a light on in an empty room. There's a name for these problems. I'm sure you could name some too.
I've lived in CA - understand totally! Here we pay a certain amount to the PID (I forget what the acronym stands for but it's something to do with the city) which maintains, lights, watering of common areas, playgrounds and the "duck pond". It's quite complex to figure out who pays for what. We have a pool, it was planned when most bought, so they should have known that it would require upkeep. I just can't listen to people quibbling over a relatively small sum of money that they knew would have to be paid and trying to figure out if it's the PID's or HOA's responsibility to get rid of a fire ant mound by the duck pond. However, I see now that I have nothing to complain about. So far no one has brought dog poop. How disgusting and childish. Did he have DNA analysis done? The lady with the color issue should have been given a can of paint and a brush. I get all fired up and my husband falls asleep during meetings, afterwards he tells me that he does not want to hear about it. My neighbor is on the board and asks me why my other neighbor does not maintain his property! The guy is a physician and never home, I don't even know his name. I wanted to say "how in the hell should I know" but restrained myself and suggested that she ask him. We expect so much from kids and set the worst example. From now on I'll refer any inquiries to our pest control guy, he knows everything or thinks he does. As of late, he's into conspiracy theories. He pumps the stuff into a port on the outside of the house, I close all the blinds and pretend that I'm not home. This is all sitcom material. I have to get three crowns seated in the afternoon, so I'll wish you good luck and sign off.
Syagel: I think she is foreign. I have a Korean mother and when she reads or speaks, it's very broken. She does the best that she can, but she doesn't quite understand what she has just read or quite get her message across, if it wasn't for me, she would never speak. Hell, I can barely understand what she just read! But I make her read her mail to me (I live 500 miles from her) not only to help her figure out what she got in the mail, but to teach her to read and understand better. Practice makes perfect. I feel sorry for her as I can't imagine not being able to understand even your own bills. Now that she's on her own, she has very few people that will read her mail to her, or from pride, ask anyone. I look at Miss XX the same way. I think she takes a few words and guess at the rest (as my mom does). She could just be lonely too and this is all she has to interact with other people. Please don't take that away from her, let's just be vigilante and correct her mistakes. I do it all day long for my mom as far back as I can remember till this day. I'm sure she has fine qualities and probably a very sweet woman, just can't comprehend the language. Please don't go Syagel. So many people count on your and JHewes' knowledge, I know I do. Just overlook her imperfections as her not being ABLE to understand, instead of ignorance. We all care about everyone here and we should be sympathic to those that are less fortunate to understand the English language.
Jclifford don't take this the wrong way, but my daughter-in-law is Japanese and my grandsons are half Japanese. I am very sympathetic to people of other languages. My daughter-in-law has a better command of the English language than a lot Americans I know.
I'm not taking it the wrong way. I'm just trying to see another side of it. Your daughter in law is very fortunate. My mother is not so fortunate, I think the more we are away, the worst she gets. I was fortunate as well. When we came to the US, I couldn't speak one word of English except for "Hello" and "Daddy". Now I can't speak hardly any Korean at all. Just don't go Syagel. We like you here and you are a wealth of information for all of us.
jclifford, that was a very kind and thoughtful post. You are right of course. She is a undoubtedly foreign. One of my Korean friends, she is a little younger than me, told me how poor they were. They actually had a water truck come to the little village that her family lived in. She had very little formal education. She is a very determined woman and did her best to learn to read and write English. Unfortunately, she is also dyslexic. It's much simpler for a Westerner to learn English than an Asian. I am saying this because syagel mentioned her daughter in law, I am sure that she is much younger and had different schooling available to her. My friend experienced war and famine. She is amazing, she can survive on almost nothing. I admire her so much. jclifford, I know it's tough to be so far away from your mom, I was in the same boat. So I want to apologize to miss x and will no longer laugh when she does something funny.
As of HOA - I worked for a homebuilder (D.R. Horton, I'm sure everyone heard of them!). I sat on 18 community boards and man the complaint that some people have. I thought us board members were going to be crucified on several occasions! I along with the attorneys wrote the covenants for each of the communities that we built in and meant well to keep the community looking good, safe and keep up the resale value, but no, that's not what the residents saw!!! Ugh! Texas Stitcher: My mom too lived in war zones, famine and had to beg for food. She did not have any education and worst of all, she was marched with 100's of others along the road and watched (as a child), many of them fall from being shot from stray bullets. She herself was wounded (indirectly) by a bullet and has a scare on her THROAT to prove it. She is my phoenix arising from the flame. She lives comfortably in Georgia in a gorgeous brick home that is paid for and drives a caddy (she's always wanted a caddy). Thanks to her hard work, dedication to her children and self perseverance, she is on top of the world now at her young age of 74. I'm so proud of my mother for everything she has endured as a child (she lost-literally, not dead), lost her parents at the age of 12 and raised herself on the streets and took jobs as a maid, found love with a soldier, have two girls, lost her husband after 4 years of being married to Vietnam, and go on to buy a beautiful home, work hard to pay all bills and later retire to live very comfortably. We never know the history of our "friends" and why they do what they do (not just Ms CS), but anyone. I'm just as bad as others about judging before knowing. I claim to have an open mind and not judgmental, but I find myself being that way from time to time. I am too forth right and open my mouth when I shouldn't and realize it too late. For that, I apologize UNIVERSE!!!! I'm working on it. I will be your drinking buddy (even though I don't drink). I find myself needing a really stiff drink from time to time. I wish we could all get together and spend a weekend together at a beach just talking and stitching! Anyone interested??????
I have calmed down quite a bit. My new theory is I am going to ignore Miss Crossstitch and just answer any questions that she gets wrong. I am not as good a person as the rest of you. I do enjoy the stories of your relatives and how they grew up. I am a history "junkie" and always enjoy learning how other people have lived. I love my Daughter-In-Law like she is my own daughter and we get along great. I have learned so much about Okinawa since I have known her. Since so many of you don't want me to leave I guess I will hang around, because I really enjoy helping other stitchers when I can. Thank you for the nice comments. Cross stitching is such a great hobby. Jclifford I am not a real serious drinker it is just sometimes some people make me want to "booze it up". LOL I also agree with you about meeting on a beach and stitching together. It would be great. On my quilting chat room I have actually met up with a few of the other ladies and we had such a great time. Have a good day everyone.
Syagel: So glad you decided to stay. Hey, let's all meet in New Orleans. We will stitch, eat seafood, stitch, drink hurricanes, stitch (or try to after the hurricanes), visit the French Quarter, stitch, eat some more and, oh yeah, stitch! Bring hubbies/significant other, my husband is from New Orleans and I'm sure he can find things for them to do!!! Or Savannah, it's so beautiful there! White sands of Florida? I'm ready now just talking about it. :) Those of us that don't drink, we'll learn!
You mean you ladies want MORE heat & humidity? We just got back from Palm Springs where we got hit with Monsoon humidity from the Gulf. Sitting by the pool with an umbrella overhead & a margarita in hand does sound nice even thinking about it.
My son lived in Houston Texas for 4 years. Houston in the summer is almost unbearable. Going to a beach does sound good though especially if I can have a Bloody Mary while I am stitching and talking with the rest of you. Have a good weekend.
OMG Syagel: You aren't kidding about the heat in Houston. I was there in the summer for about 3 months (building a Lifetime Fitness) and I had to watch and direct traffic for concrete trucks from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. in July! I couldn't believe how hot it was and HUMID!!!!! I thought I had died and went straight to hell!! I could not hydrate enough that day. I have a permanent "farmers tan" that I can over tan, or scrub out around my neck. A permanent "V". I absolutely hate it! But I did love Houston! I had an apartment in Katie, which was absolutely beautiful (Katie, and my apartment). Bloody Mary, Hurricane, Margarita, and anything else you girls want, we can do. It would be great sitting on a beach with our favorite drink, big floppy hats stitching and chatting. What are we waiting for? Am I the only one that is working full time? I got vacation days, I'll take off.
I don't know how much stitching we'd get done with all the eating and drinking that jclifford has planned for us. I lived in LA for almost three years and it got plenty hot and humid. I was stationed in Monroe and my husband was at Ft. Polk. We never made it to New Orleans because he ruptured his esophagus and was hospitalized for a long time. Then we were reassigned to Germany. I still plan to go and see it one day soon. Savannah sounds good, I haven't been there either but have been to various other GA locations - again - hot. How about somewhere cool? Yes, Houston gets awfully hot and humid, so does Okinawa and many other places. I'd like to visit French Canada - maybe one day. My husband no longer travels and I can't leave him home alone. Glad you decided to come back, syagel. I had a x-stitch question and it completely slipped my mind. I looked at Just Cross Stitch at Barnes and Noble's today. It was their Halloween issue and was disappointed, really hokey stuff. What's people's fascination with skulls anyway. However, I must say many of the projects were stitched on really nice fabric. A linen one in lavender comes to mind. I'm sick of Lugana now but have a huge stash.
Hey, ladies! You can all come to the beautiful redwoods on the ocean in Northern California! We will have an 81°- 84° heat wave next week! Well, okay, only for two days. It is beautiful here, but not a lot to do. Wwe have more restaurants of every kind and motels and hotels that are numerous and all in every price range. And several IPA breweries for the hubbies! Just kidding! Know you are not nearby, but New Orleans sounds good, but not right now. The weather...ooook. My DH's mom was born and raised in Marksville, near Baton Rouge. And syagel, if you ever left, I'd be so sad. Your advice is always so good. You gals keep me going! I ignore Miss C's blundeers because I think I am impatient, but I also guess that she really wants to help, just doesn't know how. As for language, some have an ear for a non-native tomgue, some don't. While my family is Swiss-German, I can sing in German, and understand a lot of it spoken. Can't read or speak it. Odd, I am pretty fluent in Spanish, which I didn't encounter a lot! I speak French well, but don't like it. Who else has over 200 irregular verbs that you have to memorize or be laughed at? Anyhow, I love you all and hope we all just stay and chat!
This is getting very amusing. Maybe we should go visit MissKitty in Calgary. I' m hoping she could put us all up (¿put up with us all?) See the Spanish question mark? About my extent of other languages.
SuPitt: Guten Morgen! I love German and Germany too. OMG! My husband's mother is from Marksville or a small town outside of it, Yvolles Parrish. The family have a lot of land in Marksville. What a small world this is. What is "DH" in your post? I would love to go to the Redwood Forest in California. When I was there about 5 or 6 years ago, we didn't get to go due to them being closed. I think they close at a certain time of the year. I was visiting my uncle in Fresno, which since then, he has moved to LA. Ladies, we don't have to travel now. We can plan something for Spring - Savannah is GEORGEOUS with the flowers blooming in the spring, magnolias are blooming in New Orleans, beaches are less crowded in the spring (except Spring Break). JHewes! You're so funny!
DH probably stands for daughter's husband.
Texas Stitcher DH stands for Dear Husband. We use it on my quilting chat room all the time. We also use DS, DD, etc. You get the idea. Took me a while to figure it out too when I first joined the quilting chat room. Now I use them all the time. Savannah sounds good to me. I am a Civil War "junkie" especially the Confederate history.
Thanks, syagel! My grandkids have been after me to get a smart phone. Up to now I've been using a dumb one. I rarely use a cell phone and carry it more or less for emergencies. One of my pet peeves is people on the phone everywhere with nothing to discuss. They block aisles in grocery stores, endanger the lives of others on the road, etc. It is sad really. I have observed couples and families in restaurants being on their phones throughout the entire meal. The other day my granddaughter wanted to go to a fast food place, she likes the nasty, dirty playhouses, and I noticed that several mothers just dropped the kids in the playhouse and spent over an hour on the phone. In the meantime the kids were being ill behaved and a total nuisance. One in particular got on my nerves and I finally had to ask her to either discipline her kid or remove him. I wanted to say "get up off your fat behind and tend to your kid" but held my tongue and was more gentile. Oh in any case, I am digressing. Now I have to learn a new language - texting. I think that it will be much more difficult than German, English and French. I tried my hand at Japanese but never got a grasp, it is a very difficult language. I learned to identy a few symbols, like post office, exit and entrance - simple survival stuff. Is there a dictionary out for texting and all the abbreviations? Yes, Savannah does sound good, especially in the Spring. The South is so beautiful in the Spring with all the beautiful shrubs and flowers blooming.
Ok ladies, when shall I expect you ? I think it should be for Stampede next summer...we'll have a great time !! And by then, hopefully, I'll have found a place to live !
Kinda thought so.
Texas Stitcher I just have a basic Tracfone and I hardly use it. Mainly just for emergencies also. I have a land line in the house because I have Lifeline and it needs a land line. I don't text at all.
Oh ok, dear husband. Oh Syagel: You would love Savannah then if you're a Civil War junkie. There's a fort out there that is awesome! Here's a link that you can read about Savannah's history. Did you know that the first girl scouts was formed in Savannah, by a woman named Juliett Gordon Low? Her grandfather was the founder of the Central of Georgia Railroad and she was the founder of the Girl Scouts of the USA, they were influential leaders in industry, government, the military and humanitarian organizations. Every square, every street, every house has a great history to it that has impacted our way of life today. Get a book on tape (Cd) and listen to the story of "The Garden of Good and Evil". It took place in Savannah and is a very suspenseful story. I could go on and on about Savannah. Any one that wants to take a vacation to see, hear, learn about the South's history, go to Savannah. The River Street has so much to do and see and you can ride and/or dine on the paddle boat (River Queen) and the food at the restaurants on River walk are wonderful as well. My hubby proposed to me at Tybee Island (12 miles from Savannah) on 08-08-08 and we got married on 12-12-12 at Fort Myers Florida. There's a story to those dates, I will share on another post later.
Texas Stitcher: I know what you mean about texting. I had to get text on my phone (still have a small flip phone) so I can actually "talk" to my sons. They don't answer the phone, but they will sure answer a text. I hate it. A phone should be for call in and call out when you have someone to say. I'm pretty rude when it comes to people holding me up from anything if they are on the phone. I absolutely will never upgrade (I guess I should never say never). I hate cell phones - except in an emergency or if I get delayed somewhere, or lost, or need directions, or to hear my sons' voices - ok it's an evil necessity! Still not getting a smart phone - who needs a phone to be smarter than me? I already feel dumb at times compared to a 2nd grader that can work a computer or phone better than me! LOL. So - I'm showing my age, and I'm proud of it.
Miss Kitty: What do you mean by "..found a place to live?" Wow a Stampede doesn't sound too safe for us - I, for one, can't run too fast and sure as hell don't want to get run over!!!! LOL.
Lol...the Calgary Stampede is the biggest event of the year here ! It's like your country fair or exhibition on steroids, 10 days of yahoo !! Lots of music, food, special events, free pancake breakfasts., huge parade ...and on and on. No place to live because our lease is up on Oct. 01 and I still have not found a new rental. The prices here are killing me !!
DH=Dear Husband or Darling Husband, used for over thirty years in the old billboard needlework chat rooms!
jclifford, I haven't been to Savannah but my daughter's in-laws went last Spring and he loved it. She preferred Charleston. I've been to Charleston many years ago. My son and family also loved Savannah. My daughter was born on 8 August and one of my sons on 16 December, close, but that only counts in horseshoes. Seems that Miss Kitty invited us if she has found a house by then. Where do you live, Miss Kitty? Okay, I read the other posts - Calgary. Been there. Instead you could come to Ft. Worth. We have cattle stuff here. jclifford, I am so with you. I can't even operate my dumb phone. The son in FL no longer has a house phone! I can't even call my grandkids without going through the parents and they rarely answer their phones. He calls when he feels like it. I missed one of his calls, three weeks later he calls again and mentions it and I told him that I would not call or call back because he never answers the phone. He does not respond to emails because it's too much trouble! I'm not vindictive and I love my kids dearly but that is going to far. I have something for their butts come Christmas and birthdays. I think the technology business has gone overboard. What ever happened to stopping at a gas station and asking for directions? I thought that mapquest was the cat's meow. Now I feel embarrassed with my mapquest instructions, people look at me in a funny way. DH (LOL) and I both have dumb phones and share 350 minutes per month and I have to pay over $80 pe rmonth for them. I need a landline for the alarm system and because I love it. I have a phone in almost every room. I do not feel like running aorund with a phone strapped to my body. I know what you mean about wanting to hear their voices. Life is short and precious and one never knows when something tragic could happen. I have to clean up, I had my baby today. Tomorrow is her Mother's birthday and I want to bake a cake and bake a ham. My girl loves ham and bacon. SuePitt, what if you don't think of him as "Dear" or "Darling"? Is there another abbreviation? jlhewes, you and I are about on the same level as far as Spanish goes. I want to learn but don't have the time. It would help here to know it. Well I know a few basic things when workman come over, etc.