Do you have any idea for a substitution for Marlitt thread for a cross stitch picture


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Do you want another rayon? DMC Satin is also rayon. A shiny silk would be easier to handle but most look like cotton floss when stitched. I'm not too familiar with the shiny ones. Sorry.
Thank You for the help
I was told that Marlitt is no longer being manufactured. The DMC looks just as beautiful but is probably equally as difficult to stitch with. I have never used Marlitt in X-stitch but did embroidery with it. It looks gorgeous but it was a nightmare to work with - at least for me. I would consider jlhewes suggestion, she's very experienced.
I agree. The rayon stuff is a nightmare of horrid proportions and the silk is not that shiny. Too bad.
Found through a search on 'shiny silk floss' that Japanese silk floss is shiny, which figures considering their embroidery. Beautiful but $5.50-$8.00 per skein, so I'll have to suffer with rayon when I need shiny. Oh, also, there are a lot of shiny silk Perle type threads, expensive too but many colors.
Aren't the Perle yarns too thick when used with regular floss or would you then subsitute? Or can you separate Perle? I don't like stitching with Perle. I did a tablecloth once - what a nightmare. If it's a nice project, I'd go with the silk. My experience with Marlitt was that it works itself lose. By the time I got to the end I had to go back and weave threads in. I did two tablecloths and have one more to go. They were all purchased at once. They look beautiful but........ If the project will be framed it shouldn't be a problem because you can put the fusible material on the back.
Perle can be used on lower count fabric in place of multiple strands of floss for texture. Needlepointers use it a lot on canvas. It is not meant to be stranded. It's being produced in more colors by the overdyes folks, especially #8 & #12 sizes. That Christmas Stocking mentioned in the Chat uses Weeks & Crescent Colors #5.