I was wondering if you have any marbled fabric like the 14 ct Mountain Sage in a 28 ct fabric or any marbled fabric in 28 ct of other colors?
Posted by: c-beller on 08/05/14
Here's a link where they sell a lot of 28 count marbled fabrics. The closet I found so far (I went to page 7) is the Thyme and Laurel (this color is absolutely beautiful), but you can check.


by: jclifford on 08/05/14
Also, check out the Stoney Creek website. They have cuts from several overdyes fabric dyers. I believe ABC Stitch does too. I buy a lot of fat 1/8 yd cuts from Picture This Plus. There is a British dyer that does a lot of marbled dyes. I'll have to look up the name & edit this reply. Check back, please!

It's Polstitches. ABC Stitch Therapy carries it. 2-3 weeks delivery.
by: jlhewes on 08/05/14
I love these! I have only tried Picture this Plus, but now I can look at the other ones! Thanks! I have not been disappointed at all with PTP. Their photos on the site seem to be pretty color accurate. How we stitched all those years without them is beyond me. I have tea-dhed stuff my self, and tie-dyed vestment for a young priest, but never thought about dyeing cross stitch fabric! So glad someone took the plunge. Now folks do it at home. I won't because I have enough other things to do!
by: Su Pitt on 08/07/14