flower carts


I am splitting this pattern up and doing two different carts. I make small gift bags from my needlework and think one per bag will look better. the type of fabric makes a lot of difference with this kind of pattern. i'm using Carolina linen aida cloth.


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Like your idea. Think it will look very nice on your gift bags.
So, somebody tell me what Carolina linen aida cloth is like? Irregular like linen, or evenweave like aida???
it's more like evenweave. super wonderful fabric....if lucky you can find a soft tube at Joann, also you can find it on Amazon
Thanks so much, Patti! I am desperately lokking for fabric that is like that. I don't know if it is my decreasing eyesight or my perfectionist streak, but just lately, linen's irregularity is making me nuts! And I do mean nuts! I cry over my WIP on the most beautiful linen I have ever seen...
dear fellow perfectionist!!!! you will love working with Carolina linen. I don't even use embroidery thread, I use regular sewing machine thread. I like the look better. sometimes I have to use double strand. try it sometime and see the difference in appearance.
Patti: You use regular sewing thread to cross stitch???
I have to agree with jclifford. never heard of using regular thread for cross stitching. I use it in my quilting, but would never use it in my cross stitching. Mainly because not enough different colors to do shading when I stitch. If it works for you that is all that matters. Each stitcher has their own system. 123Stitch.com also sells Carolina Linen.
i know....sounds insane. but on 32 count fabric it looks like machine done stitching. wish there was a way I could send a picture. my bags are selling really well, people really like them. I use a scroll frame and magnifier to do this. true, though you don't get all the color shades. but sometimes I get a little stressed at 2 stitches in a color on the whole pattern.