Expected the actual publication
I was disappointed that I received photo copies of the booklet that I thought I was ordering. I used to own the booklet some time ago and lost it in a one of many moves. Not what I expected.
Posted by: martylambert77 on 08/06/14
You can ask customer service, but I expect the company has gone this way to save money. Everything Cross Stitch would not photocopy illegally.
by: jlhewes on 08/06/14
The company that put out this publication was the one that made it copies not ECS. Every other website that sold this pattern said it was a copy in the description. Several of the review complaints on those websites complained that it was a Xeroxed copy and not a book. Some websites called it a leaflet. It is not ECS fault, but I understand your being upset. Some of the complaints were that the copies were very bad and hard to read. One of the other website was actually selling it for $12.
by: syagel on 08/06/14
That all may be true. I'm just surprised that it wasn't listed as a copy and not the booklet. I did find it as it was originally published on eBay. $8.00 for a photocopy plus shipping is a lot to pay. Just be sure your customers are informed and describe it as it is and not as the booklet in the photo.
by: martylambert77 on 08/06/14
I guess you want to stay from the downloadable patterns, even though they cost less.
by: jlhewes on 08/07/14
That's not the same. There should be a notation that it it's not an original, but a copy of the booklet. There are copyright issues. The person who created the booklet needs to give permission to reproduce it for sale. It's similar to copying movies and selling them.
by: martylambert77 on 08/07/14
I have purchased PDF downloadable patterns and they are not the same as what this "leaflet" is. The PDF downloads are very bright and readable to use.
by: syagel on 08/07/14
Good to know. I'm set now. I have the actual leaflet.
by: martylambert77 on 08/07/14