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Hi, Are all the materials needed is included in the price? How much is the posting? Thanks Katrina


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Got into researching this kit since Starry Night is not square. Other sites agree on the following: Imported (from Russian Federation?) With white 14-ct Aida, pre-sorted Italian wool/acrylic thread, instructions & needle. 15 3/4 x 11 3/4. All full cross stitches. If you start to order the kit, you should get the shipping cost. You can back out & delete if it's too expensive.
I love the RTO kits from Russia and, I think Riolis. If it was me, I'd get the pattern vand choose my own fabric and floss (you know I'm a DNC nut). There are two companies that do a pattern and people ask about differences. They are very similar, but the little village at the bottom looks darker in one, but its lights show better and one seems in sharper focus, but it is so hard to tell, even enlarging the tiny thumbnail pics oin websites...
what color is the 14 count cloth?
They probably used white Aida. Every square is stitched.
wanted to be sure bc I cant use black or navy blue. thanks
Choosing a dark fabric would be like the artist deciding not to paint all the canvas and using dark black or blue canvas...it just wasn't done in his day!