Hi How do I go about creating this on a larger fabric? approx. 18"x 18"?What do I need to buy extra and how much would it cost to increase the size? Thank you
Posted by: rino832 on 08/07/14
This is a kit so all the supplies included are matched to 16ct. Aida. If you want to increase the size you would have to purchase the extra supplies on your own after getting your instructions in the kit. It is not a square pattern so 18 " x 18" is not possible. If you use 14ct. Aida fabric you would get a picture that measures 18" x 13 3/4". Don't forget to add 3" per side to determine the size of fabric to purchase.

Candamar Designs uses its own floss, but you can get a conversion chart to DMC floss numbers if you go to
by: syagel on 08/07/14
To square a pattern you have to line out part of the pattern on the chart. Looks possible on this one.
by: jlhewes on 08/07/14
Jlhewes very good idea about squaring the picture. I have never tried it, but it is a very good idea. I have taken "bits and pieces" out of patterns and made smaller ones, but never just squared the pattern.
by: syagel on 08/08/14
It depends on the design, of course. You have to keep the balance. I've also done this to make a pattern fit a stock frame. Aaron Bros had a 2-for-1 sale, so I bought the frame for "Reading By The Window" & plan to cut out some of that dark wood paneling.
by: jlhewes on 08/08/14
neat idea ladies.. never thought about "resizing" anything..
thanks for the input..
by: dbye468 on 08/09/14