Floss Colors II (for gladiola pictures)

Rather than add to the 71 replies in my previous entry, I'm starting over again. For those of you who wanted an update on the trials and tribulations of doing four gladiola pictures, here goes: I spent last Sunday afternoon at the local Ben Franklin Store, comparing the floss in my kit with the floss in the store. As you probably know, DMC Floss comes on a huge circular drum-type thing with many sections to turn. I stood and knelt (up and down, up and down) from noon until after 4:30 and matched (I think) all but three of the 45 colors! The three that have me buffaloed are all shades of brown. I am going to try again for those as I have to get the numbers. I was absolutely beat by the time I left and had my husband take me for a burger and fries instead of cooking supper myself. Also, my fabric arrived from Everything CrossStitch. All I need to do now is get my copies printed and I can start stitching. Also talked to the framer and we both had a weak moment when I told her that the pictures would be 51" high. Her mat cutter only goes to 48"! I checked the measurement and it'll be just 41" so that'll work for us. So far, I've invested $160. and haven't done the first stitch yet. Uff da! For those of you who wonder just what on earth I'm talking about - go to page 3 and read all about it under "Floss Colors."


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Hi, Texas Stitcher, I figured nobody was reading my current message and then you popped in. I went to the printer today and got my copies of the pattern made so that's done now. Then I went to Wal-Mart with the floss and I actually got two of the three missing colors matched. One to go and I've picked out some close matches on the DMC color chart so I think I'll go back to Ben Franklin again and see if any of those are a match. I don't find it easy at all to match floss with the color chart. I think I'm in fairly good physical condition. I go to Silver Sneakers classes at the Community Center here and I'm also in a clogging group. Got to keep the parts moving, you know. However, today my lower back is telling me that I've done something to it - not bad, just a little ache that isn't normal. It's probably from all that bending on Sunday. I set up a card table today and got my scissors out to start cutting the fabric for the four pictures. something told me to check the dimentions and wouldn't you know, the fabric was only 43" wide instead of the 51" I ordered! I called customer service and got a postage paid coupon to send the fabric back. And I've already gotten word that I should have the correct fabric in 2 or 3 days. Maybe I can get to the stitching part yet. Spring is here - there's a new little foal down the road - a sure sign. Have a Happy Easter and a Happy Spring.
Senior Stitcher I have been following your trials and tribulations of matching the colors. You have my admiration for undertaking such a large project of doing the project times four. I look forward to hearing when you are finished. I know it will take a while. I am curious will you be working on just this project or will you be taking a break and work on something else to keep your sanity? LOL Good Luck!
Hi, Syagel, I don't know if I can keep going through all four pictures or not. I do have a chance for a break though - my 8th great-grandchild is on the way and I'll be making a picture with the name date, etc. on it like I did for his or her sister and brother. So far, my granddaughter has not let anyone know if it's a boy or girl so I can't start on that one yet. It may give me a break between gladiolas. Just hope all goes well once I get started. Thanks for wishing me luck. Have a Happy Easter!
Hi again Texas Stitcher & Syagel (and whoever else is interested). I never thought of having a glad painted. Then it wouldn't be my handiwork though. I have thought of buying artificial glads but they're pretty expensive too. I do plan to make all four exactly alike (none of this "hers is nicer than mine"). I really don't think the stitching is going to take so long as it's only one stem, not a bouquet, and there's no background stitching. The loon picture that I made was solid stitching from top to bottom and one side to the other and it took a loooooong time! Will let you know how fast these go. By the way, I went to Ben Franklin again today and I found the last missing color! Hurray for me! Sorry you had no luck with glads. Dad grew an acre of them, planted by hand, 8" apart and rows about 18" apart. That's a lot of bulbs and it all started with just a few that he bought with a cereal boxtop. He couldn't stake them so he hilled them up with soil when they started getting tall and that kept them standing. I remember him fighting thrips too but have forgotten what insecticide he used on them. He won many trophys and ribbons at shows. I just had a brainstorm - I have a lot of his ribbons and rosettes and I could put one in a corner of the picture so they'd have that to keep too. The foal is adorable as all baby animals are. We watch for one or two every spring at this certain place. We also have a herd of buffalo within a mile and they'll be calving soon. Even buffalo babies are cute - little blobs of rust-colored fur in the grass. Have a Happy Easter and a Happy Spring!
Hello again, Texas Stitcher, What I had in mind for the ribbon was just sticking it on the outside of the picture (like it had won a ribbon) and then telling the kids that it was actually one of Grandpa's ribbons! No, I don't want to start a sibling rivalry. None of this, "Mom liked you best" business! I guess Dad did grow the glads commercially, although I didn't think of it that way for some reason. I guess because it started out being a hobby and grew. He eventually sold them to all the florists in town. When they were blooming too fast and the florists couldn't take them all, he would take the neighborhood kids (including mine) into different areas of town where they would sell them for $1.00 a dozen. They earned a quarter for every dozen they sold so they were always anxious to go out selling. Dad had all the flowers in the back of his van and the kids could carry about two dozen at a time. The bulbs all had to be dug up in the fall as they couldn't survive the cold winters in ND. In the spring, Dad would sell the bulbs to many places who sold them to the public. All this and Dad had a full time job at a creamery besides! I went to Yellowstone once, many years ago. I had seen buffalo but was hoping to see a bear. There were so many pictures of bears holding up traffic in Yellowstone but I didn't see one! What a bummer! Take care of your cold. My husband had one in February and shared it with me. Took at least a month and 5 boxes of Kleenex to be rid of it.
Hi Senior Stitcher: Had to pipe in on this conversation to tell you how much I admire you for going that great distance to get all the supplies you needed to make your glads for your children. Heck if we all know now what you went through, we could have tried to match your threads from our stash, by you sending each of us a small length of the threads. LOL! We will all be on pins and needles to hear and hopefully see your wonderful and thoughtful creation! Your children will be THRILLED to have this, especially after all the trouble you went through to get the supplies - - we surely are! Happy Stitching!
Good Morning, jclifford! Please jump in anytime (and that goes for the rest of you too). I'm enjoying the ongoing conversation. Please note: If I had sent each of you a small length of thread to match, we'd ALL have been driven crazy! Thanks for your kind words. My sanity is returning now. LOL! I think my kids will be thrilled since it's something they've wanted for so long. My Dad passed away in 1983. The package of Aida Cloth arrived this morning so NOW I think I have everything I need to begin. We went to an Easter Brunch yesterday and my daughter-in-law handed me a large flowered tote - full of floss! She heard it advertised on the radio and got it for me. The skeins are all separatd in plastic bags on two big rings. Have never seen anything like that. The numbers are all on the skeins too. Lucky me! Happy Stitching to all!
Thank you for sharing. Good Luck and let us see a picture.
Oh how wonderful Senior Stitcher!!! That's wonderful news and how surprising it is to receive something that you absolutely love! A co-worker likes to stitch too, but loves just patterns. She went on EBay and got a huge box of kits, patterns, books, floss, etc. She kept the books and gave me the kits and shared the rest with me. What a wonderful surprise that was! I was like a child at Christmas! Happy Stitching and would love to see your end results.
Hi, jclifford, It was fun to get all that DMC floss! I don't know if she even knew that was the brand I use. There was some floss in the bottom (probably leftovers from kits) that wasn't labeled but I know that the children have been making some kind of bracelets out of floss so I think I'll donate those to the Crisis Center. They're always looking for craft supplies and it will keep me from having to go back to Ben Franklin and try to match up all those colors. Ha! (Never again, I hope). What a wonderful surprise to get the kits, etc. from your co-worker! Wasn't it lucky that she liked the patterns instead? I prefer the patterns too because I have all this floss in addition to what I already had and have bought Aida Cloth to have on hand. I may never order a kit again after this last one - or I'll make darn sure that the floss colors are included before I order. I just ordered another book of Precious Moments pictures to see if I can find something to make for that expected great-grandchild. I've already made the little girl with the bunny and the little boy with the teddy bear so I need something different for the third baby. Note to all: I will let you know when I have one of the gladiolus pictures finished and then one or all of you are going to have to walk me through putting it on this site so you can all see it. Happy Stitching!
Senior Stitcher and jclifford you are very lucky to have friends that thought of you when they saw the floss bargains. I very rarely buy kits but I have lots of patterns and pattern books, but always on the lookout for more. I have a friend who also cross stitches so we talk about patterns and floss. I have a couple of precious Moments books myself. Their patterns are so cute. I have a very large Precious Moments pattern of Noah's Ark I have had for years but I have never found time to do it. I have it on my "Bucket List". Happy Stitching everyone!!
Syagel: I don't have any friends who cross-stitch. I taught one of my daughters years ago but she didn't become instantly addicted to it like I did. I guess that's why I enjoy this site so much. The Noah's Ark picture sounds like fun. I'm such an animal lover that I've thought I should do a Noah's Ark too. If I live to be 200, I may just finish all the things I'd like to do!
Senior Stitcher I am with you. With all the patterns I have bought in the last year alone I will have to live to at least 120 years to get them all done. I also do quilting so I have lots of fabric and projects to do. It keeps me out of trouble in retirement. LOL
Texas Stitcher: The floss is something I can use but I am like you in that I have nowhere to put anything. When our kids (his 4 & my 4) ask what we'd like for Christmas, we now suggest gift cards for restaurants. They make very welcome gifts that we can use. I sold my house when I was divorced 24 years ago so I live in a mobile home now. I brought too much with me and added to that when my mother passed away. Five years ago, I was remarried and he insisted on adding his stuff to my stuff. Imagine! There's a large addition on one side which was meant to be a sunroom but it became a catch-all instead. Getting that cleaned out is on MY bucket list. There are lilies of the valley outside which I really enjoy (Mom's favorite flower). They smell SO good! No, I haven't made the first X yet. Got up too early this morning and was tired all day. I have to get the fabric cut and the edges stitched first. I may do all four at once so they don't begin to ravel. Maybe I'll get started tomorrow.
Syagel: You're so right! The stitching does keep us out of trouble during our retirement. I've been trying to lose a few pounds and I find that stitching keeps my fingers from grabbing food. Very helpful!
I'm with you Senior Stitcher. I smoke (uck, I know), and stitching keeps me from smoking for hours at a time. I grab a cig when I need to use the bathroom. I, too live in a mobile home and the draw back of it is, there's no storage space (in mine anyway). We have 4 more years to pay it off and will move to a larger home with more storage (especially for my crafts). My hubby is a photographer so he doesn't have a whole lot of stuff (digital age). Syagel: I hope when I retire, I can still "Get in Trouble", haha. I just ordered an Ottlight that has a clip for your pattern, a magnifying glass and light. It's on sale at Joann's for $129.99 as opposed to $229.00!!! This sure will help me a lot. Happy Thursday Girls!
jclifford: I smoked for years but finally quit 20-some years ago. It's good that stitching keeps you away from it for awhile at least. I have a daughter who smokes and she now has COPD. Please try to stop. (Sorry, that's the mother in me and you've probably heard that often enough). You're so right about no storage space in a mobile home. That's why our sunroom got turned into the catch-all. I bought a floor lamp from Nordic Needle that has a full spectrum bulb, magnifying glass, large clip to hold patterns, and a tray to hold everything else. I think I paid over $100. for it too but I'm sure glad I got it. I can move the light wherever I need it and it really helps. Know you'll enjoy using yours too. Still no stitching today. Went to Silver Sneakers this morning and then the car needed an oil change and we ran a few errands after that and the day just evaporated. Oh, and it rained all day long. I looked out once and remarked at how big the drops were and realized I was looking at huge snowflakes! It never ends. The rain did clean things up well though and already the ground is beginning to look greenish. Hope that was the end of the snow.
Texas Stitcher: It's hard not to have enough storage space for one's belongings. My house had an attic and a basement as well as closets in every room - so much more space for everything. My mobile home is a single wide, 16'X70'. A double-wide may have been a better idea. My lilies of the valley are on the north side but there used to be a large bed on the south side too, (in full sun until afternoon) and they did as well there. Hope they surprise you. I ate turtle at the other end of our block, made by a beaver-skinning champion. It was good, as I remember. I visited Germany with my first husband when our son-in-law was stationed at Spangdalem Air Force Base. We were there for 3 weeks and visited many villages. They lived in Dudeldorf, near the base, and we took day trips to Speicher, Bitburg, Trier, Bernkastel, and probably other places I don't remember anymore. I was most impressed by Trier, celebrating their 2000th year! And I came from a country 200 years old! Germany is beautiful and it's a very fond memory. They taught me how to say French Fries and Water in German so I wouldn't starve if I got lost. Ha! The weatherman just said that we won't have more rain tomorrow. Hurray! You all have a good day too!
Senior Stitcher & Texas Stitcher: I too was in Germany in 1987. I was in the Army and was stationed in Heidelberg, Germany for two years. Most beautiful! I traveled to most cities in Germany and fell in love with the country. If I didn't have children to come home to, I would have stayed there. I traveled to several countries in Europe and absolutely loved it. I have a double wide mobile home and still doesn't have enough space. 4 more years to pay off and I'm moving into something with much more storage space. My brother in law has our over flow in his attic. Have a great weekend everyone.
jclifford: Looks like you and Texas Stitcher and I all share a love for Germany. It's a beautiful country. My husband was also stationed there when he was in the Army (Bomholder & Kaiserslautern). And a double-wide mobile home isn't the answer to more storage space? Guess it doesn't make any difference because I don't want to move again. Actually, we have a nice location here - on a hill above a lake (nice view). We don't have lake frontage so we don't have the taxes that go along with that, thank goodness. Have a good weekend.
Texas Stitcher: I was quite taken with the Porta Nigra (sorry if I spelled that wrong) or Black Gate in Trier. I didn't remember that the Romans had been in Germany! I know what you mean about stairs. My house had an upstairs and a basement so there were lots of stairs to climb. Don't think I could handle that anymore. Happy to have it all on one level. I don't know if lilies of the valley need the frigid temps. of winter or not. My husband raked the leaves off them today and there was still ice on them! They're lucky to survive our winters! I did see the bad weather forecast today. Looks like much of the country is going to get it. We're due for more rain but that's about it. The rest of you had better keep an eye on the sky. Your birth samplers sound very nice. I sure hope none were thrown out. Maybe they're tucked safely away as childhood memories. I'd feel terrible too if mine were thrown out. The tea set would be just the gift for a four year old. She will love the bunnies. I stitched a Beatrix Potter picture for a friend's daughter (who now has daughters of her own). Watch the weather and stay safe.
FYI: I took the Aida Cloth out today and cut all four of the pieces for the glad pictures. That was one big piece - 51 inches high and 5 feet wide! Made me pretty nervous to start cutting - so afraid I'd make a mistake but it went fine. Then I found the middle of each piece and got those marked with a red "X". There was a selvedge on the two short ends, which came in handy but I stitched the long sides of each so they wouldn't ravel. Now they're ready to stitch. I like to start at the top so I counted from the center up to that first stitch and it was 282 squares! Will have to use pins to keep track while I count them. Once I get the first picture done, it'll probably be easier to count from the top down to that first stitch. Anyway, I've begun and maybe I'll have some time for stitching this weekend. Wheeeeeee!
Good luck Senior Stitcher. I get nervous when I cut into a very large piece also. I do just like you I stitch all around the edges with my sewing machine when I am doing a pattern that is quite large. I tried fray check, but didn't like it. On smaller pieces I just use masking tape around the edges. That has worked well for me for years. I am doing a lot more very large pictures now so the sewing machine works for me just like you. I still always start in the center when I start my projects it just works best for me. The only pattern that I ever started at the top was Rainbow Bridge which is very long and narrow. Good luck with your gladiola picture. Keep us informed as you go along.
syagel: Guess what! I didn't use my sewing machine for the edges! It's very heavy and out in the sunroom. I always stitch the edges by hand, overcasting so the edges can't ravel. I tried Fray Check too but I like this method better. I have looked at the Rainbow Bridge kit many times and been tempted but thought it was too pricey and I couldn't get just the chart. The gladiola pictures will be long and narrow too but I always start at the top. Will keep all of you informed as I go.
Senior Stitcher you can get just the pattern of Rainbow Bridge here on this website for just $10.00. That is what I used not a kit. It is really cute and easy to do. You might want to check it out. My sewing machine is always set up in my sewing room since I also do quilts.
syagel: Thanks for the informaton on Rainbow Bridge. I may have to order that. I don't have room to leave my sewing machine set up so it sits out in the sunroom unless I absolutely need it. It did come in handy when daughters were taking figure skating as there was always an ice show at the end of the year and they needed costumes. Have also made some Halloween costumes but found that as far as making anything for myself, I was not the best seamstress. I sewed a full-length bathrobe for myself from baby blue corduroy and didn't get the wale all going the same way! Uff da!
FYI: I got the No Baste Strips on the first picture last night and put it on the scroll rods. I realized about then that I wouldn't have enough of the strips to go on the other pictures so I went online and ordered two more rolls. When I finished that, I sat down and began stitching. Today it was raining so this afternoon I started stitching again and finished page 1 of 5. The first page, however, is only half a page with lots of printing at the top. Started on page 2 but that is the page where the flowers begin and since it's a full page, it's going to take me much longer than the first one. It's mostly in shades of green so far. Will keep you up to date on my progress.
UPDATE: I finished Page 2 of 5 tonight and started Page 3. I've done 6 of the 9 flowers and they're beautiful! The colors I matched seem to be the right ones. Considering that the piece is about 41" long, I am SO glad I got my scroll frame and can roll the piece up as I do it! Having fun! Happy stitching to all!
Senior Stitcher: Don't forget about the new website we have for pictures. We are all waiting for pictures of your painstaking and the love you are putting into your glads. But, by all means, take your time! We can wait.
Senior Stitcher, how wonderful that you are making such excellent progress. You'll have all four finished by Christmas. I'm also happy to hear that the colors are a perfect match. Once you have stitched the first two you won't even need to look at the chart! :) I worked on my, hopefully, last Christmas stocking over the weekend. I'm almost finished. Then it's on to something fun. I haven't stitched in at least two months, my neck hurts so badly. The adage "when you don't use it you lose it" is true. I've asked my daughter to show me how to post pictures in our folders - maybe one day!!! I'm looking forward to seeing the first glad picture but take your time, don't want to rush you and you end up making a mistake. Have a great evening.
jclifford & Texas Stitcher: Thanks for your encouraging words. I will remember the website and I hope I can get one of the glads on it. Since they'll all be identical, I shouldn't have to finish all four before I put one there. As for not having to look at the chart after the first two - HA! HA! I have four copies of the chart and I'm carefully filling in each square in red as I go. Don't want to have to undo anything. I don't know if I can be done by Christmas but they would make nice presents for the kids. At some point, I'm going to have to take a break and make a picture for my new great-grandson. My granddaughter finally announced that it will be a boy and his name will be Maverik Colt! (Should I tell her that Maverik should have a "c" in it?) He's due in August but if I get tired of stitching glads before then, I may just start on his picture earlier. Glad to hear that the Christmas stocking is about finished. It's such a good feeling to take that last stitch. My neck is stiff on just one side so I don't know if it's from the stitching or not. Could be - I have to turn it to the right all the time to see the chart. Maybe we could find a two for one sale with a chiropractor? Nice hearing from you two. Happy stitching to you both.
OMG Janice! I never thought about holding the pattern with magnets!!! Thank you for that great piece of information!
Senior Stitccher, you are absolutely correct one glad picture on the site will do. Yes, I would stitch something else between, maybe after two? I find myself getting nervous and stressed when tedium sets in. The thing about the name is difficult. I have three kids and gave them all very ordinary names. Names that anyone can spell, remember and pronounce. She probably is spelling it without the "c" because she wants to be different. As far as bringing it to her attention, that all depends on the relationship that you have with her. I believe in stating my opinion even on touchy subjects. I tend to be a little overprotective. I'm positive that my neck pain comes from poor posture while stitching. A most excellent stitcher and shop owner told me once that one should only stitch at a table while sitting on a comfortable straight back chair. She used light, magnifying glass and a magnet board to hold her chart. I, on the other hand, like to stitch in my recliner. Judging from the look she gave me, I'm sure that she lost a lot of respect for me when I told her that. I have a fabric covered recliner and want to replace it with a leather one but the problem is that I won't be able to stick my needles into the armrest if it's made of leather. I once had an overstuffed chair with ottoman that was super comfortable to stitch in. I have to sleep on it for another couple of months. I worked in my yard, this morning and now I'm planning on spending a couple of hours stitching. Have a great day.
Jclifford, you are very welcome! I was using pins, which were hard to get through folded paper &cloth. One day I realized I was using magnets as a needle rest; why not to hold the pattern too? Footnote on copying: We have an "All-in-one" printer, scanner, fax. I scan the pattern, save it as a PDF & print it (them, usually). This is why I hate the big pattern style. Too much folding to scan it all.
I bought a gadget many years ago that was approximately 8x10. The pattern got placed on top of it and held in place with magnets. It rested on an adjustable stand and also had a magnifying bar with a magnetic back. I still have the magnifier. It's portable and comes in handy when I take my stitching with me. The rest of the "equipment" went by the wayside. I never used.
Texas Stitcher: I talked to my daughter tonight and asked her if her daughter knew that she had used a different spelling for "Maverik" and she is going to bring up the subject. She has until August to figure it out. Today I'm having some back pain. Don't know where it came from unless it was from hours of stitching every evening. I can't imagine doing my stitching at a table while sitting on a straight back chair (even if it is a comfortable one). I sit on the couch with a pillow at my back. My current project is on a scroll frame which fits across my lap. I have a bright lamp made for stitching and the chart is on a large magnetic board which is held by a heavy duty clip attached to the lamp. I use magnets of different lengths to hold the chart in place and to mark my progress, row by row. If you get your leather recliner, you could tape a pincushion or a magnet to the arm to hold your needles, etc. Just a thought.
Texas Stitcher (again): I see that you have the magnetic board to hold your charts too. I found a larger one somewhere and ordered it. This one is about 12" x 17" which is great for holding the larger sheets of paper. Mine didn't come with a stand but as I mentioned, it's clipped onto a part of my lamp. It also didn't come with a bar to magnify the rows. I've seen those advertised and wondered if I'd like one to use but decided to just use the magnets under the line I'm working on so I can easily fill in the squares with red ink as I finish each line. I have a printer too but can copy only 8" x 11" sheets. If I take the pattern to a local printer, I can get everything enlarged and the sheets are much larger.
I have a magnetic board that I use for large projects. I got it at JoAnn Fabrics with a 50% off coupon about a year ago. It has its own stand and works great for me. I also have the line magnifier, but don't use it much.
Me too Syagel. I had the line magnifier and didn't use it, it confused me more than helped me. Then I discovered making copies and highlighting the part that I stitched. That worked best for me.
Me too. But it was at a different distance and I couldn't focus. Lo-Ran magnetic board Long Gone. I magnified with "Daylight" brand clamp lenses & highlighted the pattern copies. Now, post cataract surgery, I use drug store reading glasses. Gave up on the Lo-Ran floss cards too; make my own. Still love the Lo-Ran threader.
Senior Stitcher, don't waste your money on the magnifier bar. I have used it once or twice when I had to figure out the symbols for quarter stitches. My granddaughter plays with it occasionally now. Once I set up my light with magnifyer, etc I won't use the bar at all. Many of the gadgets make my life harder not easier. I cannot stitch at the table for long, it's just not comfortable. As it is I have to figure something out so I can stitch in the media room. My "stitching chair" is in the bedroom, my husband does not like to watch TV in bed and I don't like to stitch on the sofas. The idea with the pillow is a good one and I will try it. I feel bad for him when we are in separate rooms for hours at a time. I can always amuse myself with something - like housework - but he gets bored. The magnetic board is a great invention. Maybe we can come up with ideas for gadgets and make tons of money. We finally got some rain in TX and everything is so lush and green. No amount of fertilizer and watering can accomplish what rain can. On the name issue, I've only heard of one Maverick and that was the Western show with James Garner I believe. Being from another country, it's difficult for me to determine what's a "good" name for a child and what's potential for a lot of teasing in school. I think I'll go with fabric instead of leather. I always try to be practical and leather is easier to maintain but once it's damaged it's difficult to repair, i.e., a bunch of little needle holes! :) I hope that your back stops hurting soon as well as my neck. I have so many things to do. I have a little 4th of July project I want to complete in time for the holiday. I might try framing it myself, the other ladies gave me confidence. I have a few chores left to do and then it's back to that stocking, I only have the name left to do. I dislike sewing, so my daughter will have to sew up four stocking this year. She is putting the pressure on because she wants to do it before July. Talk about getting ready for Christmas early. Have a great day and happy stitching.
syagel: Those magnetic boards are sure handy. I hope some beginning stitchers are picking up some of these ideas that we use. I know that I'm learning some new things - like basting a grid on the fabric. I hadn't heard of that before.
Texas Stitcher: I know what you mean about some gadgets making life harder instead of easier. My first scroll frame was an inexpensive one that wouldn't hold the fabric tight. I spent a lot of time tightening. My new one cost more but was well worth it and it stays tight. My TV is in front of the couch so I have a program on while I stitch. My husband is an avid reader and he can read in his recliner without being bothered by the TV. There's not much conversation going on while I'm stitching and he's reading - except on TV. We've had too much rain up here and the fields are too wet for planting. Even if they dry soon, it's already too late to plant certain crops. Too bad we can't send rain where it's needed and get some sunshine in return. My back was better today. I went to Silver Sneakers for exercise this morning and maybe that helped. I used to think I could get ready for Christmas early by writing part of my Christmas letter every month instead of rushing to do it in November. So far, it's never happened. Good luck to you and your daughter. Forgot to mention that we're supposed to get frost tonight! The weather is not cooperating at all! Have a good day tomorrow.
Hi Senior Stitcher: What brand did you buy of the scroll that is working well for you? I'm looking for one that will stay tightened. Mine is crap! I spend more time tightening it than stitching. I just went back to the hoop. Glad your back is better, hope it continues. We have been having 90 degree weather in North Carolina and last night we got heavy rains, but it's going to be beautiful this weekend... 73 degrees and sunshine. I would send your way if I could. Stay warm Friend, and keep stitching! :)
jclifford! I tried for hours last night to get through to you and again all day today. The Internet kept telling me they couldn't connect me to this site. I did a Restart, a System Reset, and finally, a Defragmentation and that was the one that got me through. I haven't done one of those for a long time (too long, I guess). Anyway, here is the information you asked for: I got the Tomorrow's Treasures Lap Stand and Frame from The Stitchery, along with the No Baste Strips for the scroll rod and the fabric. You can shop online (or just look) at Stitchery.com. The Lap Stand and Frame are #T39999 ($79.99) and the Scroll Rod No-Baste Strips are #T17-500 ($10.99). The No-Baste Strips for Fabric are #T17-501 ($9.99). The catalog description of the frame says: "This solid oak lap stand can straddle your lap or sit on a table. It features 360-degree scroll frame rotation and comfortable access to both sides of your project. It assembles in minutes without tools and includes two each: side support pillars, 12" adjustable extender bars, 20" scroll rods with No Basting System plus 10 knobs and 108" of No Basting Tape to eliminate time-comsuming basting. 16" tall." The No-Baste System is a winner - a strip of velcro goes on each scroll rod and another on each end of your fabric. You press one against the other and you're ready to stitch! Those knobs (wooden) are so easy to use and they hold everything nice and tight. Check it online - I'm really happy with mine. I did say it wasn't cheap but I also told you how the cheap one worked. Uff da! This one's a winner.
Thank you Senior Stitcher for your diligence and all the trouble you went through to give me this information. It is much appreciated and I will def order the No-Baste system. I have the lap stand, but it has the split scroll. Hey Jenbain: Good luck with the chicken. Just remember that cooking it slow is the secret! Let me know how it goes.
jclifford: Your welcome for the info. My previous lap stand had the split scroll too and I couldn't keep the fabric from slipping out of it. I wound up putting rubber bands on both ends to make it tighter. The No-Baste System is a real winner for holding the fabric to the scroll rod. Hope you like it.
Sorry, I'm way behind but I've been really busy with planting, etc. My neck was bothering me terribly for several days and I was most comfortable lying on my side. My husband and I moved a huge clump of irises today and that seemed to have done the trick. My neck is almost back to normal. :) Senior Stitcher, I am happy to hear that you like your frame. Maybe I'll get one and try to stitch the correct way. Now that I've learned that I can keep it on my lap. My daughter stitches at the table and we've already discussed that one. About the wax - I missed that discussion - do you use it for cotton floss as well, jclifford? Do you wax the entire length? I don't seem to have a problem with cotton floss but I'll do whatever I can to improve the appearance of my work. The idea of a tiny knot by one of the stitchers is a good one - that would be for silk only - correct? jclifford, your fried chicken recipe sounds delicious. I'm glad that I read it after dinner or I would have gone to the store to get chicken. I LOVE fried chicken but have rotten luck. Wings turn out well, everything else does not. I have two questions and hope that you will be kind enough to share your secrets 1) what type of oil/shortening do you use and 2) what kind of cookware do you use? I know that cast iron is supposed to be superior and I've invested in a few pots and pans but those things are so heavy. However, if it makes my chicken turn out half as good as yours I'll be willing to heft them. I'm still waiting on my daughter and sons to take pics of the things that I stitched for them. My daughter will get around to it eventually but I hold out little hope that my sons will. Hopefully, by next week I can get her post them.
Yes, Texas Stitcher, I do use the wax for cotton and will for all other threads as well. Yes, the entire length. For the chicken: I use oil (corn or canola - corn is cheaper). The cast iron cooks too fast and browns too much. I use non stick, deep pan fryer. I love the cast iron, but definitely don't use it to fry chicken, it never turns out right (for me).
I have to order wax immediately so I can be ready for my new project. Thanks for the cooking tip. I'll try it this weekend and can hardly wait. I see now where I went wrong - the temperature was too high. The cast iron doesn't cool down quickly enough. The chicken was too dark on the outside and larger pieces, i.e., breasts were still pink by the bone - gross! I also used paprika instead of cayenne and believe that the paprika has a tendency to burn when the temp is too high. Good to know that you recommend oil, I don't feel comfortable with shortening with all the hype about trans fat, etc. I used olive oil in the past but also know that it does not do well at high temps. Thank you, jclifford.
UPDATE: The flowers on the first gladiola picture are all done and they're SO bright and pretty! I've been hard at work on leaves for a couple evenings now while being entertained by The Amazing Race, The Bachelorette, and Dancing With the Stars. Don't know what's on the agenda for tonight - maybe just stitching! I have a question about the Bees Wax. If you're using it on more than one strand of floss, do you coat them together or separately?
Sr. Stitcher: I wax them together. I pull it from one end, then pull it the opposite end. Just once for each end (from the middle to the end and turn around and do the opposite from middle to end). Can't wait to see your glads. Make sure you post on our website a picture so we all can see and enjoy. Good luck with the chicken and let me know how it turns out. It takes a little while for it to cook, but well worth the wait. Just use either a meat thermometer or poke with knife / fork till juice runs clear from the thickest part of the breast. Add about a tablespoon of cornstarch to your flour for really crunchy breading. I like using a little shake of garlic salt to my mix as well. Enjoy!
UPDATE: Page #3 (of 5) is now finished and I'm working on Page #4! This page is entirely leaves (except for one little weed with a couple of ladybugs on it). I didn't know there were so many shades of green and I'm using them all. Of course the flowers were all shades of red too. I'm stitching just about every evening from 7 to 10 so I have lots of hours in already. It's going to take awhile to make four of these but the first one will be done in time for the fair in August and we'll see what the judges think of it. Happy stitching!
Oooh! I can hardly wait to see it! HURRY UP! Haha, just kidding.
jclifford: I can hardly wait to see it too! All of it except the foot or so that I'm working on is rolled up on the scroll rod. Will be so much fun to finally reach the bottom and unroll it! I've been working on it every evening for 3-4 hours so it's moving right along.
UPDATE: I finished Page 4 tonight and began the last page of the Gladiola pattern. The little ladybugs were a nice switch from all the green I'd been using. They're a bright red/orange #606, with black. Soon I'll be doing the bulb - lots of brown. Should be finished before too long.
That's wonderful Senior Stitcher. Can't wait to see the finished product.
Senior Stitcher, I'm so excited for you. I'm way behind on the chit chat - long story - so as I write this you are probably taking your finished project out of the frame! It is tedious to stitch in one or similar colors. I worked one once that was all brown and green. My daughter didn't have the time, so I did it. It was grapes and grape leaves in ever repeating clusters. I called them "The Grapes of Wrath". Made no sense but that's the name this piece is known by. So I fully understand what a welcome relief those little ladybugs were. What's next - have you decided? The birth sampler or the second glad picture? Take a little break, go out to dinner, read a book or watch a little TV for a week or so. You are such a prolific stitcher that you'll easily finish all four by Christmas. Can't wait to see them. You could post the first one before it's framed since we are all waiting to see it. Hope to hear from you soon with another update.
Texas Stitcher: No, I'm not taking my finished project out of the frame yet but I am now stitching the lower stem and bulb of the glad so it won't be long. I've gone from the greens to the browns. This project had enough color variety to keep me interested so it hasn't turned me off doing more, so far. I can see where a whole picture of grapes and grape leaves could get to be a bit much. The loon picture I did ("Loon Serenade") was full of darker colors (they must have been singing at night) and I was happy when I finished that one. I think I have to start the birth sampler next because my daughter from Missouri plans to be here for the 4th of July and I can't let her find me stitching a glad when it's supposed to be a surprise. Instead, she'll find me stitching the sampler for her expected grandbaby. I'm going to meet my son-in-law for the first time and they've been married five years! My daughter and I were together last September when one of my granddaughters got married but her husband didn't come to Sioux City with her. Wish I had the glads done so I could send hers home with her but I don't think she could keep a secret from the others so I'm not taking any chances. Hope you're having a nice summer - it's done nothing but rain here for the last couple weeks - think we must have gotten 6-7 inches by now. Uff da! Happy Stitching.
Senior Stitcher, you're doing the right thing by keeping everything hush hush. It would be difficult for me to keep quiet about such a lovely and meaningful gift. How nice that you get to see your daughter as well as meet your son in law. I know all about how difficult it can be to see each other these days. So much planning goes into it, work and school schedules have to be considered and of course the finances! If you are already doing the bulb, then you are home free. Is there a lot of backstitching to be done? That's actually my favorite part, it brings it to life in my opinion. No, we are not having a nice summer - it's hot and humid. Texas has been experiencing severe drought for several years. I envy you your rain. It's been a little overcast off and on. The rain chances are 10%!!!!!!! I'm not planting pots next year and will gradually change over to more drought resistant plants. We can only turn our sprinkler systems on twice a week. That's not enough for flowerbeds. I planted dahlias last week, found them in the garage. My daughter brought them over. I see that they are already coming up. I hope that they'll make it even though I planted them 3 months too late. I thought about you and the glads. I enjoy dahlias. I'm "off" today, Olivia is with her other Granny, so I'm doing a lot of picking up and laundry. Keep us posted. Can't wait to hear "FINISHED" with number one. Have a great one and enjoy your family get together.
Texas Stitcher (and anyone else): I have finished the main part of the gladiola and the only part left is the backstitching, which is only the roots. That leads me to a question - when you are back-stitching and it goes across more than one square and not corner to corner, do you try to hit the middle of a square or do you make one long stitch out of it? There are many that go from corner to corner or a straight line up and down and then there are those longer ones that don't follow the squares. Hope you understand what I'm saying. I've had this problem before and wasn't sure just how to do it. Help! I was very surprised to find the bulb was mostly in shades of pink, rose, burgundy, etc. Have never seen a glad bulb that color; and I've seen millions of them. Then, the roots are light green, which also surprises me. Couldn't help but think about the post on judging and wonder what the judges will think. They're the right colors that came with the kit so I'm following directions. Uff da! I'm sorry that we have too much rain and texas is in a drought. How unfair. Would you believe they showed owners of lake homes taking their docks out and raising them higher because the water was up to them? Some of the boats floated off by themselves too. We've definitely had enough so I hope it goes south now. Have a nice summer anyway.
Sr.Sititcher: As far as the back stitching...I go from corner to corner no matter how many squares it skips. Before, I tried to poke my needle through the place where the next square was, but it didn't look as sharp. So I experimented and went into the next corner wherever it may be. I think it looks the best, but lets see what Syagel and JHewes say about it. I'm curious to know what they would do.
When I back stitch to be honest I make up my own rules. Sometimes I go corner to corner, or over several squares. What I don't do is go down in the middle of a square. A lot of times I add 1/4 and 3/4 stitches on patterns that only have full cross stitches because they fill out and give more shape. Then I design my own backstitching. Basically I fly by my own rules. Have a good day all. I am off to a Quilt Show in Shipshewana IN today. I am also a quilter and I love going to Amish country and seeing their quilts, and sopping at the Amish stores.
Wow Syagel: What a treat to go to an Amish Quilt Show. That sounds like fun
Senior Stitcher, once again I have to agree with syagel. I also make up my own rules because I add 1/4 stitches quite often. It all depends on the feature that I am backstitching. I don't like to pull the floss too far because sometimes it shifts and looks sloppy. Most of the time I do each stitch or the equilant of one stitch. I stitch only on linen (got used to it) and since one generally stitches over two there are many options - more holes and easier to penetrate than Aida. As far as the colors of the bulb go, maybe it's a particular variety of glad? Bulbs do vary in coloration but roots are generally whitish to almost light green. Of course I know very little on that subject. I've pulled up daffodils, etc but never look at those parts closely. Wish you could ask your Dad. Don't worry about the judges, you are doing it for the kids. Speaking of backstitching, I'm working on a Hummel motif for my granddaughter"s room and they have some of the backstitching done with two-ply. I'm wondering about that. I'm thinking that it looks too bulky. I have a while before I have to m make that decision. I wanted to organize my floss last night and instead spent almost 4 hours talking to a friend. I could have kicked myself for wasting time on idle chit chat. I also posed a question on the ECS post started by jlhewes about finishing off threads and hope that someone will respond to it. It was a Dimension kit for kids and they knot the thread when finisihed! We, too, finally had rain. I was elated. Hope that things continue in that vein. Our boatowners here also have to reposition their docks - like 20 feet further out. The lake levels are down to nothing. Syagel, have fun! I almost became a quilter when I lived in PA. My daughter talked me out of it. I don't have the patience for sewing and with several kids in college I couldn't invest in their quilts. Have a great day ladies.
On evenweave or linen it's easy to shorten the long stitches. Just end up in the same spot as the chart. I go over 2-3 threads, rarely 4. The common one that goes over 2 squares & up 1 square, turns out 2 threads & up 1 thread, then 2 threads & up 1 again.
jclifford, syagel, Texas Stitcher, & jlhewes: Thank you so much for your prompt replies! First, I will mention that I'm doing the backstitching with two strands of floss. I did the stem of the little weed with the ladybugs on it in one strand and it was way too thin to hold those large bugs (still is, as a matter of fact, but it looks a bit sturdier with two). Since the flower is SO BIG, I think two strands will be right for the roots. I also tried backstitching by poking the needle through the center of squares, when necessary, and it never looked right to me but I thought that if the majority of you did it that way, I'd suffer through it. I will make long stitches out of the backstitching this time. How lucky of syagel to be going to Amish country for a Qult Show! I have been into Amish books for a long time now and have read just about everything Beverly Lewis has written. I even went to her book signing in Moorhead, MN a couple years ago and had my picture taken with her. I've learned a lot about the Amish. Hope syagel has a wonderful time. I guess I've never seen Glad roots while the flower was still blooming. They could very well be a light green at that point! I'd always see them after Dad dug them up to store them for the winter. Maybe the bulbs ARE a different color in Holland. I have always been told to never knot the thread when cross stitching. Run it under some of the stitching and cut it off but don't knot. Glad you did get rain, Texas Stitcher, It was very dry here last summer and many of the ponds along our highway into town were totally dry - something we've never seen in the 13 years we've been here. Now this year, they're all full to overflowing again. We are the "Land of 10,000 Lakes", you know, and we don't want to change our name. I'll be stitching roots tonight and then I'll be finished with #1 Glad!
Texas Stitcher: I have the white linen that came with this kit and I'm wondering if you'd like to have it since you stitch only on linen and I will probably never use it. The piece is 37 3/4" long and 13 3/4" wide. My email address is ewing@arvig.net. You can send me your address there, if you want to, and I'll mail the linen to you.
ATTENTION PLEASE: THE FIRST GLADIOLA PICTURE IS FINISHED AS OF ABOUT 8:30 TONIGHT! I finally got to see the whole thing at once and it's spectacular, if I do say so myself! I'll get it framed before I take a picture of it. The roots look fine - thanks again for your help there. Think I'll go to work on the picture for my expected great grandson now and when that's finished, I'll go on to the second glad picture.
Senior Stitcher so happy you got your gladiola picture done. Look forward to seeing it. I am like you I have had to do 2 of a certain pattern, but can't do them right after each other. I would really lose my mind so I do a small project like a Christmas ornament in between. I had a great time at the Quilt Show yesterday. The quilts were beautiful. I spent a lot of money on fabric also. It is a "sickness" with us quilters just like the cross stitchers here do on cross stitching. Went to the Amish grocery store and got my pickled sweet watermelon rind. It is the only place I can find it anymore.
Sr. Stitcher: So glad you are finished with Glad #1. Can't wait till you post the pics. Please let us know when you post it so we all can go see it. Syagel: Glad you had a good time in Amish Country. I would love to go, never been, but it's on my bucket list.
Sr. Stitcher: So glad you are finished with Glad #1. Can't wait till you post the pics. Please let us know when you post it so we all can go see it. Syagel: Glad you had a good time in Amish Country. I would love to go, never been, but it's on my bucket list.
CONGRATULATIONS! You finished it in record time, Senior Stitcher. I still recall all the obstacles at the outset. I am very happy and excited for you and can hardly wait to see it. The fact that you are doing this for your children as well as honoring your father's memory really touches me. Your are a good mom and daughter. Yes, take a break after the birth sampler you will be able ro return to the glads with renewed vigor. As an added incentive you could place the finished one in plain view, then the next one and so on! I admire your stamina and dedication. Like syagel, I also need a break in between - like years! Got tons of errands to run, the little one is coming tomorrow and Monday. Oh, we had one heck of a downpour yesterday and got caught in it. The police had a major road closed off and the fire department had to do water rescues. It was pretty scary. It's either feast or famine. Congratulations, again, Senior Stitcher and take a break, go to dinner, see a movie or whatever you enjoy - you deserve it.
syagel, jclifford & Texas Stitcher: Thank you for your congratulations, etc. I had a film with a couple pictures left on it so I did have my picture taken with the gladiola. I don't have a digital camera so I'm wondering how I can get it online. I do order CD's of each film so I'm able to put the pictures on the computer that way but think I'll have to be walked through getting it onto the website with the other pictures. I'm technically challenged! Some of my friends here are quilters. One of the neighbors is making a king size quilt with embroidery in the squares. However, she has a sewing machine that can do the embroidery in the blink of an eye. No cross stitching for months at a time for her. That machine is almost unbelievable with the things it can do. She even had it stitch some colored lace for a dress awhile back. Another neighbor made a beautiful denim quilt for her grandson's graduation. She mailed it to him and it either went to the wrong address or got lost in the mail somehow. Nobody has seen it since except whoever received it. Glad to hear it rained in Texas but why does it have to get so carried away? We had another deluge here this afternoon but it didn't last long, thank goodness. North Dakota had flash flood warnings again tonight. Hope the rainfall averages out here and there . I put all of the evidence from the Glad Picture into my craft cupboard tonight so my daughter won't see any of it. I'll get out the baby pattern before she gets here so she'll see that instead. So sneaky! Have a nice 4th of July. We're going to my son's place at the lake so three of my kids will be together.
Dang Sr. Stitcher, I hate to hear that about the denim quilt. That's so sad, all that work and her grandson never received it! Best to have tracking on the package on something that precious. I hope whoever received it will appreciate and take care of it. If you have a CD of your glad pic, you just download it like any other pic. Probably the easiest would be to download the pic onto your hard drive, then go to the website and upload it from there. Otherwise, go to the website and press the red button to upload and click on browse and go to the CD drive and pick your picture from there and upload. Let me know if you have any problems and I will walk you through it. I think I have an extra digital camera (I will check), if you want it, let me know and email me and I will send it to you (first I have to check to make sure I still have it). It's a late model, but it still works and takes pics. No, no charging. You have it for free. I have another one. Do you want it?
Senior Stitcher, I cannot wait to see the picture! In the meantime have a great 4th of July and give those busy hands a rest. How wonderful to have three of your kids together. My son and grandson will be visiting soon, we're excited. Instead of goofing off I got busy and stitched. It's amazing how much one can accomplish in three hours. It is amazing what today's sewing machines can do. So much so, that I don't even use mine because I don't have time to read the tome sized instruction book when I need to use it. I bought one for $89 the other day that, hopefully, is much less complicated to use. I am not a sewer and do simple repairs occasionally or a Christmas stocking. I love the art of quilting but do not have the patience. Almost 50 years ago I lived next door to a seamstress who quilted "old school". She cut the pattern from a brown paper bag, hand sewed the pieces together and then put the whole thing on the frame. That's when the quilting bees started. She had a room just for that. I will always remember the "Lone Star" quilt she made. Take care and keep us posted.
UPDATE: Gladiola Picture #1 went to the framer today! Together, we picked red matting and a narrow silver metal frame. The combination was beautiful. And - because she can get two mats out of the oversized piece she has to order, she gave me 30% off and the same on the glass. That was very nice of her. She knows I'll be in with three more of these. I will have this one back in time to enter it at the fair too. Have a nice, safe 4th everyone.
Sounds beautiful, Senior Stitcher. Must have been your lucky day to receive the discount. She knows that you are a good customer. Are you excited about the next one? It'll probably go even quicker now that you know the pattern. Keep us posted.