possible free kits and supplies??
I dont know if this is allowed. I use to cross stitch all the time but slipped away from doing it. i would love to get back into it but my husband hasnt worked in 9 months, I work 2 full time jobs tryin to make ends meet and theres just no money for anything extra. i have 4 kits picked out on this site and in my wishlist cart, does anyone know of maybe a place that one could get supplies, kits that one might be able to get for little or no cost....if that makes any sense....
Posted by: liss1974 on 05/22/14
I know you can get free patterns at lots of websites. Free supplies are harder. If you have a local needlework club, they might donate. Or you could try a variation of "crowd funding" on Facebook. A lot of stitchers have big stashes and many are willing to give away some things to help another stitcher. Good luck!
by: jlhewes on 05/22/14
What kind of supplies are you looking for? Have you had time to search the internet for free patterns? What are the items you've added to your wish list, I might have one in my stash of patterns I could send you.
by: Red on 05/22/14
What EXACTLY do you need? Fabric/Floss??
Maybe I can help. I have been x-stitching for over 30 years...I'm bound to have SOMETHING I can send you!
by: brslakelady1 on 05/23/14
send me your email address. I'll see what I can do. And hang in there! We've all been in a tight spot before....this too shall pass.... :)
by: brslakelady1 on 05/23/14
Please list your email address. No one on this chat list will be rude to you or angry with you. We would like to help. Please let us do that! We may not be able to get you everything, but we will sure try to help! Tell your daughter that one of your cross stitch buddies truly loves her persistance to graduate when home circumstances don't allow for any celebration. Tell your kids you love them every day, no matter what. Our daughter survived horrid things before adoption. We told her that we loved her, but did not like some of her decisions. Now, at 42, she is a wonderful woman, a good person. Hope against hope that life will be better. Please list your email!
by: Su Pitt on 05/23/14
Great! Thanks for the email address. I'll look around and see what I can send you.
And I doubt if anyone here would put you down. It's life and we ALL go through things. Hang tough!
Congrats to your daughter!
by: brslakelady1 on 05/23/14
HI, been stitching a long time and have tons of supplies as i also sell finished pieces... i have loads of extra floss if you send me a list i can see about sharing some of my stuff.... as for patterns i mostly make and sell christmas and fall stuff....i don't have anything like what you described or i would send them along. Good luck to you and i will wait and see if you have anything i can share.
by: handycampersp on 05/24/14
Thank everyone who has tried to help "liss1974@yahoo.com". Her name is Melissa and if you email her and help, she is truly grateful. I have a clear picture of what she is experiencing. We are here to chat and share, which might make some of us uncomfortable at times. Please remember that chat is chat, and I only wish I knew you folks a very long time ago. Love to all!
by: Su Pitt on 05/24/14
Oh Boy, they must be mistaking the victim for the deadbeat. My aunt had a deadbeat who threatened to kill her if she tried to leave. Fortunately for her, he got tired of her when the kids were grown, and told her to go.
by: jlhewes on 05/24/14
Hi liss1974 i am willing to help you the number of the pattern you want i will gift it to you i may need your address to have it shipped to you respond thru chat or my email sjesi48@hotmail.com looking to hear from you
by: sjesi48 on 05/24/14