floss conversion

I found this chart in a yard sale bin (3768 NOBLE QUEST) however the floss was not available with it. I need to be able to convert the floss code no. to either DMC or Anchor. This is a Dimensions chart. I would like to do this project and donate it to my tribe. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Cyberstitchers on-line site has conversion charts for Dimension floss.
I agree with jlhewes about Cyberstitchers.com. They have floss conversion charts for many different kits and floss types. I have run off almost all of them and keep them in my binder so they are handy.
syagel, you are so organized! Both, you and jlhewes are knowledgeable and experienced stitchers. It's an excellent idea and keeps one from having to go to the website. I've converted Dimensions floss to DMC using this website. I don't like the limited amount that comes with a kit. I did like the appearance of Dimensions floss but have never stitched with it.
wado oganali (thank yoou in Cherokee) to those of you that replied to my help request. I am getting ready to go to cyberstitches now.
Osiyo....this is a really nice kit ! How lucky were you to pick it up at a garage sale. I've seen it on EBay for +$100 !!!! The ladies here are very knowledgeable and helpful. Ask away if you have any more questions. Ulihelisdi to the message board.