Not as it seems!
I am really frustrated with this kit!

First of all, what is supposed to be a pink color is actually more of a peach color. Don't buy this if you want the flowers to be a true pink.

Second, I ran out of the outlining color and had to go buy more; not okay!!

Third, this is supposed to be 14 count but it's 18!! My kit came with the "14 count" words actually crossed out (!) and "18 count" written instead!!

Fair warning - it's a difficult pattern due to most of the colors being various grays that are hard to distinguish from each other. You might not mind but it wasn't fun for me.

I don't know what's up with this kit, but it's definitely not as it's advertised to be.
Posted by: djljejm on 06/10/14
I checked out your kit at several websites and at least half of them said that the fabric was 18ct. not 14ct. So somewhere the information got mixed up. I know what you mean when a kit does not turn out as advertised.
by: syagel on 06/11/14
Hello djljejm,

I am sorry for the trouble you are having.

I will contact my distributor and figure out what is going on with this kit.
I apologize for the mis-informaion presented on our site. We were informed by the manufacturer that the fabric for this item was 14. If it was scratched out and hand written, it would seem like they changed it at some point.

I will follow up here when I find out more info.

Again, I apologize for the trouble.

by: TroyRiegle on 06/11/14
You can't depend on printed colors. They' re often far off. We has some flowers here recently on Bay leaf that looked just like Lilac.
by: jlhewes on 06/11/14
Hello djljejm,

Just a quick update. I got verification from our distributor that the information provided to us was incorrect. this kit shipps with 18 count fabric. I have updated the information on our site.

I apologize for the confusion.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us via the "Contact Us" option from the customer service menu at the top of the page. Just ask for the message to be forwarded to Troy.

by: TroyRiegle on 06/13/14