Beginner order

This will be my first order. Do I get everything I need in the kit or do I need to select any of the other options listed.

Many thanks
Posted by: janine.gillott on 06/12/14
Hi there. This is just a pattern you need to buy others things to do it. the floss, material, needle, plus the frame for later on. Unless that you want to make it into a pillow. Have fun
by: miss crossstitc on 06/12/14
Any time you find a pattern or kit you like the description will tell you which it is. If It is just a pattern then you have to order the fabric and floss extra. If it has a kit description then it will include all the supplies you need to complete the project. The pattern you are purchasing needs 6 skeins of the single color floss to complete. When ordering fabric be sure to add 3 inches on a side to the finished size so you have enough fabric to frame when you are done. Hope this helps.
by: syagel on 06/12/14
I love that teapot. In fact, I think I will order it since I'm a collector of teapots.
by: a stitch in time on 06/13/14