Floss numbers for this pattern.

I would like to know which floss brand these numbers belong to.. The only one I could find was #472 DMC.

Thanks for your help.
Posted by: kayshe_99 on 06/12/14
The floss brands used for this pattern are Weeks Dye Works, Crescent Colours, and DMC. All three brands are used for it. Hope this helps.
by: syagel on 06/12/14
Thanks so much. I will look into those.. Honestly, I've only heard of DMC. Thanks!
by: kayshe_99 on 06/12/14
Most often a pattern will include substitute DMC floss numbers. These used are more expensive & not always colorfast.
by: jlhewes on 06/12/14
Are you saying I can find a conversion chart to find the dmc equivalent? I will try this. Thanks so much for taking the time to educate me!
by: kayshe_99 on 06/12/14
No. Many designers include the alternate colors on the leaflet. The Lizzie Kate says this pattern has the DMC & Anchor numbers, but I can't find them in anybody's site. Sorry!
by: jlhewes on 06/12/14
If you go to the Thread Bear website you will find conversion charts for both Weeks Dye Works and Crescent Colours to DMC Floss. The link is on the left at the bottom of the home page. Hope this helps you out.
by: syagel on 06/13/14