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Just starting this. It's going quickly & going to be cute. It's from an historical sampler, but the colors look modern. Plan to do the text differently, since it's impossible to read. The designer says to do anything you please.


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yes U can make this and add the spouse name and his bride too.
Hi J....This is a nice little sampler. The verse is great - but I agree , it is very hard to make out. Are you thinking more monochromatic, maybe with the first letters in a different colour?
Exactly, Miss Kitty! Haven't decided on the colors yet. Suggestions welcome.
I don't think the white or the orangey colour add anything. How about just the dark colour and the purple , in either order ? I think I'd do most of the letters in the purple, with the dark as the first letter...but it could work the other way too.
I made a judgment error on the linen. It needs a raw or dirty, as called for. I used a natural color from my stash. Think I will do the text either in the teal w/lilac first letters, or medium green w/light green first letters. The darker colors stand out better. Lesson for me. I didn't lay out the floss on the fabric, as I usually do.
What does the text say? One of the problems with the EXS/ECS site is that they never list, in the item description what each item says. Bless the sites that do, as I won't even buy just a pattern without knowing...I give everything away as gifts, but I don't want to buy anything that is impossible to read. Perhaps it's my brain or my eyes that are failing...LOL!
Su Pitt, with a couple of errors by original stitcher, Shakespeare's Peddler says: These birdies perched on flowering tree, this side and that, as all can se(e), are not on speaking terms, for this one waking stole away, and while that slept at break of day, eat up the early worms. December XC1X. Original is English & unsigned. Date looks like 1909. Designer says 1899.
If it's 1909 or 1899, both are WRONG! In Roman numerals, it would be one-thousand-nine-hundred-nine. If 1909, then it would read MCMIX. M is 1000, CM is nine hundred [written as one hundred (C) from 1000 and nine IX, with that meaning one from ten (X)]. Very difficult system that I was required to learn along with four years of Latin. MLCCCXCIX is 1899! Shorter, huh? I wasn't ever fond of these numbers, but the Latin has been a great basis for all the romancee languages and stood me in good stead for medical school studies. Thanks for telling me the words, jlhewes.
Wow! The girl spelled and did Roman numerals as well as modern folks. I just read it as 19 +9. The pattern has a full page of information. Very interesting. The designer says there were a lot of newly educated middle-class in the late Victorian era.
Despite my advanced age, my resultant poor eyesight, and the fact that I once owned a Victorian-era home, I am well-educated, not a Victorian and certainly never middle class. I am poor, but once was wealthy. I prefer being wealthy, but as an old motto says, "Riches are always restless; 'tis only to poverty the Gods give content.". I am content, old, poor, very well-educated, very ill and very happy. There are folks not Victorian who probably meet your criteria. And the date on the sampler is still wrong. It doesn't read 1909, it reads 909. XC is nine hundred; and IX is nine. Too early for this sampler.
Su Pitt, thanks for the info. I think I can fit MCMIX. Sorry to hear you are very ill; glad you're happy. I was very ill, but a new aortic valve & pulmonary hypertension medicine help a lot. By the way, your hubby sounds interesting. I worked in desktop support for a while, and my husband fights with his computer all the time. Of course, the computer always wins. He's newly retired & we're still adjusting.
Sorry to disagree with you but I thought that XCiX was 909 was wrong and so I went to a Roman Numeral chart. XC is 90 not 900. CM is 900. XCIX is 99. M = 1000 D = 500 MDCCC = 1800 MDCCCXC = 1890 MDCCCXCIX = 1899
This is beginning to make sense. What if the stitcher meant 1899, but left off the century, like we do now? Only, she forgot the apostrophe before 99? I'm still working on the top left, so there's lots of time. But I'd like a consensus, please. As lpnbarnes says, HELP!
Hope my explanation doesn't drive you crazy. LOL
Jlhewes...syagel is right...now the Roman numerals are so long they won't fit. Heck, I'd just put the date in Arabic numbers. Sometimes I think that 9/11/2001 was so overwhelming for every US citizen that we forget how much we rely on Arab history. The less unwieldy numbers are a prime example. And yup, my husband is an interesting soul. We are also adjusting to retirement, a nicer way for me to say that we argue but try not to yell. He has three degrees...electronics, before that horticulture and before that, chemistry. He is brilliant but even our son said that he was like living with a sulky horse, referring to the blinders they often wear because just one cart accident makes them freak. The Husband just wears blinders. His retirement plan is to do nothing but play at least 12-14 hours each day on a computer game. He gets very upset if I ask him a short question. I stopped asking him to help. Our daughter's boyfriend with very bad knees cuts our lawn. Anyhow, he did take over after I had three spine fixation surgeries. He can be sweet, but his self-isolation drives me nuts. Ah well, quiet stitching is now mine!
Just a quick note on husbands. Yeah sometimes they can be a pain. but I wouldn't have traded mine for the world. After working for 40 years he had to retire on disability several years ago, because he could not longer walk. He still kept busy here with his workshop and his model trains. He was in the middle of building me new kitchen cupboards when he got pneumonia and passed away in February of this year. We were married 47 years and I really miss him. Now it is just me and the dog, but I talk to him every day. Enjoy your husbands because you never know how long you have together. Enough of my preaching. Hope everyone has a nice Father's Day.
good morning, i lost my mom in 1999 to cancer and 23 days later i lost my husband to a rupsured (sp?) aorta we were married 18 yrs. i too talk to them both syagel and now i'm in a wheelchair due to a bad knee and arthitis in my hip. but the good news is i can cross stitch anytime. i have only been stitching for about 3 yrs. i taught myself, but now i go to classes on tuesdays syagel i think about you often, but it does get a little easier. have a good day even if your not a dad happy stitching ROBIN
Texas Stitcher sounds like you and I have the same circumstances. I know when I was still working and taking care of my husband I would get stressed out. I don't know what I would have done without his home health worker that came in at noon while I worked and got him lunch and bathed him. Since I am retired now I would have done it forever if he could still be here. In all our married life I always told people that he was so great to put up with me because I could be a pain in the ass sometimes. LOL Texas Stitcher I will keep you in my thoughts. I don't know your age but I am 66, where did time go? Have a good day all.
Interesting new theory! Is being a "pain in the ass" related to serious stitching? I sure am one. Can't say it's due to getting older, either. More like a justifiable reaction to this crazy species we belong to.
Texas Stitcher, Sympathies. Mine lost his hearing & as a chaplain in a hospital, hearing patients was I big part of the job. He's an amateur photographer & will be taking off on shoots, hopefully. I meant homo sapiens, but husbands are a large part, & males cause the vast majority of the planet's problem. That said, I have known a lot of crazy & pain-in-the-(pick the body part) females.
I feel as if everyone thinks that I wouldn't miss my husband. Nothing could be further from the truth. I am amazed that what began as a discussion about colors turned into a disagreement about roman numerals, neither one of which matters in the larger scheme of things. I, too, have suffered tremendous loss...my infant son died of SIDS and my other son was murdered at 34 by his wife. My husband and I are best friends who often do argue about silly stuff, but we both know that we love each other deeply and would never want to lose each other. We have both been I'll. I have had unimaginable pain since I was in my late twenties and am recovering from three spine surgeries. I am right handed and have no right shoulder due to hard work. I have died twice. Now I go to pool therapy and am walking, which feels scary but incredible. I hope for the world that we can each try a bit more to be kind to each other. Can we get back to stitching? I don't want sympathy but I want you to know that I am no ogre. I just want my last years to be happy and to fill others with happiness.
So Sorry, Su Pitt! No one thinks anything bad about you or your hubby. My fault for carrying on about things, but we were just laughing instead of crying. This Chat does get off topic. Senior Stitcher will have to start Floss Colors III, & I will have to make my own decision on the sampler date. I think Miss Kitty does not like these digressions, Troy probably doesn't either, & I' m usually uncomfortable with personal stuff. Will cross my tablet writing finger, bite my tongue, and behave. Now that I've offended a 1/2dozen of you, please have a good night.
Whatever gave you the impression that I don't approve of these digressions ? Isn't that what the board is for ? I get more mad at all the idiots that post "is this a kit or a pattern" !!!!!!! I like following your stories, and hearing about others' lives....makes me feel not so sorry for myself. ( I need a kick in the butt once in a while !) Carry on ladies.... PS. If you are going for an authentic look for the sampler - I would go with the /99....which is what I think the original intended ;)
Knew I' d say something wrong, Miss Kitty. Can't wait for the other stitchers to get online tomorrow. No more replies from me on this, OK? I do read all the replies, you know, even M************'s! I'm told I have no tact. Character flaw, yes. But, on the other hand, I can be mean, rude, vindictive, ornery, and lots of other neat things. I've also been called Big Mama, by a homeless guy, & The Bomb, by an overaged teen. These are greatly to my credit, if I myself have said it....
Jlhewes you are not insulting or anything else. As I get older my theory is "this is me if you don't like it that is your problem". LOL One of my favorite cross stitch patterns is "I Shall Wear Purple" which is basically that as I get older I will do what I want. I think you and I must be a lot alike. Texas Stitcher, Miss Kitty, and Jlhewes I think all of us understand each other and enjoy reading all the posts. I enjoy reading all the cross stitching questions and answering them even a certain person who seems to give several wrong answers. I always want all of us including myself to get the correct information. So girls keep up the good work. Su Pitt it was not a disagreement about Roman Numerals it was figuring out a date on a sample for a fellow stitcher.
My comment regarding my husband was not directed to a specific person, just a general feeling I get that I am new to this chat, should watch what I say and not comment on cross stitch, as I get corrected and mean no harrm, only try to help,.but from my 65 years of stitching it seems I know very little. I came to this chat to share my knowledge after I had "lurked" here for months without contributing. I just share what I know and was just joining a conversation. I can leave if the "old timers" on this chat don't like/want me here. Thanks for letting me learn and share anyway.
SuPitt please keep contributing to this chat room. You are not the person we were talking about who does not get her "helps" correct. I really am interested in hearing your thoughts if you have been cross stitching for 65 years. I have only been doing it for 30 years. I have learned so much from the other people who contribute to this chat room. Look forward to hearing more thoughts from you. Some times we do get off on other thoughts, but that is good. It helps us understand each other. I belong to a quilting chat room because I am a quilter also. On that chat room we have one section where we sign in each day and discuss family things. We also have other spots on the chat room where we discuss all kinds of things about quilting. I have even met some of the ladies at different quilt shows. We are all like an extended family there. Have a good day all!
Su, there are no "Old Timers"! This money pit was started by ECS last Fall. Chatters come & go. I discovered it late this chat site Feb or Mar this year. Been buying from ECS several years, though never so much s. Several new posters have mentioned this is a nice chat board, with lots of helpful people. I really appreciate that. I used toread Yahoo responses. There sometimes the scum of the earth would rise up to post incredibly viscious comments.