Doesn't say in description
Does anyone know if there are 1/4 or 3/4 stitches in this? I HATE those stitches! But maybe if I used a sharp needle like one of you does...........?
Posted by: lpnbarnes on 06/13/14
It says that the pattern is stitched on 28 ct fabric. So the size is similar to 14 ct Aida, but you will be stitching over two threads which actually makes the fractional stiching much easier than trying to pierce the Aida. I say "Go for it ! "
by: MissKitty on 06/13/14
I have this pattern by Sandy Orton who did the design. The one I got is by Kooler Classic Charts. It is the exact same one as the one by Bucilla, but it uses brighter colors. It is a chart and not a kit. It does have 1/4 stitches and French knots. whichever one you get. I rarely buy kits since I have a large stash of supplies. In this case I liked the Kooler Classic Charts best because of the brighter colors. I also found several reviews from stitchers that bought the Bucilla kit and says that the floss comes all messed up. That is one reason I won't buy Bucilla kits because I have heard this before. If you are interested in the Kooler pattern I bought it from here . It is listed under the patterns link. Hope this helps.

I am the one who always uses a sharp needle, and I plan to do this on 14ct. Aida. Personally I would not buy the Bucilla kit because of the negative reviews I read about it, however it is your choice. Good Luck!
by: syagel on 06/13/14