Hello Ladies! Gotta question for you

I have a project that was stitched on 28 count Annebelle....all I have is 14 count Aida......will it work?or should I use a 28 count Aida?


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LPN, Annabelle is a very pretty evenweave that looks like a shinier linen. As we've said, for evenweaves, linens, count threads & you stitch over 2 threads, leaving you with 1/2 the number of x-stitches per inch. Exactly 14 for Annabelle 28, same as your piece of Aida 14-ct, but not nearly as pretty. Count Holes: Aida. Count threads: Evenweave, Linen. A 28-ct Aida, if it existed, would be like a 56-ct evenweave. We're talking "silk gauze" here, or earning stars for your crown in heaven. Gotta go! Need more coffee.
ECS didn't show Annebelle cloth, any ideas where to find it?
Um, never mind. Just found out they don't make Annebelle cloth any more. Going with the 14 count I have on hand. Thank you!