Hello Ladies! Gotta question for you
I have a project that was stitched on 28 count Annebelle....all I have is 14 count Aida......will it work?or should I use a 28 count Aida?
Posted by: lpnbarnes on 06/14/14
LPN, Annabelle is a very pretty evenweave that looks like a shinier linen. As we've said, for evenweaves, linens, count threads & you stitch over 2 threads, leaving you with 1/2 the number of x-stitches per inch. Exactly 14 for Annabelle 28, same as your piece of Aida 14-ct, but not nearly as pretty.

Count Holes: Aida. Count threads: Evenweave, Linen.

A 28-ct Aida, if it existed, would be like a 56-ct evenweave. We're talking "silk gauze" here, or earning stars for your crown in heaven.

Gotta go! Need more coffee.
by: jlhewes on 06/14/14
ECS didn't show Annebelle cloth, any ideas where to find it?
by: lpnbarnes on 06/14/14
Um, never mind. Just found out they don't make Annebelle cloth any more. Going with the 14 count I have on hand. Thank you!
by: lpnbarnes on 06/14/14