couching vs. backstitching on lines
I have been working on this pattern for 5 years!!! I do have some questions about the stitching and hope someone is willing to correspond with me. I sent an inquiry to the Wysocki site, before I saw this, but the more replies the better!

1--I'm not sure what to do with the ends of the threads in the single cross stitches of the wallpaper, since there's really nothing to hide them in. Should I knot them and cut close to the cloth?

2--I'm not sure about the 4 sets of 2 parallel marks in the x-stitch spots up in the left corner, where the handle meets the green box....are those couching marks? In the details section, I only see one sentence where it specifies couching, which are the "Remaining thin red lines" in tan couching. However, I don't even see where those are.

3--I understand about the cording where the yarn is on the pattern, but don't know where to do backstitching vs. couching. Is the couching done where the curvy lines are? Like the colored lines on the lampshade? However, I see that the thin red lines in the window are backstitched.

4--Maybe it's my vision, but it's difficult to discern the thick vs. thin lines at times, so I foresee that as a potential problem. Any suggestions?

Thanks for any help!!!
Posted by: kjwsew on 06/14/14
I am a big Charles Wysocki fan and I did this kit many years ago. It is my favorite Wysocki kit. I have many of his prints hanging in my house and even met him once. That said the people at the Wysocki website will not be able to help you. They sell the kits but don't design them.

I did no couching on my piece. I did it all in backstitching. It was easier. I also left out all of the drooping yarn because it made the picture too cluttered I thought.

As far as the spot where the handle meets the box in the left hand corner that is just backstitching around the handle.

I never knot my threads on the back. Just run them under several threads and they will be all right. When I am done with a project I always iron fusible interfacing on the back to hold the threads down.

Hope this helps you out a little. I know it takes a long time. I worked on it off and on for about 1 1/2 years. I do several projects all at the same time so I am always keeping busy.
by: syagel on 06/14/14