fractal designs
Does any one work these designs? I have a couple but most the ones I like are worked on black materal.
Posted by: nellanne harrison on 06/15/14
I am a little bit puzzled will you please tell us which fractal design did U mean? Thanks for an answer.
by: miss crossstitc on 06/16/14
Never touch 'em. But, if I did, I'd use black fabric. Got to be the go to color for those bright, twisty designs.
by: jlhewes on 06/16/14
Have to agree with jlhewes about not doing fractals. They are very pretty, but I have never done them as a project. If I did I would definitely do them on black fabric to really bring out the bright colors.
by: syagel on 06/16/14
I have a couple of fractals that I haven't touched yet, but looking at the pictures of them, I would think that the finished work would be completely covered by stitching. And when it is framed, from a distance, all you would see would be the actual stitching and colours. Good luck.
by: toniyoung37 on 06/16/14
I have been admiring these designs a lot. I have 5 on my wish list at present and am just about ready to pounce. I paused because I've never worked with black fabric before and I have 2 affectionate shedding hairballs...a recent heart attack has altered my eyesight, so the dark fabric would be a concern....but I love the colors so and keep thinking they are sooooo right for me. I think the Fractals III will be my first, but may purchase BLUE MOON RISING and A MOMENT IN TIME as a set....My daughter has been captured by these also.
Has anyone suggestions on working with black fabric? Maybe a light beneath it?
by: shorterhorse on 06/18/14
The usual tips are: white cloth on lap to reflect light. No strong light shine on front of work. Light shining or reflecting off white cloth to back. Will make holes stand out as white lights. I have stitched on black, navy, Victorian green. Not too hard at all. Enjoy. The finished product will be stunning.
by: jlhewes on 06/18/14
Thank you for those tips! I think I'm going to like the chitchat.....very helpful and positive.
by: shorterhorse on 06/18/14
A light beneath it is what I have been told also. I purchased dark blue Lugana many years ago but never did anything with it. I was told that stitching on dark material is difficult. I use stitching as stress reliefer not stress inducer. Aida would probably be easier because the holes are bigger and the light can shine through more easily. I don't know if my theory is correct. I have never attempted to stitch fractals. The colors are beautiful. Isn't the entire surface covered in stitches - why would the fabric have to be black? Let us know how it turns out.
by: Texas Stitcher on 06/18/14