Gentle Art Sampler Threads
Has anyone ever immersed Sampler Threads in hot water to assure they don't run on your material after you have washed the finished piece?
I did this and now the threads look extremely faded. Since I washed all of them I have nothing to compare them to. Please tell me if you have had this experience.
Posted by: carbefit on 06/15/14
I agree, it's DMC! And, even so, I'd be scared to use hot water on anything that I spent time making. Just thinking, I did put my denim pants through hot water wash, trying to shrink them. No such luck. Guess I will have to admit I am losing weight. Don't ask me if I'm on a special program. To quote my darling husband, just eat less and exercise more. With both, the fat just falls off. Us older ladies wind up with loose skin...LOL.
by: Su Pitt on 06/16/14
I agree with both of the previous answers. I only use DMC on my patterns. I have bought a few kits, but just ones I am sure of their floss. They are right about the fancy yarns and flosses being so expensive and a lot of times never being used again on another project. I always wash my projects after I am done stitching in warm water and air dry on pants hangers then iron fusible interfacing on the back side before I frame them. So far I have never had trouble with bleeding or fading.
by: syagel on 06/16/14
Oh Syagel! You are such a wealth of information! I'm going to use the fusible interfacing on mine. That is a wonderful idea! Thank you. I learn so much from you ladies! Keep on with the advice. I feel like I'm starting over again.

As I told you, 20 years ago I taught myself and did not have anyone to tell me these things or to give me advice. I love this site!
by: jclifford on 06/16/14
I washed a piece by accident once. One color faded, but I loved the paler shade. Normally, I try to keep them clean, with scroll rod sleeves and hand washing. Sometimes I take them to a local "fine" dry cleaner.
by: jlhewes on 06/16/14