which is the better way to stitch ? (from middle or left hand corner ? It might be a preference?
Posted by: hobbies on 06/16/14
It really is a preference for each stitcher. I always start in the middle and work my way out. That has always worked best for me. Other people start in the corner. Which ever works best for you is the right way.
by: syagel on 06/16/14
I start wherever the pattern is closest to the edge of the graph. If there isn't a good spot, I count down 3". There's always enough fabric when you allow a 3" border. I misjudged by 1" recently, but I've still got 2" for mounting.
by: jlhewes on 06/16/14
thanks much for the different ideas as I start in middle and because I'm right handed stitch from left to right. Sometimes will do right to left
by: hobbies on 06/16/14