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Welcome to the EverythingCrossStitch.com message board! We call it Chit Chat. It is an open forum for stitchers and crafters to discuss anything that’s on your mind, so feel free to join the discussion. We just ask you to keep things fun.
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Stamped on cloth
Posted By fauberfollies at 06:06 PM.    1 Views
Is the picture stamped on the cloth or is the pattern for the entire face
Whisper Thread
Posted By ondrejkam at 04:29 PM.    5 Views
Hi, Has anyone used Whisper thread. Do I use one or two strands on 16 out Aida. Thank you, Mary
Fabric for black panther pattern
Posted By sfr6061 on 01/15/17.    96 Views
I could not see any recommend color fabric for this to be stitched on. I would appreciate your recommended fabric color. And if I can...
04:04 PM
5 replies
Posted By gracegl1972 at 01:04 PM.    22 Views
Is this stamped
Kristi @ ECS
03:52 PM
1 reply
aida fabric
Posted By dfox96 on 01/16/17.    77 Views
Hi, I did the Cranberry Ridge scene 1 on a pale grey aida 18 ct fabric (they called for linen). I can't find a match to that color now t...
03:13 PM
3 replies
Star Wars Pattern
Posted By ladyj117 on 01/16/17.    75 Views
I received my Star Wars Pattern in the mail the other day! I am so excited to be able to do this for my husband, who is a huge Star Wars fan. It is the largest counted cross ...
02:49 PM
5 replies
Posted By gsoberlink on 01/16/17.    53 Views
Do you have the creme brulee linen for this pattern. If so, I need to know how much I need for it and what the cost for it is. If you don'...
02:45 PM
3 replies
Posted By hobbies on 01/16/17.    85 Views
hi stitchers let me know if there is an easy way to take out stitches
01:52 PM
9 replies
Jobelan 28 ct
Posted By httvo at 10:39 AM.    39 Views
I am looking for the piece of fabric (Jobelan 28 ct) to work on a new project with total stitches are 350 x 240. Your website calculator suggested to buy the piece of 22 x29...
01:31 PM
2 replies
Thoughts on fabric color
Posted By hodgeymegan at 01:14 PM.    29 Views
I just ordered this to make in honor of my older sister who was just diagnosed with terminal breast cancer. She loves elephants and ha...
01:26 PM
1 reply
DMC Floss colors
Posted By Senior Stitcher on 01/15/17.    122 Views
I've just finished stitching a pattern from a 1992 copy of "For the Love of Cross Stitch" and when I started the backstitching, I questioned their "Dark Golden Brown" color...
Texas Stitcher
12:38 PM
12 replies
Posted By hobbies at 12:01 PM.    14 Views
thanks so much people have a nice weekend it is starting rain in upstate n.y. (near one of the great lakes
Posted By httvo at 08:29 AM.    62 Views
Please tell me what's B5200? Is it DMC thread? Because I can't find this anywhere. Thanks Terri
11:16 AM
4 replies
Posted By pstanley919 on 01/16/17.    34 Views
On the Whimsical Whale Kit how many strands of floss am I to use with each kind of stitch?
Kristi @ ECS
09:33 AM
1 reply
Posted By louisec62233 on 01/16/17.    32 Views
need fabric for sea baby afghan. what do I buy? do you have it?
Kristi @ ECS
09:30 AM
1 reply
Posted By chartmann57 on 01/16/17.    39 Views
can you tell me is the design stamped on the material? If not could I get one that is stamped..
Kristi @ ECS
09:27 AM
1 reply
Posted By thelmawilliams211 at 12:48 AM.    40 Views
How is the ribbon woven in and out ? How big would it be on 14 count ?
Kristi @ ECS
09:25 AM
1 reply
Floss usage
Posted By spinnerij at 05:44 AM.    37 Views
Hi i would like to know the floss list of this one. Thanks.
Kristi @ ECS
09:18 AM
1 reply
Update on "Path Through Autumn Trees"
Posted By Notrunningfast on 01/15/17.    117 Views
Slowly but surely, I am working my way through this pattern! It's pretty forgiving if (cough cough, when) you make a mistake. 😉 ...
02:53 AM
3 replies
Gentle Art threads
Posted By pamcampbell19 on 01/16/17.    51 Views
Hello, Are the Gentle Art threads colorfast? Thanks!
02:51 AM
1 reply
Posted By hartshaven on 01/14/17.    138 Views
Is the picture of this show a true finished xstitch or is it a picture?
12:56 AM
5 replies
Font style
Posted By rrishell on 01/16/17.    49 Views
I would like to know the font style used?
Kristi @ ECS
1 reply
Posted By mypledge on 01/16/17.    54 Views
It has been years since I cross stitched... what is the difference in the 2 Aida choices? Is the counted or stamped cross stitch? I lo...
2 replies
Different sized aida
Posted By band2640 on 01/16/17.    47 Views
Would this pattern look equally good on 10 count aida?
Kristi @ ECS
1 reply
New biggish project
Posted By Marydenmark on 01/08/17.    157 Views
I would like some ideas. I'll be soon stitching on a large piece of Aida but am not keen on using any sort of frame. The only idea I can come up with is to roll and baste up ...
Texas Stitcher
12 replies
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