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Welcome to the EverythingCrossStitch.com message board! We call it Chit Chat. It is an open forum for stitchers and crafters to discuss anything that’s on your mind, so feel free to join the discussion. We just ask you to keep things fun.
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Question about needles?
Posted By SydneyG at 03:35 PM.    34 Views
I have 4 different size needles in my collection 20,22,24,26. I need to know is how do these numbers work?? Is it the bigger needle size the finer the needle. Does it go by...
08:56 PM
5 replies
Replacement Floss
Posted By gogreen at 03:45 PM.    36 Views
I'm nearly done with this project but ran out of the Brown floss, code #15379. I tried matching it to DMC floss at JoAnn but was unsuc...
08:33 PM
5 replies
So real !
Posted By luchabot at 05:03 PM.    28 Views
I love canvas that look like if it was real ! And this one is a good example.
08:20 PM
2 replies
#of stitches
Posted By dmf309 at 07:37 PM.    3 Views
I cannot do #21 count stitching, is there a educational pamphlet to guide me ? Thankyou deborah
perforated paper
Posted By mcgoverncfc74 on 04/17/15.    56 Views
What's the perforated paper for?
07:25 PM
3 replies
Posted By sameepbabu on 04/17/15.    44 Views
What are the accessories we get with the purchase of this pattern? Will it include floss and cross stitch fabric? Is fabric Aida 14 or s...
07:22 PM
2 replies
Conversion from dimensions floss no. 14224(dk. Purple). To DMC no.
Posted By dollperson08 at 09:43 AM.    38 Views
Would u please tell me the correct no. To order? Thanks
07:20 PM
2 replies
Pattern information
Posted By d.falanga at 10:34 AM.    33 Views
I have worked many complicated cross stitch patterns but all had colored patterns. Are yours in color? If in black and white cou...
07:15 PM
2 replies
Posted By michael_durdel2008 at 06:39 PM.    6 Views
i, bought a pvc snap frame, but how do i keep the yarn from pulling apart, once i have the first block done, and continue, the is the be...
kits that I have seen but can not find where to purchase them
Posted By nlflett at 06:27 PM.    10 Views
I was on a website and saw some nice kits from Janlynn but now I go to that site and they don't have the kits any longer. Does anyone know where I could find these kits. A...
Cheat sheet
Posted By Rosieposie on 04/17/15.    89 Views
My pattern is big and complicated. It is hard to adjust my eyes back to the spot that I am working on plus it was getting worn to tatters from handling it. I made copies of t...
04:34 PM
5 replies
Difficult for me
Posted By jlhewes on 04/17/15.    116 Views
Have started over 3 times. 1) Don't understand directions, 2) They don't work, or 3) They don't match chart. I'm not used to this. Ba...
01:12 PM
8 replies
trying to find colors of attached Freda muffin projects
Posted By everygoodman4 on 04/17/15.    53 Views
The attached finished Freda muffin pattern as More Rhodes To Follow #35. Does anyone have this pattern that would be willing to se...
11:51 AM
3 replies
Posted By VCESS on 04/17/15.    73 Views
Has anyone tried these kits? All the other kits have been trashed for one reason or another, how do these "measure up"? They come with a pretty color of fabric, in ch...
10:15 AM
4 replies
Posted By NANCYE G at 10:08 AM.    14 Views
A few months ago someone was looking for a pattern for an atarah. That is a strip of fabric with a prayer that is sewn onto a tallis/tallit. I don't think that she stayed ...
Posted By NANCYE G on 04/16/15.    109 Views
Unfortunately , I had to make a trip to metro Detroit for a funeral last week. It was my 93 year old aunt. The funeral was sad. There were are few nice things that happ...
10:01 AM
12 replies
Magnificent Piece!
Posted By bookbett on 04/12/15.    186 Views
Sweet Remembrance is a Magnificent piece. It is really beautiful everyone who sees it will always says...Wow! I am glad I did it! Than...
08:27 AM
9 replies
really helpful website
Posted By clpatt123 on 04/15/15.    143 Views
Last week I ordered a pattern "Cardinal Grosbeak" by John James Audubon from Scarlet Quince.com. It came today and I had a couple questions about the DMC floss shee...
08:02 AM
14 replies
Posted By susanbee1 on 04/16/15.    75 Views
I am a bit rusty at cross stitch-hiatus 20 years! So I am remaking a easter basket cover. Do I have to pre treat DMC floss? Reds/blacks primary colors being used on th...
Texas Stitcher
5 replies
Hummel cross stitch patterns
Posted By kimsobecky on 04/11/15.    181 Views
Looking for cross stitch patterns of "Hummel's" ? The are figurines of children from Germany. Has anyone ever seen them?
Texas Stitcher
12 replies
copies of charts
Posted By Sunshine on 04/15/15.    225 Views
I just encountered a huge problem for me at my location. Since I am now older and can't see as well as before I wanted to have a chart enlarged. I have read here that oth...
Texas Stitcher
37 replies
Posted By raychael_davis on 04/16/15.    53 Views
I want to order this project but it doesn't say what color fabric that was used to create it, I'm assuming white, but a darker color may ...
3 replies
Antiques Roadshow program and counted cross stitching....
Posted By Bermuda on 04/15/15.    196 Views
I watched an Antiques Roadshow episode about 5 years ago. There happened to be a young woman who had brought her great grandmother's cross stitch project to get an ...
Texas Stitcher
16 replies
counted cross stitch
Posted By jselzer80 on 04/17/15.    80 Views
I love this piece and want to get it I just dont know if i can do the counted cross stitch I have only needle pointed three belts and dog ...
6 replies
Posted By SydneyG on 04/01/15.    284 Views
Have any of you ever been so frustrated with your stitching project that you have wanted to just to toss the whole thing away??? Last week this happened to me. Nothing ...
26 replies
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