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Welcome to the EverythingCrossStitch.com message board! We call it Chit Chat. It is an open forum for stitchers and crafters to discuss anything that’s on your mind, so feel free to join the discussion. We just ask you to keep things fun.
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Is it just me???
Posted By clpatt123 on 06/24/16.    210 Views
Hi friends - is it just me or are others of you ordering patterns you love every couple weeks? I find patterns I absolutely love and want to do and put them in my wish list fo...
09:46 PM
22 replies
Cross Stitch Pattern entitled "Gettysburg"
Posted By jmbowers2014 on 06/07/16.    136 Views
I am looking for the pattern entitled "Gettysburg." It shows a Northern and Southern soldier facing each other during the Civil War. You know, brother verses brother. Th...
09:44 PM
8 replies
Posted By clpatt123 at 09:43 PM.    4 Views
I posted earlier on your post but in case you don't see it - I have the pattern and cover picture of the pattern you are looking for. Unfortunately I don't have the threads or...
Symbol to Stitch chart?
Posted By eileenr530 at 09:05 PM.    11 Views
I'm new at this... working on my first project. :) Are the symbols on charts (indicating stitch type) kind of universal? I lost the "code" for the symbols on the work chart......
09:14 PM
1 reply
Posted By deereed at 02:02 PM.    45 Views
I need additional floss number 13. How can I obtain more? Does it have a DMC color number? Thank you
08:17 PM
3 replies
sampler or announcement
Posted By psupmom20 at 07:38 PM.    7 Views
is there a coordinating baby sampler for this afghan or a similar one available with hot air balloons? Thank you
Posted By revellas at 05:27 PM.    21 Views
Just checking are the dimensions that are by the picture correct or is that a typo? It looks like an almost square picture but says its o...
07:15 PM
1 reply
floss question
Posted By spencerj490 at 05:12 PM.    38 Views
Hello, I am working on a project that asks for DMC 3371 Brown black. And when I look it up that number, it says it is black. Can I substitute 310 black? Any suggestio...
07:06 PM
3 replies
Posted By marthapineo at 06:14 PM.    18 Views
Is this just for the pattern? I assume it is but I was just checking. Thanks!
Su Pitt
06:34 PM
1 reply
Swedish Table Prayer
Posted By colette061 at 05:42 PM.    10 Views
Is there a chart for the Swedish Table Prayer that is similar to this chart for the Swedish Hymn? I have the chart for the Norwegia...
Posted By fweidauer on 06/26/16.    86 Views
On October Opal Fairy the price for the pattern is $15.50, and the embellishment pick is $28.90, is that correct? The way I read it is t...
04:48 PM
14 replies
Just Saved A Snake :)
Posted By DancyFrog on 06/23/16.    170 Views
I was walking the dogs just now and saw a pretty rat snake, about 3 1/2 to 4 foot long, crossing the road to the apartments behind me. Now knowing how ignorant people ca...
Texas Stitcher
02:37 PM
11 replies
From this day forward
Posted By ndiamandas at 02:26 PM.    25 Views
What r alternate linen colors for sku 15-1833
02:34 PM
1 reply
flower id
Posted By chrisnewton50 on 06/24/16.    117 Views
the flower pictured is a morning glory not a forget me not
Texas Stitcher
02:10 PM
8 replies
as i promised, panel #3
Posted By adam.schmitt10 on 06/26/16.    113 Views
panel#3 is the bottom right of the picture, once i finish panel #4 it will be 1 foot wide, and 2 feet tall, i stayed up till 1am EST. workin...
01:52 PM
13 replies
Posted By kgworrall at 12:37 PM.    32 Views
I received this kit and the thread is not numbered. Do you have a chart to tell me the symbol and what thread to use where
12:44 PM
1 reply
Exact Size
Posted By stp9 on 06/17/16.    177 Views
It says it is 6" and I presume that this is from end to end; however, I would like to know the size of the space in-between the end fittin...
11:57 AM
8 replies
In need of pattern instruction
Posted By whouseman13 on 06/24/16.    78 Views
I bought this item but it came without the needle and the pattern instructions. I was wondering if there was a link to a free version of ...
10:06 AM
2 replies
Is this counted cross stitch?
Posted By njrasmussen on 06/24/16.    75 Views
Please advise
10:03 AM
2 replies
Posted By waywardwombat on 06/24/16.    78 Views
Is the floss included in this kit? Thanks
10:02 AM
2 replies
cross stitch pre-cut blocks
Posted By mayandy on 06/24/16.    71 Views
Do you have available pre-cut cross stitch blocks or the fabric by the yard? I don't want counted cross stitch fabric. If not, where would i find this product? Thanks. ...
09:59 AM
2 replies
Chritmas morning stocking Kit #015-0238
Posted By cabhouse on 06/25/16.    49 Views
I am doing this stocking kit and have run out of several of the colors. What do I need to do to get them.
09:56 AM
2 replies
Posted By whitneyeronan on 06/25/16.    59 Views
Hello. I bought this kit at a store and half of the pattern and directions are missing. The store has gone out of business so I can not re...
09:55 AM
2 replies
bewitching trio
Posted By peggydee on 06/25/16.    85 Views
Dose this pattern show the stitching on the back if you made up as a stand alone figure? The pattern is by Needle Notions
09:44 AM
5 replies
Posted By lahabaker on 06/26/16.    52 Views
Would I be able to make this piece on 18 count Aida cloth? What would the finished size be on 18 count. How much would the Aida cloth cost and also Would I need a...
09:37 AM
5 replies
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