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Welcome to the EverythingCrossStitch.com message board! We call it Chit Chat. It is an open forum for stitchers and crafters to discuss anything that’s on your mind, so feel free to join the discussion. We just ask you to keep things fun.
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Can anyone answer these questions
Posted By lily.reid at 02:21 AM.    43 Views
How many Santas are in the pack? How large is each one?
07:38 PM
3 replies
fabric choice
Posted By kcoomerrn on 09/12/14.    155 Views
Does anyone have a recommendation for fabric for this pattern? Thank you!!
07:20 PM
4 replies
Posted By skguarino16 at 07:18 PM.    6 Views
where can I find this frame? As all stitches know, custom framing can get expensive.
Posted By skguarino16 at 07:18 PM.    1 Views
where can I find this frame? As all stitches know, custom framing can get expensive.
Tangle trouble
Posted By kristen.ritts at 10:56 AM.    58 Views
I have been cross stitching almost my entire life and am finally tying to make it a business. Which means I have to stitch with a little bit more speed than stitching for jus...
07:15 PM
7 replies
YLI invisible thread
Posted By debbaker at 12:48 PM.    28 Views
I got the Nora Corbett Letter D and it calls for YLI invisible thread. Where can I get this? Thanks, Debbie
06:59 PM
3 replies
Stitching backwards
Posted By jsimonpurple on 07/03/15.    192 Views
Has anyone here tried working a chart upside down? The counting would be much easier, but I don't know if there would be a visible n...
06:45 PM
29 replies
Container store
Posted By rosemarieluallin741 on 07/06/15.    75 Views
Boy am I in trouble! I just discovered the Container Store and I don't know where to begin!! I am an organizing freak and I am re=organizing my little office area for my cro...
06:18 PM
5 replies
more floss needed
Posted By kaylahoffman1987 at 02:45 PM.    32 Views
I an trying to finish my pattern but do not have enough floss how can I order more...tried just dmc thread and non of the color codes s...
06:07 PM
3 replies
Posted By Lynnette at 03:38 PM.    22 Views
I just today found an item named Thread Heaven" that says it will solve your tangle problems. Don't know much about it, but check it out on their web site www.threadhea...
03:51 PM
1 reply
Crystal Ribbon chart
Posted By charles.gooding1 at 02:13 PM.    30 Views
This chart is beautiful. Does anyone know if it is completely made up of whole stiches or if there are half and quarter stitches? T...
02:43 PM
1 reply
Posted By hobbies on 06/07/15.    509 Views
other than a line magnifer what do others use to find their spot or where they are going or have i been?
01:48 PM
60 replies
The floss that is listed
Posted By bethsmall at 10:07 AM.    37 Views
Is the floss that is needed for "Autumn in the Village" by Stony Creek DMC floss? I don't think it is. If it's not, can I have the DMC nu...
01:31 PM
2 replies
beginner questions
Posted By pearle515 at 11:41 AM.    24 Views
I am new across stitching.my eyesight is not great either. What size should I use so I can see it? Also,is the x stamped on a stamped...
01:15 PM
1 reply
Is this a pattern only?
Posted By dsfelnagle on 07/06/15.    67 Views
I was wondering what is included in the kit. Is there thread in addition to the pattern? Is there fabric? Are these things bought sepa...
09:24 AM
16 replies
color chart
Posted By peterandannette1 on 07/06/15.    63 Views
Hi! Would it be possible to get a copy of the thread color and symbol chart ? Ihane missed place mine. Thank you.
08:52 AM
3 replies
The Toy Box
Posted By tdeemert at 12:03 AM.    33 Views
I got an e-mail from "gemhart 226 re material for this HAED pattern but am not sure she got my response. I am currently working on this one & am using antique white Lugan...
Posted By hobbies on 07/04/15.    104 Views
seeing how it is stiff any suggestions to keep edges from fraying?
11 replies
I am taking a poll
Posted By s1fuss on 06/30/15.    329 Views
Okay everyone. I have been curious and decided to take a poll to either push me on or stop me from trying this.... How many of you, without a free stand, use two hand...
43 replies
Posted By NANCYE G on 07/06/15.    66 Views
Looks like you have already been very busy this morning. Have a stitching-good week to everyone
5 replies
Posted By NANCYE G on 07/02/15.    211 Views
Let me make something clear. I am not making judgment on what any of you do or don't do. This in information I have to share and my interpretation. I have made Yarm...
Texas Stitcher
16 replies
JCLIFFORD....know it's not what your exactly looking for...
Posted By Bermuda on 06/29/15.    115 Views
Hi, I tried finding your request but unsuccessful. But I found this chart called "Labrador Pup and Kitten" by Artecy that is cute. Might want to look at it if you're still on ...
Texas Stitcher
6 replies
Posted By gardenpg on 07/06/15.    19 Views
im working on angel of love. good luck everyone.
Posted By jdcpmc on 07/06/15.    39 Views
I am interested in the 50th pattern with just the heart but I can't pull it up on my computer. I would like to frame it just like it shows.
1 reply
Posted By gardenpg on 07/06/15.    27 Views
whiy on earth does anyone like to work with 284z thread.. it splits in three ways/m os ot sisplits in so many directions. and hard to thread. thanks im trying to do angel of l...
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