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Welcome to the EverythingCrossStitch.com message board! We call it Chit Chat. It is an open forum for stitchers and crafters to discuss anything that’s on your mind, so feel free to join the discussion. We just ask you to keep things fun.
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Fabric suggestiion
Posted By Eunice at 05:37 PM.    19 Views
What would be a nice fabric to use for back stitching a poem? It's only six lines and it will be framed to hang over my front door..
09:50 PM
2 replies
Hardanger software
Posted By BB03 at 09:18 PM.    5 Views
Does anyone know what software is best to use to design a hardanger pattern? I sketched my hardanger pattern on paper and I am trying to find a software. Thanks!
seaside summer alphabet kit
Posted By degrandmajane at 04:27 PM.    27 Views
I see the buttons but I can't see any ribbons! Since this kit is more expensive than many others,does this kit include the frame?
08:50 PM
3 replies
university cross stitch paterns
Posted By kjgrindon at 09:49 AM.    41 Views
I am looking for a Wake Forest cross stitch pattern.
07:35 PM
6 replies
Washing and Framing
Posted By eagle1dw on 08/03/15.    64 Views
I have never washed a finished project. I used to keep my work in a trash bag whenever I was away from it for any length of time and it always looked like it just came out o...
04:15 PM
2 replies
DMC floss sale
Posted By dbye468 at 02:52 PM.    25 Views
O.K. ladies, do you need to bring you stash up to par.. Jo Ann has floss 3 for .99 (regular .40 each).. sale: Aug 8 thru Aug 15.. happy stitching!
restoring framed counted cross-stitch
Posted By cllkpn3 on 08/03/15.    93 Views
Any suggestions on how to remove the stain in the upper right hand corner of the work pictures. It is DMC on linen. Thanks a lot
02:42 PM
10 replies
new patterns
Posted By mcelhaney on 08/03/15.    124 Views
Is anybody else as unhappy as I am about all the new "full crosses only" patterns? I have done about a dozen and every one looks FLAT when finished, not like the picture...
02:14 PM
14 replies
Posted By NANCYE G on 08/01/15.    214 Views
Make a long story as short as possible -- There is going to be a wedding in a few months. I am unhappy. I was not asked for opinion on date, location, etc. The cerem...
02:07 PM
22 replies
Kit number 51374. Summer
Posted By Sandy1951 on 08/02/15.    84 Views
I just purchased this kit. On the front it says: New Bonus! Full color floss chart included. There is none included. Can you tell me an...
08:37 AM
3 replies
Posted By VCESS on 08/03/15.    126 Views
Kristi, why are these 3 times more than anywhere else? Regular price was $11 last spring. $22 for a charm? That's pretty "charming"...
08:30 AM
6 replies
I was wrong
Posted By jsimonpurple on 08/03/15.    60 Views
This pattern is not the same one I have. This does appear to be half the size of the 2-pack Elaborate Alphabet letters. Sorry.
01:37 AM
3 replies
Viewing improvements
Posted By redbeesz on 08/03/15.    49 Views
It would be nice to view the selection of alphabet books much larger than the link to enlarge currently allows. Even though the pictur...
01:07 AM
1 reply
Butterfly Sampler SKU 1139
Posted By jo_somerville on 08/03/15.    48 Views
I would like to purchase this pattern only in a large scale as I plan to use it for a knit project. Is this possible?
miss crossstitc
1 reply
Working on black fabric
Posted By coastimom1 on 07/31/15.    112 Views
I use the American Dream lap frame for my stitching. I will be starting a new project and working on black fabric (14 count) for the first time. Will using a white pillowcas...
miss crossstitc
6 replies
I have three questions
Posted By afarmlady2 on 08/03/15.    69 Views
I have a question concerning SKU# 07-2863 Show Aida cloth size for that is 240 w X 96 h. Wha size should I have fabric cut for 14 count fabric. My eye sight isn't tha...
4 replies
Best way to carry threads
Posted By lorrainejwellman on 07/25/15.    311 Views
I am doing the largest & most complicated---similar color pattern I have done thus far. Can anyone suggest a way to keep the threads when you have to change them so oft...
32 replies
Fabric & what to do with it when you receive?
Posted By joann2935 on 08/01/15.    113 Views
I was told by a number of my friends that I should was & dry on delicate, wash by hand , dry flat, or just iron it with steam or just stitch on it the way you receive it. WHAT D...
10 replies
Christmas gifts
Posted By jsimonpurple on 08/01/15.    94 Views
I guess it's time to do my gift stitching. I'm thinking about making four stockings that are not difficult, nor will they take very long. They look really nice, though. They ar...
7 replies
Plastic needles
Posted By lady_amos on 08/01/15.    125 Views
I need a plastic needle I can use on 18 aida. I can't take regular needles to work but plastic is ok. What is a good brand and size and where can I get them?
14 replies
Pre stamped
Posted By jackieharmonwatson on 08/03/15.    37 Views
Is this just a chart with symbols and thread color suggestions or is it already colored and needs to be stitched.
1 reply
Posted By NANCYE G on 07/31/15.    123 Views
How do I go backwards and find and old posting
23 replies
chemin de table
Posted By marilyne.rio on 08/02/15.    74 Views
Bonjour le modèle ci-joint est-ce du point de croix ou de la broderie hardanger. Est-ce la grille que vous vendez seule ou y-a-t-il de...
3 replies
Posted By sarajw1 on 10/21/14.    179 Views
Is this a stamped pattern and is everything included?
3 replies
Alphabet size
Posted By isobellebaigent on 07/31/15.    95 Views
This may sound dumb but do you get a instructions for every letter of the alphabet? I want to use this "font" to spell out welcome
9 replies
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