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Welcome to the EverythingCrossStitch.com message board! We call it Chit Chat. It is an open forum for stitchers and crafters to discuss anything that’s on your mind, so feel free to join the discussion. We just ask you to keep things fun.
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other fabric?
Posted By klm452 at 01:11 PM.    0 Views
Can you adapt this pattern to 14 count aida? If so, how large would it be?
Metal Sleds
Posted By kjswarmquilts at 11:19 AM.    7 Views
Hi. Do you sell the metal sleds to apply the finished cross-stitched paper? Thank you.
miss crossstitc
01:09 PM
1 reply
counted and stamped
Posted By bethsmall on 11/30/15.    35 Views
Is this Blue Angel kit counted cross stitch or stamped?
12:55 PM
4 replies
DMC thread
Posted By billiejgoedert at 12:46 PM.    4 Views
I found the thread it is called Memory Thread, available in Texas at Hobby Lobby. Thanks
miss crossstitc
12:52 PM
1 reply
embroidery hoop to keep your fabric from slipping
Posted By pain on 11/30/15.    42 Views
does anyone know where I can buy.wehave 0nly have 2 craft stores that is 20 minutes away .i order from herrshers. it takes about 2 weeks. thanks
12:39 PM
6 replies
Posted By billiejgoedert at 10:51 AM.    19 Views
I am looking for a floss that is stitched in place, is bendable, used to outline? What is the name and can I buy it on line? Billie
12:36 PM
2 replies
Posted By maubennett at 11:27 AM.    11 Views
Would you please list the supplies for this pattern? Thank you.
12:35 PM
1 reply
25 count Evenweave or 25 count Aida over 1???????
Posted By bandljames at 01:01 AM.    32 Views
This beautiful pattern says to use 25 count Evenweave over 1. When I enter this into the fabric calculator it ALWAYS seems to defaul...
10:24 AM
2 replies
Posted By gsgossin on 11/30/15.    45 Views
I have been off the chat board for some time now. I tried to log in but kept getting a site called Everything latch hook . Are these two sites related? Also could not remem...
10:12 AM
8 replies
Finished piece
Posted By lionapprentice on 11/25/15.    159 Views
I just realized I never posted a pic of my finished project. :D I finished this back in June I believe and worked on it on and off for abou...
09:06 AM
15 replies
thread list
Posted By bannanjim at 12:35 AM.    33 Views
When might the thread list be available. I love the design and would like to make it while on a 3 month cruise starting in early January...
09:02 AM
4 replies
frame and fabric
Posted By health-nut at 07:58 AM.    14 Views
Where do I find the frame and what kind of fabric is it stitched on? Katherine
08:28 AM
1 reply
What is the right fabric for this pattern and how do I g...
Posted By bandljames at 12:48 AM.    21 Views
Everything crosstitch do not seem to have Linen 25 count for this? When I enter the count and put in Linen it defaults back to 25 coun...
08:17 AM
3 replies
Posted By Bermuda on 11/29/15.    72 Views
You asked me a question about the "Song of Angels" cross stitch picture/chart. You can see it if you go to Artecyshop.com and type in the artist's name. I think you can al...
12:19 AM
11 replies
Herzl theodor
Posted By miss crossstitc on 11/30/15.    23 Views
I had got a picture of him and I had made a pattern for it. what do U think Mrs Nancy or Mrs Sue he is one of the important people in the world to me.
Posted By NANCYE G on 11/30/15.    68 Views
By no means was I offended by any questions. I just spent a half hour trying to answer your questions. Just as I was ready to press the "post" button my screen blanked...
4 replies
Posted By miss crossstitc on 11/30/15.    34 Views
I just want to thank you Mrs Sue Pitt for the patterns I just received them about 1/2 hr. ago. Many thanks again for thinking of me.
miss crossstitc
2 replies
hoop tape
Posted By pain on 11/30/15.    23 Views
wheren can I find stitchers no slip hoop tape
miss crossstitc
1 reply
japanese beauty
Posted By glennahenn1 on 11/28/15.    118 Views
fini! alright, i didn't put the last 3 pages on because of my error, but i am pleased with what i ended on. thanks to all those who encou...
15 replies
Christmas stocking
Posted By themtrocklady on 11/30/15.    38 Views
Finished a Christmas stocking just in time get in the mail. It was from a Stoney Creek leaflet. The design has beads and special thre...
1 reply
Posted By NANCYE G on 11/30/15.    59 Views
Hope you and the others had a great week-end and are "rested" up. Wondering how many e-mails you were greeted with this morning. From what I can see on the ChitC...
3 replies
Van Gough......
Posted By lpnbarnes on 11/24/15.    125 Views
Anyone know where I can get just the leaflets of the Van Gough paintings? Kits are too expensive, and I have a stash of my own to pull from for thread and cloth. Idea...
Su Pitt
16 replies
Posted By NANCYE G on 11/29/15.    79 Views
This is a link for a dreidel applique that I received from the Sew Jewish website. I think I sent you information about the site a few months ago. http://us6.campaign-...
13 replies
Found out today by a Needlework shop....
Posted By Bermuda on 11/27/15.    132 Views
Called a needlework shop day before yesterday and left message if she had any counted cross stitch merchandise or knew of a counted cross stitch shop in the Little Rive...
12 replies
Posted By gdub6508 on 10/23/15.    224 Views
I'm seeing all kinds of patterns for coasters, but have been unable to find any "blank" acrylic coasters. Anyone have a source to buy t...
14 replies
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