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Welcome to the EverythingCrossStitch.com message board! We call it Chit Chat. It is an open forum for stitchers and crafters to discuss anything that’s on your mind, so feel free to join the discussion. We just ask you to keep things fun.
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cross stitch only?
Posted By cmtas2011 at 04:04 PM.    18 Views
Hi, I just want to make sure this kit does not have the picture printed on the canvas. I've bought one before thinking it was all cross s...
05:16 PM
1 reply
cross stitch pattern
Posted By primadonnajt at 05:00 PM.    7 Views
I'm searching for just the pattern guide for Dimensions Gold Collection M'lady's château, I have tons of Aida Cloth and DMC, and I would really like to stitch this pattern...
Posted By ksusanjk at 03:58 PM.    7 Views
The description says to use 35ct corn silk linen, yet you don't have this as an option to purchase. What can I use instead?
pattern colors 2729
Posted By Leigla Bug or Grandama on 02/05/16.    67 Views
I find the colors drab are their any other suggestions?
03:28 PM
6 replies
Posted By eabeattie at 03:04 PM.    11 Views
What is the fabric and color used for this project? Description only mentions 14 ct.
Fabric with crease down the center from to to bottom and side to side
Posted By lovetostitch at 02:20 PM.    12 Views
Hi everyone: I have a piece of lambswool that I need help with getting the crease out. Any heads up on this one. I haven't tried to stitch on it. Would the crease c...
Embroidery hoop
Posted By ondrejkam on 02/02/16.    179 Views
Hi, I left a bright pink embroidery hoop on my 16 count pink aida. It left a purple stain on my cross stitch. Will I be able to get that out? Thank you, Mary
02:03 PM
26 replies
Posted By rumtmtiger at 12:31 PM.    16 Views
What are the specs on this pattern? Thanks.
01:48 PM
1 reply
Posted By jsimonpurple on 02/05/16.    73 Views
This is the Santa I wanted to post as my favorite!
01:46 PM
9 replies
Dye Works Colors
Posted By sally on 01/30/16.    152 Views
I would like to know what Dye Works colors I need for the 2015 Flora McSample's Stockings. For some reason, they are not listed.
10:35 AM
13 replies
Birds & Berries
Posted By almamerriman at 08:04 AM.    27 Views
What is the size of this pattern? Need that info to order fabric. Thank you.
09:45 AM
1 reply
Posted By NANCYE G on 02/04/16.    215 Views
IA M NOT TRYING TO BE RUDE OR SNIPPY OR ANYTHING LIKE THAT. Please enlighten me. I don't understand why so many people don't understand the differenc...
09:32 AM
19 replies
Family chart
Posted By rhasty1962 at 09:19 AM.    24 Views
Only want the pattern . No kit. Can I do that
4-5 generations chart of family
Posted By rhasty1962 at 08:39 AM.    31 Views
I'm in search of a chart ( simple) that I can do multiple times for the family. Can anyone help me? Thank you
08:46 AM
1 reply
Dried thyme
Posted By joysam613 on 02/05/16.    69 Views
Like the simplicity of this design but I'm puzzled by the "dried thyme" in the supplies list. Are the entwined leaves that make up the he...
2 replies
Posted By lntgwil@yahoo.com on 02/05/16.    54 Views
What is the finished size of this piece in 14 count and 18 count aida ALSO THE STICH SIZE. THANK YOU.
1 reply
Posted By lovetostitch on 02/05/16.    61 Views
Hello everyone: Does this various stitches or just cross stitch. Also is it DMC Floss Thanks and happy stitching to everyone...
1 reply
fabric selection
Posted By jsfencerow on 02/05/16.    38 Views
I would like to know what the closest color match is in 14 ct. Aida to Vintage Buttercream by Lakeside Linen 32 ct. Can anyone help??...
1 reply
Posted By steampot on 02/05/16.    100 Views
I am new to cross stitch and bought three stitch kits and know that it's going to take a very long time to get them all done. I am concer...
4 replies
Posted By PatG on 02/04/16.    82 Views
Is this a stamped pattern where only a section is stitched or is the entire picture done in cross stitch?
3 replies
Speaking of Santas
Posted By katyeholman1975 on 02/05/16.    74 Views
In response to katyeholman, this is my favorite Santa! But I love everything from this designer!
5 replies
A Bit of Work!
Posted By DancyFrog on 02/05/16.    112 Views
I am currently working this kit and while it -is- lovely be warned! This is no easy kit to do! This is not floss you will be working with bu...
Su Pitt
7 replies
Posted By Rosebud on 02/05/16.    84 Views
This pattern has "batter" in both the mixer at the top of the pattern and in the bowl at the bottom of the pattern. I am thinking of chan...
5 replies
appropriate gift
Posted By mommacressinger on 02/04/16.    89 Views
I am looking at this item to do for a teenage girl's confirmation gift. Would this make an appropriate gift?
4 replies
Opinions wanted!!!
Posted By wadeshuzzie on 01/20/16.    159 Views
I am wanting to start on the Stoney Creek Wildlife afghan. ..problem is the fabric that is suggested they no longer make...what fabric would yall recommend? ?? Thanks!!!
7 replies
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