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Some time ago some one asked about "the Uninvited Guest" from Charting Creations. I don't think the person had ordered it herself but wondered if any one else had done it yet. I'm asking if any one out there has done it or is currently working on it? It' really biting my butt to order it but would like some feed back first. This chatline is awesome for all the help all the folks give!!!! I read it daily.
I have already purchased the program. I have an unlock key but not sure where to download the program.
I am just griding up the material for "Sweet Remembrance" and I am looking to you fellow stitchers for pearls of wisdom. It recommends starting in the top left hand corner which is a first for me but I can see where they are coming from. But I am wondering do I need to put this in a frame to stitch or can I free hand it as I am finding holding frames is giving my hand severe pain after awhile? This will be my first all over pattern so I will be stitching for a long time methinks. But just think of all the WIPs that will get finished during this project as I can see me putting it to one side when I start making mistakes as I HATE unpicking.
Hello I'm interesting in this frame, planing start big work 30w×40h do you think this frame will be Ok? And what other parts I need to order. Thank you
I'm doing a very large project and decided to try gridding. (Phew it takes a long time). Here is my problem....I started the gridding center outwards, but the starting square doesn't match the graph. Page 8 is where the center of chart I follow what the graph says is where the starting point is...ex four to left of center and up 6...but my fabric square isn't like the graph square.??? I'm thinking of doing the square exactly as the chart says so that way my grids will keep me keep my place ....that's why I gridding right. As I said am new to gridding and having 32 pages of chart. Sorry if this is a stupid question but it took forever to grid and am anxious to finally start it. Thanks in advance
You might notice me posting a lot. For some reason the hot spot is working and I'm able to send. I wondered about driving the whole big 2 miles to US40 to sit in parking lot just to be able to respond. Decided I'd look too suspicious. :) Liz
Till now.
Had cataract Thursday (easy peasy) and no more frogging!!!!
Hi there everyone! We here at ECS have been brainstorming over some really fun and new ideas we want be doing for our awesome customers :) We have a few things in mind but there's one in particular that I wanted to get your feedback on. We are wanting to bring you all an ECS Goodie Box (actual name to be determined!) This box will be available to purchase quarterly and will contain around $20-30 worth of goodies from us here at ECS. The goodies could be anything ranging from floss, accessories, special fabric, maybe a special pattern, small kits, and coupons. We are thinking each box will have a certain theme to it for the quarter as well. What do you all think?! Is this something that you all would be interested in?! If so, what kind of themes would you like to see and what kind of items would you want to be getting in the box. We already have some ideas but, as always, we love hearing your guys' feedback and getting your input on these things since this is all for you guys :) Thanks so much everyone!! I am really excited to take on this new project and I am excited to hear your thoughts and feedback :) ~Kristi @ ECS
I am interested in purchasing this stocking pattern. Do you have all of the supplies needed for the pattern? They are not listed on the page for the stocking. Thanks Fran Cox 513-910-9651
Mine just arrived. I’m sure that I’ll find a use for them????? My Dad''s saying comes to mind "a fool and his money are soon parted"
I have kept this envelope from an eBay seller in China in a stash box. I love his name. It makes me smile every time I see it.
does any one know how to get cross stitcher collection #193 I think it is from the uk Would like to stitch the patteren with the four cats thanks
In response to Liz, closed captioning is one of the best inventions ever. Our son used to gripe when we would turn it on. I just asked him if he watched foreign movies and had to have the captioning. Nuff said.
It finally came!! My World of Cross Stiting came in the mail yesterday. I was so excited and engrossed in looking at it I haven't even had time to post until now.