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About a month ago our last cross stitch store announced it will be closing unless Sheena can get a buyer. I was upset at first but then thought of all the stash I could potentially use up then promptly ordered stuff from three places. Sigh.
Someone at Sue Hollis Designs dropped the ball on this design. Terre Haute was misspelled!
Do you have any stitch count or completed size information on this?
Hello Everyone, I have a few questions that I would LOVE to get your input on! Thread does it work and what does it do for the threads? I'm wondering if it keeps them from getting 'fuzzy' because it is annoying when you are working on something and you notice your already stitched sections look fluffy or no longer crisp and tight? It happens to me on opal linen, which might be the metallic threads that run through the fabric causing this. Also, Beeswax, is that better? I also worry about these items staining my fabric. The other question is starting on linen. I've done a couple of pieces where they said to start in the middle and work out like typical cross stitch and I have one that tells you to start 3 "' in from top left corner. Well, i just got one that shows the arrows for the center, but doesn't tell you where to begin. Its about 6 pages so i will have to put them all together to figure out the exact center. I think that what I need to do...but I wanted your thoughts before I start it. Thanks!!! Jodi
There's a LOT of blue! 17 skeins of DMC 820!! Thinking of trying something a little different and stitching all of one color first, then all of the next color....etc. anyone do that before?
I am accepting a new job in a new state (back home), so I am working on finding things to decorate my new office. I came across this awesome Freud picture on etsy. So I will begin working on it this week. I am trying to decide if I want to stitch it on 14 or 16. I can never remember which size gives better detail. Help? I usually stitch on 14. I am still working on Woodland Stream. I've set it aside for the summer and will plan to get back to working on it after Freud.
Here is a pic of Hunter and Hazel peeking under him in my car at the Sach's Covered Bridge! We were actually parked. I wouldn't let him be that far out the window if we were driving! He had a great time! Hazel doesn't like the car as much but at least she doesn't get car sick. Jacquie
Here is a pic of the covered bridge in Gettysburg built in 1853 and both union and confederate troops crossed over it 10 years latter!
My son got the John Wayne cross stitch project back from having it framed at Hobby Lobby. It looks really great. They took a picture of it at Hobby Lobby when they saw it was cross stitched, and they wanted to have one for their store. That made my ego feel good. LOL If I could figure out how to post pictures here I would put one up for you to see. Going to take my Rainbow Bridge project over to them tomorrow and have it framed. Since it is such an unusual size will not do it myself.
Kristi, dearest... Could you please put up the neeeded floss for this item?
Now 8 weeks since knee replacement surgery. Recovery going as expected...slowly! 3 steps forward and 1 step back. I am going to physio twice per week, doing my physio homework AND have been putting some floss to fabric..I'm working on a Birth announcement and also some small Christmas projects. These projects are in no way as large or detailed as some that I have seen posted here, but they keep me occupied. Started my Christmas shopping as well! Have a good day! Mary
can I make a quilt with this and how big are they
hi there. is there thread list I can buy the whole list from on here? just curious as to the price. Thank you. John
Just want to share a little piece of the fall design I am working on. Sunflowers are done and outlined!
Hi Ladies and Gentlemen I was looking for a Jewish cross stitch prayer in blue pattern, I had found it on facebook under I thing It is in Ashdod the city of Israel It seems I ca'n t find it anymore. Does anybody from you had ever dealt with overseas before like UK or Israel? to buy anything to help you in your cross stitching? I really in need of that pattern to do it. Can anybody help me in this mattern. Hope to hear from any of you. of you.