Hooties in Space

In a galaxy far, far away, Space Hooties bravely explored the stars in
their space ships. Their mission? To explore new worlds, to seek out
newer and stranger Space Hooties…To Boldly Go Where No Hootie Has Gone Before!
Stitch all 12 in Space Hooties, or create your own sampler. Live long and prosper!

Mini Cross Stitch Pattern: Hooties in Space
Design Source: Pink Pueblo Adaptation
DMC Floss Colors: 27
Stitch Count: 45 x 45 (Average each Hootie)
Approximate Finished Size on Recommended Fabric:*
14 count = 3 w x 3 h
16 count = 3 w x 3 h
18 count = 3 w x 3 h
22 count = 2 w x 2 h
*Pattern is in color. Sizes do not include margins. Ideally you should add 3"
on all sides. Uses full, back and straight stitches for accents.

Project Specifications:

Stitch Count
179w x 122h
Project Size
12.8" x 8.7" on 14cnt
DMC Floss Colors: 27
14 Count Aida

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