Maids of Virtue - Diligence

The third in my Maids of Virtue series, Diligence

The definition of diligence is "Diligence is steadfast application, assiduousness and industry; the virtue of hard work. It is one of the seven heavenly virtues. Diligent behavior is indicative of a work ethic; a belief that work is good in itself".

As someone who has worked from the age of 14, I guess I must be diligent. However, true diligence is found when I am working in my garden. The planting and caring for my fruit and vegetables brings me peace and a sense of fulfillment that I rarely find elsewhere. In fact I find it only in my designing and stitching as I'm sure you do too.

We painstakingly count and stitch and watch as a work of marvel grows and forms under our very noses with each and every cross that we place. Diligence is a virtue that I'm sure many of us have, but very few of us appreciate. I hope maybe you will now.

Stitched in the deep historical shades used in the period of history I gave Diligence a nice earthy tone: to set her firmly within her garden, tending her apples and raspberries. A good harvest after a year of dilligent work. A reminder that with diligence comes great reward

Stitched using DMC and stitched on 28 count Jobelyn fabric.

Stitches: 67 x 86 Size: 4.79 x 6.14 inches or 12.16 x 15.60 cm

Project Specifications:

Stitch Count
67 x 86
Project Size
4.79 x 6.14 inches or 12.16 x 15.60 cm
28 Count Jobelan White

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