M'Lady Loves Sweet Strawberries

M'lady loves her garden but when it comes to doing actual work in it, M'lady does what highly bred ladies did in her day: retire into the shade and send a maid out to liason with the gardeners and pick her sweet strawberries for her.

Our sweet Maid doesn't seem too concerned about the extra work though does she? I imagine it is nice for her to out into the sun and I'm sure she sneaks the odd strawberry when she thinks no one is looking!

You will receive a two page chart with overlap areas clearly marked, a key and cover sheet and a single page chart in colour for clarification.

Designed with DMC threads and stitched on Hand dyed 'Clay' fabric, any neutral or coffee stained fabric will show this off in all its glory.

Stitch Size 110 x 80 stitches
Whole stitches only

Project Specifications:

Stitch Count
110 x 90
Project Size
7.86 x 6.43 inches
Wichelt Hand Dyed - Clay

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