Nighttime Prayer Quilt Stamped Kit

Dimensions Stamped Cross Stitch Kit; Nighttime Prayer Quilt designed by Ruth J and Bill D Morehead. 43"x34" (109x96cm). Kit contains cotton thread, design printed on prefinished poly/cotton quilt, needle and easy instructions. Content Lining: 50% cotton/50% polyester; Batting: 100% polyester. The ink we have used on your fabric is especially formulated to fade when washed. Do not wash your fabric until you have completed your stitching. Other washing instructions include: Hand wash in lukewarm water with mild dishwashing liquid-not a cleaner intended for fine washables or woolens. Do not bleach or dry clean. Dry flat. To press, place face down on a towel and use an iron set at medium.

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Project Size
Cotton floss
Polyester/cotton blend quilt
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