The Year of the Hare- April

The Year of the Hare featuring Holmsey Hare - April

Holmsey was not very happy when he realised that April is associated with rain showers. I had to promise to make sure he wouldn't get his lovely ears wet. I don't think he trusts me at all, so I went to great pains to make sure there was a lovely daffodil for him to shelter under. He still looks around warily, to make sure I haven't tricked him. Let's just hope he doesn't look upwards! Well, it isn't really my fault the daffodil drips!

The Year of the Hare comes in four sections, or four finished pictures, each containing three months. They cannot really be stitched as stand alones, and so we have part 1.2 and three forming the first finished stitching: January, February and March

This chart is for April

January, February and March will form the first panel of three.

April, May and June the second.

July, August, September the third.

October, November and December forming the forth and final panel.

Stitch size of three months stitched together = 211 x 120.

Project Specifications:

Stitch Count
74w x 120h
Project Size
5.3" x 8.6" on 28cnt (over 2)
28 count White Evenweave

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