jar toppers
Years ago I stitched several jar topper patterns from Leisure Arts. I would finally like to finish them but cannot find the puffy jar tops that go into the plastic screw on lids I have. They used to be sold in packages of 1 or 2 and were a circle of foam on a board backing. This was a long time ago but I really want to find them as I have several stitched and have matching rings to put them in. There are no stores left in this area so am trying to find the insert lids on-line. Since the pattern books are still being sold I hope you can help me. Thanks so very much.
Posted by: geri-singer on 03/13/16
I found directions on how to make your own jar toppers using fiberfill to make it puffy.


by: NANCYE G on 03/13/16
phew, I thought I was going to have to go digging to see if I have any left.

In making your own, you might want to check out fusible fleece. I just bought some at Joanns to use for framing small ornaments. Even the thickest I found there was thinner than I wanted so I may have to use more than one layer, but some is better than none.

Good luck with the DIY project. I just checked my most likely place and didn't find any of the jar toppers, but did find a yard of ribband for planned bookmarks, several metal buttons that can be covered with stitching (1 7/8), and hardware for a bell pull. Sometimes the gremlins move things around when I'm sleeping I swear.

Sorry i couldn't help you out.
by: SharonK on 03/13/16
NancyeG If you can post the directions to make jar covers, I would be grateful. Will be happy to get the finished pieces out of the "almost finished" pile.
by: geri-singer on 03/14/16
I posted the link already but here it is again.


Just to let you know -- I have never tried doing this. It looks easy enough.

Now that I look at it looks like it would be a great idea to fill with candies (M&Ms) and stitch a cut design. Well, the wedding is in six weeks and at last count there were over 150 guests.

OMG -- six weeks away. I still need shoes! It's a good day for the outlet mall -- eight degrees and sunny!

by: NANCYE G on 03/15/16
Brrrrr!! 85° yesterday, 75° today, chance of snow Saturday. :)
by: VCESS on 03/15/16