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Please keep us up to date on how things go medically. I am due to have an endoscope and colonoscopy due in about a month. I hate, hate, hate drinking the "crap" the day ahead. I have always had this thing about taste. Also, let us know about what you find out concerning neurology. I have added you to a "special" prayer list tonight. I know that when you are not feeling at your best, everything suddenly seems like it is crushing you down. Remember, your stitching sisters are here for you and I am sure others are putting you on their prayer lists and sending positive thoughts your way. God be with you, Pam
I used to use the bobbins on a ring idea before I discovered my lunch box solution. I found it hard to get some of the rings open so went over to the knitting pins...not quite as practical but useable...see photo.
I have now perfected the art of accidentally tying a tiny little knot in my floss. I have also perfected the art of hiding it...
What are the exact dimensions of the wooden part of the sleigh?
Am I mad or what!! I am on the last section of the ABC Sampler I am doing for the Kids Hospital Fund Raising raffle and have decided to stitch the 6 cat Christmas decoration ornaments to go in the SIL's stocking AND stitch a new pattern I received last week called "Cat" by Stitchnmomma and her "Dog" plus 4 other dog related ornaments for friends who are into dogs. All this PLUS the birth sampler that has to be finished by March next year. Sweet Rememberance has just slipped down the ladder again. Now am I nuts or what????
I finally finished it! Hopefully you can see it. Ok, now is the time to clean it, I have the Eucalan Fine Fabric Wash. think this might work?
Don't be shy! I listen to all kinds...except to avoid apoplectic seizures... 😊
This was challenging for me but worth it. Just finished.
So there is snow on the ground here. Melting quickly thank God! But yesterday the snow was beautiful and put me in the mind of Christmas. I have several projects I am doing for different people and haven't even started yet. So yesterday also made me panic. AAAHHHH less than two months until Christmas and I am totally unprepared. So I am polling you guys to see who has started on their stichy Christmas presents and who hasn't? Please don't tell me I am the only one that has not started.
Update on our October box....we have SOLD OUT!! It took a little longer this time because we made wayyy more boxes this time around but we are officially sold out!! I can't thank you all enough for liking these boxes and the products inside of them!! Your support and kind words are so encouraging and I am so excited to get started on the next box that will be released in January!! Thank you all again and Happy Stitching!! I am so thankful for each and every one of you :) ~Kristi @ ECS
Has anybody tried this BUJO? I’m going to give it a go. If I find it a fun waste of time it’s on, if just a waste of go. I’m waiting for a how to book about it....I’m not creative when it comes to pen and paper.
Marydenmark, I am a history buff. There was a hurricane in 1900 that hit the island where Galveston, TX is. There are some interesting articles on the web. Several thousand people perished. They honestly don't know the exact count. With as many places recently that either set records as far as snow, hurricanes, tornados, it makes one wonder about "climate change". Anyhow, just a piece of history. Pam
I haven't washed and it's still wrinkled, but I just finished. My plan was to have this framed for a friend for Christmas. I think my friend is getting earrings, because I am keeping this.
Initiating a debate! After a recent post re cardboard thread organizers with holes., I am curious to know how popular these are versus bobbins. Personally I find it tedious to separate the floss strands with the holed ( holey?) organizers and end up with a tangled mess 😞 so for me it's bobbins every time😀. Curious to see your comments on this!
I got my mystery box on Saturday and love it. It is silly I guess but my most favorite article in the box is the sunflower needle minder. It is so cute and just the right size to fit on my magnetic board where I have my pattern/color and symbol chart that sits on my lap while I stitch. Kristi and the team did an absolutely great job choosing items. I do like everything but the needle minder is my favorite. Thanks again Kristi and everyone else involved. Great idea. cheryl