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We’ve had. Mabel was up and ready to go outside and play ball at 8:00am. (She normally doesn’t roll out of bed until 11:00- noon) I noticed a couple of little of pink spots in the snow, I figured she might have cut her tongue eating ice. Started to change the cover on my duvet, then thought I should wash the duvet first. No problem, until the dryer thought it was dry, it wasn’t even close. Three more trips in the dryer, and it still had wet spots, so now it’s hanging on chairs in the dinning room. Fingers crossed it will be dry by bedtime. The cats spent the morning fussing at each other, I don’t know what got into them. Then back outside to play more ball, and I saw more pink spots in the snow...turned out she has a small cut on the back of her foot, so in we came. It stopped bleeding pretty quickly, so now she’s napping. Two more loads of laundry, almost done. I’ve managed to squeeze in a little stitching time, but not much. I hate when real life gets in the way.
So this week one person in my craft group decided even though I am off the antibiotic and almost done with the Tamiflu and tested negative for the flu they decided to not let me come this week. Everybody thinks just because I am around my parents I can give this whatever they have. I am feeling fine and was really looking forward to getting out today. Also hurt that nobody seems to want to be around me. My dad is a pastor and since this one person is making such a big deal about getting this he sent her a text that said "Let people know I am canceling church because I don't want to infect anyone." This person is also the one that booted me out this week. She is mad at mom because mom defended me. How long will I be a social pariah?
Random thought: I sure wish the kits would state the number of stitches. Any thoughts from you all?
Has anyone used this fabric, 25ct Lugana? If so what is the difference between this and the usual aida cloth?
I want to answer messages and make some posts, but bad weather is moving in and the internet comes and goes. Too many trees and ridges interfere. I am excited and touched by the welcome from the wonderful sisterhood of stitchers I have found here. I will definitely keep stitching, just doing little WIP now, not the beautiful projects I am seeing on the other posts. Must go while I still have internet. Lucky if I get a bar. Sounds like some of my new friends live in the country or mountains, so you know what I mean. Good night to all. Bless you for caring (I'm very emotional, sorry).
working on EarthDancer by Marilyn Leavitt imblum and i'm having some problems with doing the dream catcher part. can someone help me ?? I would really appreciate it. thank you.
It has been about two weeks since we started on our living room remodel project and HVAC ducting replacement. I put my project away. I don't want to pull it out just to have the dusty air get it all dirty. I have not put my sewing room together yet. I have been itching to do that, but..... I broke my on Nov. 8th and still have to wear the boot. So DH does not like me up and around. I thought it was just a really bad sprain and walked on it for 20 days before going to the doc. So stitch up a storm and I hope that by the end of next week we will be back in out living room.
Sounds about right
I was curious as to what Delawarejill did with her WIP. She made me laugh a little about her stitches and how they seemed to be leaning. I'm sure I've done the same thing. We want everything to be perfect, and no one would notice except us, but still there it is. Starting to cross stitch again after 20 or so years is hard. My eyes are not the same and neither are my hands. I was also moved by what she said about cross stitch keeping her sane after her mother's death. I wish I had returned to stitching when things were stressful in my life, then things might have gone better. One never knows. I'm just doing little projects right now, but I have big plans. But now I have a favor. I see that many of this group believe in prayer--would anyone who wishes please pray for my friend who has 4th stage lung cancer. She is such a lovely person with a pure and kind heart. Her name is Georgine, but we call her George. She has a chance for more time with Keytruda. Her dog died too, just a few days ago. She is inconsolable. I tried to help, but was unsuccessful This is sad to me as I went through this with my little rescue, my Shih Tzu Mitzi who was not just a dog to me, she understood humans so well. The only thing that comforts me is that the vet had helped me understand that I should not prolong little Mitzi's suffering. But I understand that not everyone processes that idea the same way. Perhaps I did not say it the right way. Well, anyway, thank you everyone, and back to happy stitching!
Is this one stamped? I don't want to count the squares.
What do I receive for my money? Does the pattern come by mail. Do I receive thread or fabric?
Hi. Does this kit have a list of the needed supplies? It's so nice just to have the one-click option to get everything at once. Thanks.
This is day one post-operation! Want all of you to know that I have prayed, cried, begged for pain relief for 42 years and 10 months! Yesterday, my miracle slid into the operating room at our little hospital. You should first understand that I can recall all of the trying of different therapies and the fact that they seemed to be torture because they never improved the pain and often made it worse. I find it very hard to believe that this went on for so very long. I am 72 now, 73 in two months and we celebrate our 44th anniversary later this month! I can dance (I hope). I feel a tremendous relief from this agonzing pain, the falling, the depression, the foot drop. When I woke up in the recovery room, DH was right there. He has been better, too! The doctor told him he removed all the bone spurs and other stuff that were pushing a vertebra into the spinal cord! He said he actually got to see the spinal cord moving back to where it belonged, all on its own. The neurosurgeon, the anesthesiologist, and the physician assistant visited me and I got to thank them! DH seemed to come out of his grumpiness of the last few months. He was, I believe, suffering with me and felt very hopeless. The night before surgery, he made Chicken Cordon Bleu, rice and apple tarts! Last night, home from recovery, I just wanted a bowl of cereal. Tonight, it was marinated broiled salmon, with sweet potato puffs! (They look like potato puffs). Most of all, I thank all of you for prayers, blessings, good wishes from this sisterhood and brotherhood of stitchers! All that made such a difference in lowering my fears and brightening my recovery. You are such amazing people. My deep pain is gone!! All it has left is incisional pain. Now I think I understand what being "knifed" in the back might be like. Again, my gratitude for all you have done. My spirit is lifted and it is a new life I look forward to!
Hi, how many letters can the names be? Would Cecelia fit and still look good.
I wonder what is the size of each individual "coffee"? One of my son's sells coffee and perhaps these would make into clever coaster set.