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I'm going in to the eye clinic this morning to have my eyes measured for cataract surgery. This is not the surgery...yet, just measuring for the correct size of the new lens implant. I have a case of extreme anxiety right now and I'm sure it's going to get worse the closer to surgery I get. Surgery hasn't even been scheduled yet. I'll probably know by the end of the week when it will be. I'm not new to surgery. I've had at least five prior surgeries, mostly broken bones, and I wasn't as concerned about any of them (well, maybe one of them) as I am about this eye surgery. What if I'm worse after surgery than I am now? What if I can't stitch any more after surgery? That's my biggest concern.
Has anyone used CBD oil for their animals for anxiety? My vet recommended it last night for Hunter. I did some research and found out that the FDA has not approved its use in animals and that makes me nervous. Any animal owners out there that would like to weigh in.... I am all ears!
I am just curious. I was scrolling through the Artcey sale items and I noticed the Halloween patterns are not on sale. Is it because they were on the Halloween sale last week? I just noticed it because I was looking at the Halloween kitty cup trying to decide if I can afford another pattern or even have the time since I ordered Boo Butterfly and have so many WIPS going as it The life of a
I didn't realize I was so transparent. Actually, yes I wore the hair shirt for 12 hours and they get itchy after about 2 minutes. I really was sorry, but Bermuda was out there somewhere in danger and then everything seemed frivolous all of a sudden. I am not adjusting well to retirement. When you can sleep late, then you can't sleep at all. When you don't have to dress up every day, you don't. Thanks to all my "well wishers." Have a more than average day. Pam
It is almost October (ok almost 2 more weeks of September) and I was thinking maybe you could put something up for us to see what you have in mind for the October Surprise Box. Just curious. cheryl
I found this in a $ shop. Has something to do with paper etching but I use it all the time for pushing rogue threads back to the underside of my fabric.
I must have been very bad in an earlier life. My SIL had biopsies on her nose, brow and hand and has been told the one on her hand is a melanoma. She goes for surgery on the 17th. Hope it has not spread anywhere else. Dealing with another cancer scare is not doing my head any good. but we will carry on and hope all is well.
a windy, ear flapping day at the beach to make the granddog, Wendy Lou, smile.
I finally got the birth announcement for my soon-to-be great grand baby. He’s not even born yet and I want to get this to the parents before he puts in an appearance. The hand is DH. I couldn’t place it to get rid of the glare.
Uhhh-ohhhh, perhaps not the best thing to do...... But after having to mull it over and ‘sit on it’ for approximately 5 days in a motel room, I questioned if there is really any way to protect WIPs and completed cross Stitch projects from the “elements” such as hurricanes, tornados, rotting away, etc. Would vacuum-packing work? What do museums do to protect their artifacts? AND where would be the safest place to store them... in the attic? But what if the roof got blown off? The basement? But what about rain, mold and mildew? Also, one of you stitchers mentioned that their Insurance Company wouldn’t cover her projects that were destroyed in a fire, that there needs to be separate coverage?
got the first coffee sampler back from the framers. Am really pleased with the result. Took 2 up to her yesterday and have another 4 (just small ones) to be framed. (Need to win a lottery. Diane upside down is interesting.
I just bought this pattern and I have never seen such tiny printed instructions.. I guess I will have to get it enlarged but 28 pages could get expensive. I looked at the pattern through a magnifier and not much better..another dilemma...
Since the pretty boo butterfly has been such a great hit and was one I had my eye on but I expect it may go onto backorder (unless ECS prints it like an Artecy chart but this is not something we currently know), I will give this one a go which was the second one I was considering. It is all Halloween and as long as it does not include spiders I'm good. My husband has an aversion to spiders including those in cross stitch, and I wouldn't want him to smack my completed framed work with a newspaper or worse to kill a stitched spider. I have often left stitched spiders out of other Halloween designs that I have done. My cat will watch and paw them (the real ones), but waits for me to kill them (she was never much of a barn cat).
Just curious- if I’m on a Canadian site, why am I paying in US dollars.