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All All Riolis Kits on Sale in September!
I am looking for a Mystic stitch or Heaven and earth design, but a small one. I love stitching on 28 count evenweave. I love Christmas, fall, scenic, primitive for any suggestions. Thank you so much for your help Tammy
Looking to this coming week with hopeful anticipation of getting my ECS patterns and flosses...😊
or First Day of Fall! And, boy, it feels like it here this morning. We're at 41 degrees! But the sun is brightly shining, so we'll probably warm up pretty fast.
I had the poor idea to stitch on my WIP “Iwo Jima” Project this evening. “Sure Bermuda, do yourself in.” a little voice whispered in my mind as I began. After two sessions of ‘frogging’, the mental voice said, “Knock, knock, Numbskull. Have you ‘gotten the picture’ yet? No? NO??!! Do I have to spell it out for you? You are trying to stitch WHITE floss on WHITE fabric in the evening with only evening lamplight and cataract lensed 👀 eyes. GET IT??!” .........uhhhhh, I made the wise decision to only stitch the sky on “Iwo Jima’ during the day using the natural light...
By chance are these The Three Sisters in Australia? If not, then where are they based off of? Chris
in progress. I won't be on much in the next few weeks due to personal issues. I wish you all well and hope you all just keep stitching.😔
Can any pattern be turned into a sweatshirt or T-shirt?
What Thomas Kinkade pattern are you looking at to stitch? Just ‘little ole’ nosy me’
There is only one thing wrong with ECS. It has so many beautiful patterns and kits to do. As I commented before, I would have to live to be 200 yrs old to get all I have done. Time is not on my side. I look at this site repeatedly and never get tired of it. I also crochet and call myself the Happy Hooker.
Is this chart updated with the new colors? Is it 2018
How does one use this? It’s not a sit on, does it just lay in your lap??! Is there a video available to view?
Is how I’ve spent most of my day, and still not done. I would be farther along but I can’t count, and am straight line challenged. Taking a break and watching What About Bob? Baby steps...
Kristi, Do you know the height and width of each individual crab? The info gives only the measurements for the whole pattern. Thank You!
Usually I get an email from ECS letting me know of a weekend sale. I didn't get one today. Did anyone else get the weekend sale?
I want to get this pattern but cannot find what fabric is used for it. I want to make sure that I can find the fabric before ordering the pattern