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You all were right! The tabs make this pop! Thank you all. Here's the finished product. By the way, my friend LOVES IT! Let me know if you can't see the picture.
I spy with my little eye 30 pages of new patterns were added yesterday/today. Some are stunning.
Can’t remember who was looking to do this for family members but remember there was a time issue. Also, remember they were told by Tereena a smaller version was going to be released. It is out on the Artecy website for purchase. Only noticed because I just got a pdf pattern from there. Hoping this email finds you. Or hope someone else remembers who the stitcher was.🙁 Kris
Here she is!
To all the lovely stitchers who followed my first project here is a picture of “Chloe” in her frame. I can do better now but she looks very pretty in my spare room Sylvia
My dental and back issues aside, Mabel has managed to get kennel cough. We took her to the emergency vet yesterday afternoon because she was coughing like she had something stuck in her throat. (Since she has a tendency to eat inappropriate things like rocks it was a possibility) She has to have 3 pills twice a day, and she is morally and ethically opposed to taking pills of any kind. This morning I made her a peanut butter sandwich, that worked, but she knew something wasn’t quite right. We shall see if works a second time. Historically I can fool her once, maybe twice if I’m lucky. The pills make her sleepy, so I’ll have lots of time to clean my house, or stitch...
This project is coming along nicely but I do have a problem I need some advice with. There is a lot of back stitching. Along the window frames and books it looks great as they are just straight lines from one hole to another. But a lot of the backstitching is curved. So to get through the fabric and cottons where there is no hole to use should I switch to a sharp needle? This the pic so far. I have to slow down now, because ECS has just advised my next order has just been dispatched, which means I won't get it for about 2 weeks!
Hi there everyone!! I stated a few weeks ago that I would be posting a sneak peek for the April box annnnnd it's that time :) This is more of a clue/hint as to what the theme is for the April box and I thought it would be fun to see what you guys come up with!! And no, I won't saying if anyone is right or wrong...that just takes the fun out of it ;) The next box will be making it's debut in just a few weeks and I can't wait for you guys to see this one!! Stay tuned..... ~Kristi @ ECS (P.S. the picture posted with this post is the clue/hint, lol!)
I have not been able to find blank coasters on this site.. Found a book with patterns but no coasters in supplies dept.. May be i just did not look in the correct place. Help anyone ? thanks
I don't know why Walmart even bothers to have a cross stitch section. I wanted to pick up some DMC floss without going through my stash and if they had 20 colors, I would be surprised. As far as fabric, they had 3 choices. So I am actually have to go through my colors which I still am in the process of organizing. My husband bought me a full set for retirement and then I bought myself a full set. However, I did pick up color pencils so I won't have a magic marker disaster again. I am just being gripey.
I am looking for maroon floss. Is his maroon. it is hard to tell here
What brand floss do you use in your kits?
She is also a trained dog massage therapist.
Hello! I am wondering for those who purchase their fabric online - Are the colors on the site pretty close to the actual color when it arrives? I am looking for some lugana and am just curious before I make my purchase? Thanks!!!!
Could anyone tell me good colors to use to make the angel's hair red? Not a "carrot top" red but a more russet sort of auburn red. The baby's parents are of Irish descent and she has red hair, like her grandmother. ALL help is greatly appreciated! Many thanks!