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I have posted before about my short hair black cat that eats everything that's inedible. The first time was Christmas red tinsel that cost me $500. My son bought a 6 ft. tinsel tree this week. Today DH found her eating on the tinsel. Five minutes later, upchuck. Silver tinsel appeared. Believe that tree is going in son's room. How can I be so dumb sometimes? Pam
did counted cross stitch 20+ yrs. ago,fell in love with it once more !!!
Finally got all of the jar lids finished. Now to give them away.
I've never made cross stitch ornaments before, so I'm at a bit of a loss. The pattern booklet just shows a basic how to stitch but doesn't include any advice on how to turn the finished work into an ornament. I'm assuming it's not that hard, something simple like stitching felt on the back should work, but since I've never attempted such a project, I thought I'd better ask. Any advice for a newbie?
Does this pattern have the directions for the toe of the stocking to go to the right and left or just to the right.
Does anyone know if this project uses partial stitches? It is so pretty but I have WIPs with m any partial stitches and am trying to avoid adding others at this time. Well, that's what wish lists are for!
What is the size of this cross-stitch, no info given.
The Charles Craft huck towels have a different shaped area for cross stitch than Leisure Arts' towels. A friend gave me a Charles Craft potholder this evening and the picture on the front says to go for free patterns that fit the huck towels and that potholder, but I can't find them. Anybody have any idea where to go for patterns?
Is this a counted cross stitch kit?
They are the same. Giving to Mom's hairdressers.
why does it say it is only in white or ivory and then below it offers 14 colours? which is it?
Ok, I rarely show WIP's, but Imurdoch inspired me. Here is my Monet Water Lilies by Mystic Stitch - so far. For any who wonder, I don't have the usual 3-4 inch border since I plan to make this into a pillow. Therefore, I usually make my borders 1 to 2 inches - why waste all of that fabric to just cut off and throw away! (I just took the hoop off for the pic, hence the crease)
Liz - you are right. You don't have to be a family member - a neighbor will do as well!! 😉
I have the machine cross stitch pattern for the Serenity Prayer with the lighthouse on the left of the words, BUT my colors on my computer are wrong. I did this originally over 10 years ago. Does anyone have the pattern and is willing to share the color list? TIA
This is for other neighbor who has a boy and girl. Candy Corn buttons are in the corners.