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All All Christmas Kits on Sale in July!
I was surprised to receive my Sitchin Stuff box today. Good job to all the ECS crew involved!!! Looking forward to the next one. JABA
I need to know what size Aida cloth is used.
This group is so knowledgeable and helpful--I'm in need of both--I purchased a few years ago a Stitch World pattern "Night Train" to be done on 14cnt navy, well it went into the stash--which was practically destroyed by a nasty storm that caused our roof to leak. Now too the help--does anyone know if and where I may order "a new dry one"? I love trains and any patterns of them-- a net search resulted in stitch world out of business supposedly!!! Any and all help is GREATLY APPRECIATED. BTW my stash is now stored in a plastic tote NO WHERE NEAR ROOF!!!!
is this cloth soft ? Will it be soft when it is laundered? Does it have a modge podge coating that keeps it stiff?? I need a soft 14 count aida cloth in yardage. Do you have that available?
There is no info about fabric, thread etc. it would be nice to order it all at once.
Why are the "Colourful Christmas Bauble's" not included in the ornament sale?
Hi there everyone! We have had some customers reach out to us about not getting a notification email for the July Stitchin’ Stuff box and I just wanted to touch base on that. We apologize to anyone that didn’t get a notification email and we know email can be tricky sometimes. We are currently researching and looking into other ways our customers can be notified about the Stitchin’ Stuff boxes. In the meantime, please make sure that your email provider doesn’t have our email address going into your spam or junk folder. Every email provider is different but you should be able to make this change in your email settings somewhere and make sure that that above email is set to go to your Inbox. If you feel like you may have made an error in your email address during the sign up process, you can sign up again on the sign up page, just to make sure the email address we have on file for you is correct. If you aren’t sure, please feel free to contact our Customer Service department via email ( and they can see if the email address we have for you on file is correct. Again, we apologize to those that for some reason didn’t receive a notification email for the July box. We are looking into other ways to notify everyone who signs up so hopefully we won’t have this issue with our future boxes. Thank you and happy stitching!! ~Kristi @ ECS Oh and ps...if you follow us on Facebook, I have created a Facebook group on our ECS Facebook page that is specifically for the Stitchin' Stuff box :) I will still post updates, news and links about the box on here but the Group is just a new place that we can discuss all things about the box :)
Well, this ‘migration’ took a little over 14 hours of driving. Highlights of our trip: 1) Did you know that Wendy’s Restaurant and many of the McDonald Convenience stores/gas stations clean their‘women’s bathrooms at 4:30 a.m. in the morning? Do you care? Only if you have to go at 4:30 a.m. Now the question most of you would ask yourselves is, “How would Bermuda know this about BOTH places?’ The answer is because We stopped at a McDonald’s but it was closed so I went into the convenience store next store to use the bathroom and the woman cleaning it said, “It’s closed for cleaning.” The cashier reassured me that the bathroom would be available ‘in a few minutes’.... 15 minutes later... it was still closed....ooookaay... Ms. Bladder-my constant companion - who has gone through the turmoil of my aging process, reassured me with her slight pressure that there was no immediate need at this point; I explained to DH the situation so we continued on with our migration while keeping a lookout for someplace open and 30 minutes later, glory be!! We found a Wendy’s Brightly lit and OPEN. DH went into the Men’s bathroom and I the Women’s bathroom NOT!!!! The sign on the door said, ‘women’s bathroom “Closed for Cleaning.” DH came out and asked me if I was feeling better and I dragged him over to the Woman’s Bathroom door and pointed at the sign. By this time Ms. Bladder and me- pardon the pun- were “feeling PO’d”. it took another 15 minutes before we finally found an OPEN woman’s bathroom and Ms. Bladder and I found relief... 2) Did you know that a Hardy’s restaurant somewhere in North Carolina offers a egg/cheese/ham ‘breakfast sandwich’ at 5:30 a.m. and doesn’t think it should be Heated? 10 miles down the road, we reached in the bag and discovered this.... 3) somebody is playing tricks with the ‘left lane closed’ signs on I-77..... we stayed in the right lane, inching forward for 20 minutes in backed-up traffic and the Orange-white barrels blocking off the left lane with the huge electric arrow pointing to the right lane and were in awe that there wasn’t any construction- no trucks, no machines, no workers, no broken up cement, no newly laid asphalt... ONLY the signs and the flashing arrow. 4) We stopped to get gas and the cloud above the gas station dumped a torrent of rain before we could get From the gas pump to the station.... both of us soaked....5 minutes after we left, the rain stopped and Sun came out...we had 5 more incidents of these rain storm ‘pockets’ before we got to our final destination. Well, we are up North again, more or less in one piece...
Does 12 count aida exist? Does anyone know where I can get some, if it does?
If a food product states it has “10% less fat”...less fat than what? The original product that had 3,000 grams of fat and still has enough fat -after removing the 10% -to completely clog at least 5 different locations in your arteries? Why are we to pluralize words such as ‘birdS’ or ‘dogS’ by adding an ‘s’ at the end of the word, but it’s a no-no to pluralize the words “elk” or “deer” with an ‘S’? Why, as one gets to be over age 65, do more kernels of popcorn get stuck between your teeth?
I have been into cross stitching since I learned about it in grade school and I now being more experienced want to tackle something far larger then any kit would do, the colors that I was able to get the RGB values for, but its been hard finding a way to convert my RGB values to DMC floss, anyone able to help me?
How many colors does this use and are they DMC? Thanks
My next door neighbor (Jane) fell while walking down the hill in her back yard. She’s in her mid 70’s, and has had some pretty serious health problems in the last few years. She hit her head, and was complaining that her knee hurt. She’s in the ambulance, on her way to the hospital, thankfully her sister (who lives with her) was home. I’m sure she would appreciate your prayers. Thank you.
Have just spent two (2) days cleaning out stitching stuff. Luckily we have a local embroidery guild and a couple of seniors homes, or I would feel worse. Fabric, floss, patterns never used. Half finished designs with no chart or no threads, where was my head at the time. And this afternoon, I caught myself looking at my favourite designer's latest design. It's got to be a sickness and there is no antidote and no help for it. Thanks for listening to my whining. D,
Well, I said I’d complain about the heat too, so here goes. It’s hot, freaking hot, it’s humid, and did I mention it’s hot? I let the dog out, and she melted into the patio.