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I’m changing the dogs name to Iwantoutiwantiniwantoutiwantin. She loves the snow, but hates the wind. I’ve lost track of how many times we’ve played this game tonight, I’d say at least 6 based on how many wet towels are hanging around the house.
Will this stand hold Q Snaps?
will this or can this frame be adjusted to accommodate Q snaps? I use Q snaps exclusively so I am wondering before I invest in a stand like this
I was shopping on ebay, someone had stamped cross stitching quilt blocks for sale. They described the blocks and then said was all done with a 6 inch hoop. Does it really matter what size hoop you use to hold the fabric? I find it strange never heard of such a thing.
I know this sounds crazy, but I forgot which cross stitch pattern I ordered. Order number 768720. Can you tell me the pattern name. Thanks, Rose Younce
I just want to say how awesome it is to have websites to get our crafting/cross stitch patterns. In the early 1990's we used to be able to get in on fantastic sales of the pamphlets and books that contained all kinds of cross stitch patterns. I still have all those books and go to them frequently when I want to do a project.
I was thinking of buying it until I saw your post. How difficult is it?
Sounds about right
Well, here's a first for me that I can remember anyway. I started a new project, it was one that I have had for many and I mean many years, if was a picture of the manger scene, the wise men, and 3 other scenes. The kit came with the frame as well. This brainy stitcher, put the fabric on my scroll frame and got things set up (ie: separated the thread), had stitched almost 1/2 of the first picture which was an angel and something told me to look at the scroll frame, and lo and behold, I had not counted correctly to center the stitching correctly. I sat there and kept telling myself really, you didn't pay attention after all these years of you cross stitching. Then I started laughing and my DH asked me why I was laughing, so I told him, he didn't get it. So instead of trashing the project or starting over. I decided to finish the angel and then I would just cut that part off and start the other 4 scenes on the bottom of the fabric. I may have to do some fancy framing at the end but it has been interesting. Anyone else done anything like this before? Just curious. I'm hoping to post a picture of it when finished.
Hello! I had to write up the thread holes the thread Numbers as references to follow the chart . It’s a good way to organize the work before starting.. I wonder why no references were added in the kit, even when another Threads no DMC were included. Hope this note will be useful to others.
The pattern is on 2 pages - top on one page, bottom on one page. I usually either start at upper left corner or dead in the middle. What do you suggest on a chart like this? I'm a pretty advanced cross-stitcher but I've never seen this before! Maybe the bottom of the top page would be the top of the second page? Thanks for your help!
After having 2 bouts of surgery to repair a broken neck (the last one in 2005) I am having serious trouble with it at the moment (nausea, vomiting and loads of pain). Saw the doctor before Christmas and he sent me to the physio for therapy and gave me pills to take to help with the pain. The physio has now given up as it has gone too far for him to be able to make a difference and after spending last weekend in bed unable to move I went back to the doctor and he has referred me to a neuro-surgeon for MRI scans and x-rays to see if anything has happened over the last 10+ years. So as well as being a pain in the neck I have a pain in the neck - not good believe me. But I'm still stitching furiously to keep my mind off everything and have taken a week off on sick pay from the supermarket as I did not think it was safe for me to be there.
Hi there everyone!! Just wanted to give everyone an update :) We will be open Monday 1/21 but since it's a Federal holiday, the USPS will not be running. Just wanted to remind everyone about that just in case there's a small delay in your deliveries from us. Also, for those in the path of this second winter storm....stay safe and stay warm!! We still aren't sure what all we are getting here in Dayton, OH but it doesn't sound good with any scenario they are predicting. I know I will be staying in all weekend and that's the perfect excuse to get caught up on all of my stitching projects....finally!! Stay safe and cozy everyone :) ~Kristi @ ECS
I see the floss and fabric listed as available items, what about the buttons?
I found the almost perfect duvet cover at Macy’s, almost because it’s $335.00. Undaunted I searched a bit and found it for $199.00 plus 40% off. $136.00 with tax and shipping!!