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Why both arms were aching on some days lately. Haven’t been weeding, hauling bags of mulch, lifting boxes, shoveling, drywalling, pulling or pushing...hmmmmmm 💡 well, the light finally went on..... I’m holding up the 17” wide x 11” High Q-Snap frame, with it’s large amount of attached fabric, with my lower arms while stitching on ‘Iwo Jima’. Solution thus far.....3 stacked pillows to hold up the end of the Q-Snap frame that I’m not working on.. my frame holding stand is not able to hold the weight even with the rolled up unstitched fabric; so with feet up and braced and upper legs bent at a 45-degree angle... What body contortions cross stitchers will take to enjoy creating their Art..
Has anyone tried the ‘diamond painting’ cross stitching? Just curious because I’ve come upon kits on my travels on the Internet.
Get as close as you can to air conditioning...even though she looks like it, I promise she has not been drinking.
They sound a bit "rabid" to me, but I DO TOTALLY AGREE!!! 😈
I love reading all the chats - what a diverse lot you are! Some of your phrases are new to me so I have to ask Mr. Google what they mean. Lol. Frogging I think means to unpick some stitches? Confetti I think is what I am doing now?? What I am interested in this time however is how the heck do you make the back of your piece almost as neat as the front? The picture I am posting is part of a bushy plant I am working on now. In about 2" there are 7 different shades of green. Hard to see here but when you stand back you can see the subtle shades. I do one stitch then cross over say 3 squares then another in that color and so on. If I wanted to try to be "perfect" does that mean do one color stitch, fasten off, start next color etc Even doing that I would still have "bits" floating around the back. Also some of the dark half stitches use 6 strands! Don't know how to neaten off 6 strands at the back! Would love to see the backs of some of your experienced stitchers. Maybe one day I'll show the back of my current piece so you could all have a good laugh!! Aussie Sylvia.
just made my bad weekend perfect. She is so darn cute and just seems to know when I need comfort. Btw she won the award for worst mouser in the world but she is still cute.
Today I started my biggest project so far. I find the extra fabric cumbersome. The design is Torch of Freedom from Silver Lining. I am doing it on 14 count black Aida with three strands for better coverage. I have to change threads often and would like to keep the threaded needles. Where do I park them is there something available to do so.
1) X-Ray negative - no rib fractures ( good) 2) saw 3 geckos in the gardens (good....why do geckos STARE at you?) 3) ‘My lady’ morning Dove did another wing spread as I watered the garden - she appears to enjoy her bath Immensely. (Good) 4) friend of many years decided she knew what I was thinking and proceeded to tell me what I was thinking when it wasn’t what I was thinking at all. I personally Didn’t feel I had to ‘explain my existance’ to her. (Not good but i’ve Moved on...) 5) Didn’t lift anything heavier than a frying pan. (Good) 6). Making progress on ‘Iwo Jima’ ( very good) 7). Started ‘drip line’ irrigation for backyard flower beds after replacing batteries and re-programming it. ( really good considering I’m ‘non-techy’) Over-all, a fairly good week. Anyone else like to comment on their past week?
Free Patriotic Banner through Monday at Stoney Creek. Pam
1) what is the stitch count? 2) what color fabric is used in the image?
Possible ‘Twilight Zone’ Occurance..... OR I need my doctor to adjust my medications..... Had insomnia a few nights ago so I was sitting on the sofa Watching tv, but I started to doze off and my eyes closed.. I’m guessing that as I began to doze off my head started to sink down toward my chest, but that small head movement made me begin to wake up. In those 2 seconds as I opened my eyes I saw my Golden Retriever ‘Blue’ trotting toward me, wagging his tail, then ‘pouf’ visual gone! I sat there trying to wrap my head around what I saw for those 2 seconds......did NOT see Rod Serling nor hear the ‘Twilight Zone’ theme music, and ‘Blue’ has been deceased for 10 years. I was NOT dreaming of the dog and wasn’t even thinking of him.....well, Should I make an appointment to see a therapist?? Or just rack it up to some sort of Freudian moment of sub-conscience hysteria?
a project and they see one they like better? I am doing American Pride and now see this which I like even better. I have months into this and it is full of confetti and wish I had see this one first!
My lazy self has taken over but I finally framed these. Now both small grandsons are done.
A week ago today I found out why I have been so tired etc. Well, I have cancer. A mass was found by my upper right lung with lecsions on the spine, liver and brain. Tomorrow I start radiation for the brain first, then will do chemo. I really would appreciate all good thoughts and prayers. I truly believe that is a powerful tool for us. Thank you. Janet
It’s amazing how fast one can go through 1 skein of 6-strand floss when stitching with 3 strands of floss versus 2 strands. Great coverage but I need to do better planning on floss on the larger projects...