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I have a Thea Gouverneur pattern worked on 14 count Aida black material. For some reason the directions say to work only 1 thread on the 14 count or work 1 thread over 2 on a 28 count linen fabric. It also says to watch the floss, I guess because it is a kit. I can't see working 1 thread over 1 14 count square of Aida fabric. I'm thinking of working on a 16 count Aida to save some of the thread because this is a kit. Don't you think working on 14 count with 1 thread is strange? I know I won't be able to match the threads.
So I am having trouble deciding what to stitch. I was supposed to do a card for my Aunt's 60th but now her birthday is on March 3rd and I haven't even started. With my habitual starting and stopping on projects I am not sure I will get it done in time. I got some of the snowman Wizzers by Janlynn and on this snowy day I want to start those. Then those UFOS that I have laying around to think about. So I need you all's opinion on what to do next. I am so stuck I feel like I am Austin Powers trying to turn around in the first movie. Bermuda that was for you! LOL
I’m enjoying stitching this.... I made a few changes in the floss I used ( Hark!! Do I hear police sirens?....Nope, no crossstitch police banging on my door). Changes though you can’t see them in photo: Where the letter ‘F’ for Fireflies is, I used Kreinik ‘gold’ blending fillament for the 7 fireflies AND the period above the letter ‘i’ ... they look like they are twinkling, like fireflies seem to do on a summer evening.... For the Word, “Ice Cream” I used a Kreinik blending fillament with a ‘pearl’ look to hopefully give a cold, icy sparkle to both words.. Forgive the fabric wrinkles in the pic, it’s the 32 count linen I purposely put into an uneven position for the pic in the ‘Linen’ chat thread.
Why is there no fabric recommendations for this project? What size of 14 ct. should I use?
This is the WIP I had to ‘frog’ out 3 hours of stitching because I used the wrong color. Those who have seen this WIP occasionally over the last year and a half, may not see too much forward progress on it. But considering it is ‘1 over 1’ on 28-count fabric, seeing large areas that are completed quickly is not going to happen because of the large amount of switching from one subtle floss color to another. the way, this is the 2005 pattern I spoke of where I used the ‘original’ floss color key without making a ‘working’ copy and did the hyper- chicken dance. PS: the ‘coastal’ color above the pattern is one of my sofa pillows I put the frame against to take the picture.
I have completed stocking # 4 and have attached for you to see. This one was fun to see unfold and I used the fabric the stocking is lying on for backing. Two more to go! Happy stitching! Mary
I have never done anything on linen, just aida and evenweave. I would like to try a Christmas project using Cashel linen. Has anyone else used linen on a project? Any Thoughts how you deal with the unevenness and slubs? Not quite sure how to stitch with the slubs? Thanks
I am wondering why DMC 947 is used on the Cardinal. I am assuming sense it is outside that it could be from the sun hitting it. I really do like this picture.
How do I add the fabric for this? Its not listed in the materials.
For anyone looking to refill their needle stash, I just realized that the Traditional Stitches website has rock bottom prices on Bohin needles! (sizes 24-28) They're selling packs of 25 for $7.95 cad... CAD!! I couldn't believe it :)
I want to get back into cross stitch,however I can find any pattern on them they are all blank. This is a old craft and many must not do it anymore. Can you help me
Does anyone know if this is stitched on black with the yellow, orange and red being cross stitched in to make the silhouetted image of the house etc.? Or is it all stitched on white or off white using black along with the other colors.
So excited I finally finished the Trick or Treat pattern that I was stitching for my dad! It is so colorful. I just love it and hope he will too. I will post a picture after I get it cleaned up and framed. I was thinking of using a black frame and painting silver spiderwebs on the corner of the frame. Then matt the piece in maybe a dark orange or purple. I have plenty of time to get this done before sending it to him in Florida this coming fall!
Do you have the embellishment pack that comes with this? I have the chart and have it mostly stitched but don’t have the embellishment pack.
I'm looking for a set of floss number stickers for Anchor floss for my growing set of Anchor floss bobbins. I've only found one place on Google that had them. That was and was marked "no longer available." Is such a thing available?