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Has anyone done this stitch? I have it on one of my to do lists and it seems like it is awful labor intensive and it is confetti. Wouldn't you know it but I found a spot (hope it's not grease) on one of my almost done projects. I am going to wash it before I do anymore so if it is ruined I won't be totally heartbroken. I am going to use Dawn. Any other suggestions? Peace Pam
Back from the framer's! I just LOVE how it turned out! They used a driftwood style frame that I think really brings out the "pond feel" to it.
With Bermuda going incommunicato for a week we will need others to take up the funny slack. So am asking all to please relate their musings, funny stories, life experiences etc. All of us need her chuckles and wisdom! I am sure their are some out there who have amusing tidbits for us and I know there is a great deal of wisdom - so let's get together and fill in the slack during a Bermuda free zone! 😢
Just another day in Oklahoma
I purchased this pattern awhile ago and have been unable to find the cloth to do the project. Does anyone have any suggestion as to where it could be purchased? Help is needed!! Thank you. Marylou
Grid lines on my fabric, magnets and markers for my chart, and I still got lost. I guess the trick is to never put it down!
I finished this piece for my sister and just sent it in the mail to her in Florida! Another wip done!
After juggling my family and my mother with dementia, traveling over 500 miles to let her see her great grandsons, not seeing my husband for 2 weeks, a ungrateful family, not DH my niece and her family, so not going into the rest of it all😖. I came home after work today to my poor kitty peeing blood again after giving him antibiotics two weeks ago for the same problem. I called the vet but can't get him in until tomorrow. He is 16 so I guess I will see what happens.😔 whoever said family are the ones you can count on clearly didn't meet mine.
This box is fantastic! What a great idea to do this. Am looking forward to future boxes. Well done ECS staff!!
The train leaflets I found are in an envelop with your address on it. I know that I said one of them had an Amish scene. That was a mistake on my spreadsheet. Really, a train in an Amish town! Not likely. Must have typed something in the wrong square or sorted my spread sheet incorrectly! Anyhow, I won't get to the Post Office until Monday. YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO SEND ME MONEY FOR POSTAGE. I have received items from other members of the ChitChat. Now is my opportunity to PIF (PLAY IT FORWARD) If you notice someone asking for something that you have available send it on. Stitch Away my Friend
So-o-o-ooo, here I am, trying to get a grip on getting things done, with DH nattering on every time the mail arrives from stitchy places. Wish they'd use a more anonymous return address...every single stitchy site. I have hit a snag. I have a pattern that came out in 2013, so in cross stitch, I think it must be ancient, or at least old. It specifies using 331 in DMC. Nobody carries it. Has DMC re-numbered floss? I had a list of floss discontinued, with numbers to refer to when replacing it. Hellllllp!
Jane is out of the hospital, and in rehab.! She’ll be there for at least 3 weeks, Mabel and I will go visit her next week sometime. Mabel enjoys visiting nursing homes, she loves all the attention, we just have to make sure not to go at meal times!
Thank the person that suggested I go to ISO Cross Stitch Charts & All Things Related to look for the pattern for a book mark "The Lord Bless Thee and Keep Thee" However, I could not ask them as they said it is a closed group. I sincerely thank you for your response.
Got the first Stitchin' Stuff package and am delighted! I like the pickle ornament and the picture of the reindeer is so cute. Haven't opened the scissors yet, but I'm intrigued! Interesting mix of items. Thank you so much! Can't wait for the next one!
I need a Peace of 14 ct Aida 27 x 25 what size do I need. is it the yard x 25 ?