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Our cats are going to joining the unemployment line. This morning I opened the corner cupboard to find a potato with one end chewed off, two packages of cocoa opened, and holes in bags of walnuts, almonds, stuffing, and chocolate chips. I should have guessed that something was up when I found Gracie sitting on top of the stove last night, staring at the cupboard,I spent the morning throwing out everything that even remotely looked like it may have been on the snack list, and scrubbing the shelves. Anything untouched, but something a mouse might like is in the oven for now. (I just need to remember not to use it!)
I am half finished this picture. Just wanted to share. Usually I do Native pictures by Mystic Stitch, thought I would try something different this time.
I have the pattern Pennsylvania Dutch Sampler, it calls for GA Sampler thread "Cinnamon" on the pattern it looks varigated, on your website it looks like a solid color, do you think its the same thread please? Marsha
I went out back to smoke a cig this morning and almost fell on my behind! Me thinks I will be smoking in the garage today. We are also supposed to get 3-4 inches of snow, but the next week is supposed to be cold but no more icky weather.
I wanted to know if it is all full stitches. Thanks, Pam
I just finished this (RTO Flower Watercolour). It's a present for a friend. Now I just have to wait for a store to have a custom framing sale. I really liked the abstract look of the flowers and would consider making it again for myself, but I ran out of seven colors and I tried to be a thrifty as possible with the thread. On to the next project!
HI, I was looking at the description and it says 2 pieces.. what is that meaning.. Thank you! Sabrina
Does the price include only the pattern?
I am looking all the new patterns. I think this is an acorn and a thimble but I don't understand the connection. Can someone explain?
Years ago I purchased Charles Craft huck towels. A fruit pattern in counted cross stitch was shown on each towel, and I purchased directions for several of them. (The patterns apparently came from Stoney Creek Book 280: "Fruits for Every Season" that was possibly discontinued 12/31/20002.) I can no longer find the patterns, but still have three incomplete towels that I would love to finish. I would be happy to purchase the book or pay for the copying of the designs in question. I will be so very grateful if someone here can help!
How big is the design?
I'm at that I am again asking for prayers. My friends are falling apart! Asking for prayers again for my dear friend Helen from Florida who is having internal bleeding, waiting for her operation. I would feel so much better knowing that the kind hearts of ECS are pulling for her. Even though I'm dismayed by the weather--lots of snow and cold in my new home the central PA ridges, it IS great stitching weather as I read in the various posts on here. I'm working on a beautiful Lighthouse bookmark which will be gift! Thanks to all for listening.
is this project stamped or counted?
After having 2 bouts of surgery to repair a broken neck (the last one in 2005) I am having serious trouble with it at the moment (nausea, vomiting and loads of pain). Saw the doctor before Christmas and he sent me to the physio for therapy and gave me pills to take to help with the pain. The physio has now given up as it has gone too far for him to be able to make a difference and after spending last weekend in bed unable to move I went back to the doctor and he has referred me to a neuro-surgeon for MRI scans and x-rays to see if anything has happened over the last 10+ years. So as well as being a pain in the neck I have a pain in the neck - not good believe me. But I'm still stitching furiously to keep my mind off everything and have taken a week off on sick pay from the supermarket as I did not think it was safe for me to be there.
I’m changing the dogs name to Iwantoutiwantiniwantoutiwantin. She loves the snow, but hates the wind. I’ve lost track of how many times we’ve played this game tonight, I’d say at least 6 based on how many wet towels are hanging around the house.