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I have had the worst cravings for French dip sandwiches this weekend.🤤 I have had at least 6 since Friday night, thank goodness I am almost out of roast beef.🤪 I sit and cross stitch and all I can think of is French dip sandwiches. Does this happen to any of you?
I don't know why Walmart even bothers to have a cross stitch section. I wanted to pick up some DMC floss without going through my stash and if they had 20 colors, I would be surprised. As far as fabric, they had 3 choices. So I am actually have to go through my colors which I still am in the process of organizing. My husband bought me a full set for retirement and then I bought myself a full set. However, I did pick up color pencils so I won't have a magic marker disaster again. I am just being gripey.
Picked up my two latest pieces today- quite pleased with the results😃
I'm over half way through this project. It is a beautiful pattern and I'm thrilled with the way it is turning out. However, I have run out of four cottons so far and think some more will be short before I finish. As I'm in Aussie land I have to find similar colors out here. Is this normal to not have enough to finish a project? I'm posting picture of my piece so far.
Hi everyone! I have kind of a lot of questions about keeping a master set, sorry if this post gets a bit long. I’ve seen some cross stitchers on floss tube mention they keep a master set. And I’ve been wondering if I should keep a master set. (I am interested only in the solid DMC colors, I won’t keep all the variegated, metallics or any other fancy floss) I’ve only been stitching for about a year now and have completed just a few small and medium sized projects, so I have some leftover floss but not a ton yet, but what I have has already outgrown the small bobbin storage box I bought to keep them in. I’m worried how many storage boxes I will need to keep a master set. Also, is a master set just one skein per color? What if you work on a project that needs more than one skein? Do you still buy those as-needed? Or do you take from your master set? How often do you have to replace colors you’ve used up in your master set? What if you run out of a color and your nearest store doesn’t sell that color, do you buy online and pay for shipping? I really hate that one skein at hobby lobby is listed at $0.56 yet because of shipping I have to spend about $8 or $9 per skein! (USD) I know this post got really long but any tips and advice would be greatly appreciated!
Do you use only black needles?
Hi to all the ladies I had spotted a nice pattern or a kit about sunflowers on Pinterest so all what I want to know where I can get the hardware bell pull. Can anybody help please (( Provence sunflower sampler by Kooller design studio))
Had a great tim in SF & during our down time (evenings) I worked on this new cross stitch pattern my daughter gave me for Christmas. Page 2 completed of 12 pages 😳
My son is an avid knife collector and I would like to cross stitch him a Case knife logo. I have searched and searched and cannot find a graph. Anyone have a suggestion. I tried to create one myself - but could not do it.
I have a pattern that calls for Gentle Art Sampler floss which I have never used. The directions are for 18 count Aida and say to use one thread. Am I correct in assuming this means one strand of floss and not the usual two strands normally used? I don't want to run out of thread by doing the wrong thing. I appreciate any advice. Thanks, Mary H in Ohio.
I can't make a French knot to save my life. I started a new project today that has several, and I have a long way to go before I have to try making them again.
Took one of my older WIPS out of storage to work on..... Now I realize why I put it into storage.
Here she is!
What do most people use on large canvases when stitching. I’m afraid of using a hoop and moving from one section to another. Don’t want to damage any of the stitching. I have a stretch bar but not big enough. Any advice would be welcomed 😀
...put a little boogie in it....