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I am looking for a way to keep my DMC thread inventory on my computer, in a checklist format. I have a very old printed list (now with many erasure marks), but would like something a little neater, such as an Excel spreadsheet. Does anyone know of somewhere I could find this? I have checked DMC's website and I don't find anything helpful. Thank you!
Nancye... I need your snail mail address! I admit I am old, but that's not what caused it. DH here has begun a slide of some sort. He separated our bank accounts, altered his political views and thinks he is far better than anyone. Been searching to your mailing address. No luck. Please?
But there’s trouble brewing, I just know it.
I found these white turnips at a Turkish greengrocers today. I prefer the yellow ones and don’t think I’ve ever seen these in Canada........what say you?
Well we are now half way through and all is going swimmingly. I am enjoying using the blending thread with the dmc colour. It is coming up very nice. l couldn't get the caron thread used in the original I went to a random dyed dmc thread and it looks very good with the panel shading light to dark and back. I'm even enjoying the beading that has to be done in the panels. Once I have finished this one I will go back and finish the first one that I lost interest in and do it for the older brother and send it over to Australia as an anniversary present. Then I will either go back to Sweet Rememberance for a month or start the birth sampler which has to be ready by March for when junior arrives so that I can stitch the name and birth dater. I'll see how I am feeling when the time comes.
Started baking today, so naturally I had to go to the store to get the things I didn’t have enough of. (Eggs, milk) They had beef roasts, buy one get one free, I love a good deal, my husband loves Pepsi beef roast, Christmas dinner✔️
Finally got all of the jar lids finished. Now to give them away.
I have posted before about my short hair black cat that eats everything that's inedible. The first time was Christmas red tinsel that cost me $500. My son bought a 6 ft. tinsel tree this week. Today DH found her eating on the tinsel. Five minutes later, upchuck. Silver tinsel appeared. Believe that tree is going in son's room. How can I be so dumb sometimes? Pam
I work for an electrical supply company. We have a big Christmas tree and we’re each given a clear plastic light bulb ornament to decorate for a contest! I made a penguin! Lots of competition! We are also having a cookie baking contest. I have been trying out a couple new recipes. My kids have been my testers, telling me which one I should enter. I don't really care if I win anything. It was fun decorating the ornament and I bake every year anyway!
Is this on Adia?
Looking for number of quilt squares for a king size bed?
Ok, I rarely show WIP's, but Imurdoch inspired me. Here is my Monet Water Lilies by Mystic Stitch - so far. For any who wonder, I don't have the usual 3-4 inch border since I plan to make this into a pillow. Therefore, I usually make my borders 1 to 2 inches - why waste all of that fabric to just cut off and throw away! (I just took the hoop off for the pic, hence the crease)
I am trying to figure out if clear toy candy is just a Lancaster County/Pennsylvania thing or is it something national or even global. Always got it In my Christmas stocking.
Here's the second page of the pattern completed ... all 8,000+ stitches of it! Night Watchman is the largest I have attempted to date. I am enjoying it finally, because I am taking one page at a time - like each page is its own project. I'll keep you posted! :) (If you hit the "View Item" button, you can see what the finished project will look like ... some day ...!)
Ok, all ECS Friends - My fiance is Greek/American, and I would like to make him a cross stitched Greek flag. I was hoping to make it on a full sheet of 14-count plastic canvas, which is 8-1/2 inches by 11 inches. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to find the graph. This is really bothering me, because normally I design my own projects! Does anyone have a graph. Also, need suggestions on which of the gazillion shades of DMC blue floss is closest to the blue. TIA!