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Started baking today, so naturally I had to go to the store to get the things I didn’t have enough of. (Eggs, milk) They had beef roasts, buy one get one free, I love a good deal, my husband loves Pepsi beef roast, Christmas dinner✔️
I am looking for a way to keep my DMC thread inventory on my computer, in a checklist format. I have a very old printed list (now with many erasure marks), but would like something a little neater, such as an Excel spreadsheet. Does anyone know of somewhere I could find this? I have checked DMC's website and I don't find anything helpful. Thank you!
Got the first page done advise...count, count, count. didn't make any mistakes because I counted and caught them early. Question: what do you do with all the fabric hanging down? I am using a small hoop better for my arthritic hands. what do you all suggest for the needle threader? Been using the inexpensive ones but they don't last long. any other help??? Love doing it but at 84 I hope I will get it finished before I'm finished. hahahaha
If anyone wants to do, a fun, relaxing small project, check this one out.
My daughter was sent twice to CR for work a couple of weeks at a time. She LOVED it. The people,scenery and the COFFEE. Also, because she is a Jehovah's Witness and one of her trainees happened to be a JW, she was invited to spend a weekend with the woman and her family. They lived a bit away from the city in the mountains. Karla said that visit was one of the high lights of her trip. In fact,they corresponded afterwards. She was scheduled a third time to go there, but because of a conflict in office duties was not able to go. She was terribly disappointed. Each time she came home, she brought back the most wonderful coffee which was grown on local plantations. Also, as crafty said, they live a much more laid back way of life. Your granddaughter is in for a good time. Karen
Nancye... I need your snail mail address! I admit I am old, but that's not what caused it. DH here has begun a slide of some sort. He separated our bank accounts, altered his political views and thinks he is far better than anyone. Been searching to your mailing address. No luck. Please?
Here's the second page of the pattern completed ... all 8,000+ stitches of it! Night Watchman is the largest I have attempted to date. I am enjoying it finally, because I am taking one page at a time - like each page is its own project. I'll keep you posted! :) (If you hit the "View Item" button, you can see what the finished project will look like ... some day ...!)
Yes, I'm part German...and Scandinavian, and raised in the American Southwest. Anyhow, I'm trying to pick myself up by my bootstraps and get back in the swing of things. So, now for the really good news. I'm going to be a grandma! Yeah!! Our daughter is expecting a baby girl in April. I've picked out a little announcement pattern that's tooooooo pink (girl by Bobby G) and it's too simplistic. So, I'll alter it using a crazy quilt design of some sort by CM Designs, probably with colour changes. I'd best get moving! But the Army/Navy game is keeping my attention today!
Took a break from starting #3 (winter) in the stained glass season pieces to get away from fractionals for a bit. The very first stitch is a fractional. Think it’s karma for taking a break. Oh well. Onward and upward.
Finally got all of the jar lids finished. Now to give them away.
I have posted before about my short hair black cat that eats everything that's inedible. The first time was Christmas red tinsel that cost me $500. My son bought a 6 ft. tinsel tree this week. Today DH found her eating on the tinsel. Five minutes later, upchuck. Silver tinsel appeared. Believe that tree is going in son's room. How can I be so dumb sometimes? Pam
I am trying to figure out if clear toy candy is just a Lancaster County/Pennsylvania thing or is it something national or even global. Always got it In my Christmas stocking.
Well, fun yes, but have really strained my eyes....never again on 32 count linen. Will wait until the new year to get it framed along with its partner ....3 pots of cacti. Now waiting for 2 kits I’ve ordered here. My little local supermarket has turnips...a real rarity here as most silly Danes consider them animal food. Hope they have more left so I can stock up on them.....did a mash last night and was in heaven.
I found these white turnips at a Turkish greengrocers today. I prefer the yellow ones and don’t think I’ve ever seen these in Canada........what say you?
This weekend has been a busy one. Finally got my last tree up in the family room and the rest of the decorations done. Today decorated 11.5 dozen cut out cookies. Give those to 2 neighbor families - we keep about 1 dozen. Decided not to make other cookies since we just don't eat them anymore. Now, I can concentrate on sewing into pillows my gifts for this year. Plus finish the "throw" I am making from the Lizzie Kate Santa series. I so wanted my act to be together this year and have all sewing done by end of Nov., plus cards addressed and ready to send. Didn't happen - again. Oh well, what gets done, gets done. Next Sunday we will have the 2 neighbor families over for brunch (2 of the pillows will be for the Moms). Each family has 2 kids so fun to have them and get them all excited and sugared for the holidays! We also play that game where things are wrapped with plastic wrap into a ball - this year the "ball" is a bit bigger than a basketball - so has lots of goodies to unwrap. The person unwrapping wears gloves (I use ski gloves) while the person next to them rolls dice. When doubles appear, they have to stop and it gets passed to the next person. It is great fun. I put things like lottery scratch tickets, coins, small toys for the kids, dish towels, bite size candies (wrapped), soft ornaments etc. Whatever I think of goes into it. People can negotiate exchanges when it is done. Both kids and adults love it.