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Aida Cross Stitch Fabric Aida cloth is an open weave, even-weave cotton fabric. It has a natural mesh that facilitates cross stitching and enough natural stiffness that the some crafters do not need to use a hoop. We have Aida from multiple manufacturers in the counts shown below. Most items are available in multiple colors and some can be cut into different sizes for you.
6 Count Aida
8 Count Aida
11 Count Aida
14 Count Aida
16 Count Aida
18 Count Aida
20 Count Aida

Fiddler's Cloth

Fiddler's Cloth Cross Stitch Fabric Fiddler’s Cloth is similar to Aida. But where Aida is smooth with even spacing of the threads, fiddler’s cloth is slightly irregular producing a more country or rustic look. Aida is best for more formal projects, but if you’re working on something less formal, give fiddlers cloth a try for a more rustic, rural or aged look.


Hardanger Cross Stitch Fabric Hardanger is made of 100% cotton at 22 count. It is typically used for Hardanger embroidery, but can also be used by cross stitchers looking for more delicate detail in their projects. Its wonderful for projects like ornaments and doilies.


Jobelan Cross Stitch Fabric Jobelan is a wonderful fabric. It’s elegant, soft, smooth sheen makes it a pleasure to work with. You can find Jobelan 28 or 32 count in many solid and hand dyed colors. It drapes nicely and is resistant to wrinkles. Jobelan is great for stitching table linens, cushions or pillows as it is also easy to wash.


Linen Cross Stitch Fabric Linen has a crisp feel and comes in several different counts, colors and styles. It offers a more “old fashioned” or traditional look to a piece. Working with linen can be a bit more challenging but is well worth the effort. Different styles include Belfast which is softer than regular linen, Cashel which is also less stiff, as well as Cork, Dublin and Edinburgh.
10 Count Linen
16 Count Linen
18 Count Linen
20 Count Linen
25 Count Linen
26 Count Linen
28 Count Linen
30 Count Linen
32 Count Linen
35 Count Linen
36 Count Linen
40 Count Linen


Lugana Cross Stitch Fabric Lugana is a heavy, soft; even weave fabric that is easy to count and great for cross stitchers. It’s similar to Jobelan in that it is a very versatile fabric. Lugana is a blend of cotton and Viscose. Lugana is an elegant fabric, and is excellent for making table linens, samplers, pillows and other decorative projects.

Cross Stitch Waste Canvas

Cross Stitch Waste Canvas Waste Canvas is used to stitch on fabrics that are not cross stitch friendly, such as clothing, table cloths and napkins. It makes it eash to count and position your design, and when you’re finished, you wet your waste canvas and gently pull it out from under your design so that all that is left is the design stitched on the fabric or garment. hello 2