Wichelt 14 Count Aida

This 14 count Aida fabric is manufactured by Wichelt Imports and is available in many colors. We cut the fabric from a 51” or 43" wide bolt, and make it available to you in multiple sizes.
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Wichelt Fabrics:
We are sorry, but the current situation with the COVID-19 pandemic has left us with a very short supply of some Wichelt fabrics. They are all imported from Europe, and transportation delays combined with high order volume and reduced staff at Wichelt's Wisconsin location have resulted in very long delays in restocking the fabric.
For this reason, we have decided to stop selling out-of-stock Wichelt fabrics until their suplly channel becomes more stable. We hope that this will happen within the next 3 to 4 weeks, and we will be able to sell them again.
We ask, and thank you for your patience while we all try and get back to normal. We will get through this together!
Fabric Type
14ct Aida
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Amazing Gray
Antique White
Out of Stock
Out of Stock
Beautiful Beige
Out of Stock
Black Chocolate
Out of Stock
Blue Blizzard Opalescent
Bo-Peep Pink
Chalk Board Black
China White/Platinum
Out of Stock
Chocolate Raspberry
Out of Stock
Desert Cream
Out of Stock
Forest Green
Out of Stock
French Country
French Lace
Out of Stock
Graceful Grey
Ice Blue
Out of Stock
Icelandic Beige
Icelandic Blue
Out of Stock
Icelandic Gray
Out of Stock
Out of Stock
Out of Stock
Lavender Bliss
Light Blue
Out of Stock
Mediterranean Sea
Milk Chocolate
Minty Green Opalescent
Misty Blue
Out of Stock
Mystic Gray
Out of Stock
Natural Brown
Natural Light
Out of Stock
Natural Rustico
Out of Stock
Nordic Blue
Opalescent on White
Out of Stock
Out of Stock
Peaceful Purple
Red (Christmas)
Riviera Aqua
Riviera Coral
Riviera Gold
Riviera Olive
Out of Stock
Sage/Summer Khaki
Out of Stock
Stoney Point
Touch of Blue
Touch of Grey
Out of Stock
Touch of Peach
Out of Stock
Touch of Pink
Out of Stock
Touch of Yellow
Tropical Blue
Tropical Green
Tropical Orange
Tuscan Sun
Venetian Stone
Vintage Blue Whisper
Out of Stock
Vintage Country Cream
Out of Stock
Vintage Country Mocha
Out of Stock
Water Lily
Out of Stock
White Chocolate
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