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These are latest project reviews from ECS members who shared their thoughts and opinions on their projects. Many also included their own pictures and photographs. We invite you to check them out! Like what you see? Have something to add? Feel free to add your comments!
Never Received Pattern
I have complained numerous times about not receiving my pattern. No tracking so I should have known better. 15 days now. Be aware there is NO tracking. I am sure the Kansas state map would have been cute.
by Phyllis, from Kansas on 2/20/2024.
My favorite
I did this crossstitch in Weeks Dye Works Black Crow mixed with Bankers Grey because my cat, Lola, colors were black, grey and silver. She is now gone but I see her every day. ML
by Mary Lou, from New York on 2/20/2024.
Nice pattern but not accurately described.
Beware!! The pattern description says that there are no fractional stitches or backstitching. Quite the opposite is the case. There are alot of both in this pattern.
by Patrice, from Wisconsin on 2/18/2024.
Fun Project
Everyone who sees this laughs and relates to the saying. I used overdyed threads and changed the colors of the cat to match my pet Lucy. This is one of my favorites.
by Lillian, from Indiana on 2/17/2024.
Oh what fun
Loved everything about this. It would be fun to make each little box an ornament. Chart is easy to follow. Another Imaginating winner!
by Ellen, from California on 2/16/2024.
Perfect for a Country Wedding
I made this for my daughter and son-in-law. Their wedding was at a Sugarbush. The wedding was outdoors and the reception was in a 3-sided barn-like shelter. They did all the decor themselves including mason jar centre pieces. As soon as I saw this stitch, I knew it was the right one.
Reviewed on 2/14/2024.
I like the pattern
Like the pattern. I find the mix of words and small pics doesn't get repetitive and keeps it interesting. I live in South Louisiana and I speak some Cajun French and this word "independant" is French, see sample below from the Collins French Dictionary online. It's an adjective for a feminine noun. indépendant adjectif et nom féminin 1. Qui ne dépend pas (d'une personne, d'une chose) ; libre de toute dépendance. Une femme indépendante. 2. Qui aime l'indépendance, ne veut être soumis à personne. Un esprit indépendant
by Karin , from Louisiana on 2/13/2024.
Easy to do
My daughter requested this as a gift for a friend's baby boy. The pattern quality is very poor in some sections as the symbols are blurry. There were floss colors in the list that were not used in the pattern, but that could have been because the symbols were not clear. That said, the picture turned out really well and the new mother is very happy.
by Ellen, from California on 2/12/2024.
So much fun to work
Kooler Designs are well done charts and easy to read. They are a black and white pattern with colors for backstitching. The pattern calls for 3 strands but I always use only 2 and it works out great. I think 3 would make the backstitiching hard to do. Lots of color in this one. Multiple skeins of several colors are needed so order the pattern first so you know what skeins you need. ECS doesn't tell you when you need more than 1. I make copies of the pattern and use colored pencils to mark where I have stitched. Works great
by KAREN, from Oregon on 2/10/2024.
Hard to Work
This pattern is in very dark colors. It will be hard to mark off what is finished. I don't think I will buy any more from this designer.
by Maureen, from Ohio on 2/10/2024.
One of my favorites
I have this one framed and hanging in my teacup hutch. I love it. Time consuming but worth every minute.
by Lois, from Washington on 2/9/2024.
I love this one.
I did this a few years ago and love putting it out every year. It’s beautiful.
by Lois, from Washington on 2/9/2024.
Love the cow!
I just love this cow design! Fits in my kitchen wonderfully with cows and some pops if sunflowers.
Very Easy
by Deborah, from North Carolina on 2/9/2024.
Beautiful, easy-to-follow pattern
Yes, this pattern is divided onto nine pages. It also has shaded edges that show a few stitches from the bottom and right sides of other pages so that you don’t have to wonder whether you have the pages aligned correctly. I put each page in its own sheet protector and am easily jumping from one page to another as I move around the pattern. It’s beautiful, it’s easy enough for this first-time cross stitcher to follow, and I’d recommend it to anyone who likes the look of it. It’s been an excellent first project for me and has taught me a lot about how to not just cross stitch, but how to do it well! And the whole pattern not being squeezed onto one page means I’m not having to squint to see tiny squares or fold and unfold a pattern on specialty-sized paper.
by Lou, from Arkansas on 2/9/2024.
Love Cows & Snowmen
I fell in love with this pattern because I am crazy about cows and snowmen! What better project!?!?! It has a lot more stitching than I've been doing lately but there was nothing to it! Haven't decided between framing or making a pillow.
by Deborah, from North Carolina on 2/7/2024.
Fun project
This product was easy to follow and cute upon completion. The kit was complete with enough thread and fabric to finish.
by Gail, from Arizona on 2/7/2024.
Autumn Cat
Love this seasonal cat cross stitch. Pattern is easy to follow.
Very Easy
by Lori, from Ohio on 2/7/2024.
cat and rooster
Love this scene with the cat and rooster. Pattern is very easy to follow.
Very Easy
by Lori, from Ohio on 2/7/2024.
Green Christmas
Very current. Easy to do with only one colour. Love this
by Terri, from Canada on 2/7/2024.
Holiday Family Truck
Cute, easy and quick to come together. Loved the personal touch with the name.
by Terri, from Canada on 2/7/2024.