Charles Craft Aida | 14 Count Cross Stitch Fabric

Charles Craft Gold Standard Aida Fabrics are woven from 100% cotton yarns. This quality fabric is a bit heavier than other Aida fabrics which makes it perfect for those crafters who like to stitch without a hoop. The fabric is available in multiple colors & sizes, so regardless of your project, this Aida will work nicely for you.
Charles Craft Gold Standard Aida Fabrics from DMC.
Additional Information about Stardust® Aida!
Gold and Silver Stardust® Aida:
The gold and silver

Stardust® Fabrics

are created the same high-quality cotton, but adds a metallic yarn woven directly into the fabric!
The added shimmer really enhances the look of any stitched project. These two fabrics are 90% cotton and 10% metallic.
If you’re looking to add a little sparkle to a special project, take a look at the gold and silver Stardust® options.
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DMC Gold Standard Special Cuts:
These aida fabrics come to us from DMC on 60 inch bolts (yes, they are heavy!!). Everything CrossStitch folks then hand cut bolt fabric into the common sizes listed here. These common sizes are almost always in stock and are available every day.
Do you need a piece larger than our common sizes? If so, please contact us and we will do a special cut just for you!
Aida Definition:
Aida Cross Stitch Fabric
Aida Cross Stitch Fabric is an open weave, even-weave cotton fabric. It has a natural mesh that facilitates cross stitching and enough natural stiffness that you may not need to use a hoop.
The term Cloth Count defines the size of the weave. The count is the number of weaves, or "Stitches" per inch of fabric. For example, if you stitched a square that was 14x14 stitches on this Aida it would be 1 inch square on the fabric. If you were to stitch the same pattern on 18 count aida, the finished project will be smaller. Stitch it on 11 count aida, it will be bigger.
Fabric Type
14ct Aida
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Antique White
Hunter Green
Lemon Twist
Light Blue
Polar Ice
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