14ct Waste Canvas 27" (Blue Stripe)

Waste Canvas provides an evenweave surface allowing you to cross stitch on other fabrics. After completing your project just moisten and remove the waste canvas one thread at a time. This 14-count waste canvas also includes a blue weave every 5 positions to aid in your counting!
We purchase this canvas on 24 inch rolls or bolts. We hand cut it and make it available to you in the sizes shown here.
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Wichelt Fabrics:
Wichelt fabrics are imported from Europe. Current transportation delays combined with high order volume have resulted in some restocking delays. The biggest issue is the manufacturers can’t provide us with estimated availability dates.
Due to these challenges, we can’t take orders for fabrics currently out of stock. We appreciate your patience while we do our best to make these products available.
Fabric Type
14ct Waste Canvas
Fabric Size
27" x 36"

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9" x 13":
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