There are 2 sizes of this pattern. I want the pattern of SK2858K because it is only $6.00. The kit size is $17.95 but does contain the material and thread. I want to add different colored floss and filament. Can the pattern of the SK2858K be the same size as the SK28258?
Posted by: isbell_v on 08/02/16
The patterns are the same. Someone must have reversed the width and height information.

Kit says 149 x 101 stitches -- stitched area 10.6 x 7.2 inches
Pattern only says 101 x 149 stitches -- stitched area 7.2 x 10.6 inches

Same dimensions. Same pattern.

If you are purchasing your own fabric remember to leave six inches in each direction so you have enough fabric for framing or making a pillow. You fabric should be 17 x 14 inches

This information is assuming that you use a 14ct fabric.

I am not an employee of ECS -- just a helpful (I hope) member of this group
by: NANCYE G on 08/02/16

I apologize for that error and thank you for bringing it to our attention. The numbers were switched up when the item got added to our website. I have corrected it so they both should read the same exact size now. Thank you and I apologize for my error :)

~Kristi @ ECS
by: Kristi @ ECS on 08/03/16
KRISTI -- You really need an assistant. Entering the supply list looks lie a full time job. I would love a part time job but the commute to Dayton would be tough! (LOLOLOL) I could tele-commute! Of course, then I wouldn't have time to give advice or stitch.
by: NANCYE G on 08/03/16
THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR HELP!!! I CAN NOW STITCH AT EASE! I was really nervous about ordering it. The number switch had me flummoxed. Thanks again, Merry Christmas.
by: isbell_v on 08/03/16
Nancye, you could always get an apartment in Dayton and fly home for the weekends. Just think the sweet career girl life you'd be able to enjoy during the week!
by: Texas Stitcher on 08/03/16
TEXAS -- don't think so. Just checked airfares. Flights from St Louis to Dayton are currently over $300 each way. Duration of flight is about four hours with a change of planes in Chicago. Add in time getting back and forth to the airport and being there at least an hour before take off adds up to six or seven hours each way.

My career days are over. I just hope that Social Security will last at least one day longer than I do.
by: NANCYE G on 08/04/16
Nancye, you and me both!!! :)

How is the Silhouette project coming?

by: Texas Stitcher on 08/04/16
Nancye G I agree with you wholeheartedly. Working for Kroger's for 28 years was enough of a career for me besides raising my 2 sons. I am retired and loving it. My house is paid for and I have my IRA, my pension, and my Social Security. Like you if they last one day longer than me I will be happy!!

Have a good weekend.
by: syagel on 08/05/16